Top 50 Tech Trends in November 2010

Wi-Fi Keyboard Cases

50. Geeky Gamer Jewelry

This Christmas, don’t waste your money buying your gamer girlfriend a bracelet from Tiffany’s. Buy her something she’d be proud to show off, like the Controller Bracelet.

The Controller Bracelet is made out of laser-cut acrylic and chained together with silver rings. From Playstation to SEGA, almost every controller ever made is strung together on this bracelet that comes with four color options. If you want a better shot at plugging your controller into your girlfriend’s console, then you need to pick up a Controller Bracelet.Geeky Gamer JewelryGeeky Gamer Jewelry

49. Concealing Gamer Pods

The Ottoman Racing Cockpit built by Lyshco is an ingenius design fit for the living room.

Both functional and fun, this ottoman actually doubles as a gaming pod. Opening its lid reveals a seat, gearstick, pedals and a steering wheel. The legs of this furniture piece was also sanded down for easy sliding across all surfaces.Concealing Gamer PodsConcealing Gamer Pods48. Wi-Fi Keyboard Cases

The ZAGGmate iPad case might possibly be one of the coolest cases I’ve ever seen to date. The ZAGGmate iPad Case comes in two different styles: one is just a plain aluminum iPad case and the other case has a built-in Wi-Fi keyboard. If you are one of those people who cannot type properly on any touchscreen surface, then this case will help you get the job done right.Wi-Fi Keyboard CasesWi-Fi Keyboard Cases47. Gold-Etched Electronics

Just in time for the holidays, the limited-edition Sony VAIO ‘Arabesque Gold’ and ‘Arabesque Black’ are up for grabs. If you’ve got any money left over after you’ve finished Christmas shopping, consider investing in one of these luxury laptops.

Patterned with ornate Middle Eastern designs, the Sony VAIO ‘Arabesque Gold’ and ‘Arabesque Black’ computers are the perfect lavish vessels to house your treasured information.

Gold-Etched ElectronicsGold-Etched Electronics46. Augmented Reality Retailers

Marketing and shopping have entered the fourth dimension with the new Airwalk Invisible Pop Up Store, levitating at a location near you. Using the GoldRun platform, eager sneaker fans have been able to see the invisible floating Airwalk ‘Jim’ shoe around the world with the smartphone app and their viewfinders at each site.

Augmented Reality RetailersAugmented Reality Retailers45. Nerdy Smartphone Add-Ons

If your iPhone is unsatisfactorily equipped with useless apps, the Brando 60x Microscope is the smartphone accessory for you. The battery-powered magnifying lens is endowed with a note-detecting blue LED for reading watermarks and a white LED for dark environments.

Attaching quite cleverly to the camera of your handset, the Brando 60x Microscope will reveal the bigger picture on a smaller scale for just $17.

Nerdy Smartphone Add-OnsNerdy Smartphone Add-Ons44. Intergalactic Typography Ads

Milan-based advertising agency H-57 Creative Station released fun ‘Star Wars’-themed ads with the slogan “May the Force of Typography Be With You.” H-57 is famous for its typographical work, creatively using bracket, underscores and bold lettering to compose images.

Much of the 21st century world relies on instant communications, with many individuals using a text-based language many can understand.

Intergalactic Typography AdsIntergalactic Typography Ads43. Geeky Computing Headpieces

The Atari Game Headband is the ultimate geeky fashion accessory to tie back your hair.

This headband is made out of an Atari game motherboard and is held by a black elastic band. This system board headpiece will surely show your love for computers especially as you wear its internal mechanics on your head.

Geeky Computing HeadpiecesGeeky Computing Headpieces42. Social Media Tombstones

In our digital age, I wouldn’t be surprised if graveyards were covered in E-Tombs that allowed one to remember and still communicate with the dead.

With the E-Tomb, a tombstone that stores information through Bluetooth, friends and family can access the dead’s virtual life and update their online status through stories and pictures. Mobiles can access the tombstone to read and search through personal information.

Social Media TombstonesSocial Media Tombstones41. Killer Instrumentals

Entertain and intimidate your friends with a rambunctious Rambo-like gun guitar. These unique kick-ass guitars come in all shapes, sizes and calibers. While this specialized musical weapon may not look like your standard guitar, the gun guitar plays just the same as a standard electric guitar.

Killer InstrumentalsKiller Instrumentals40. Handy Tablet Straps

Introducing modulR, a unique iPad case and accessory system that fuses form and function in a whole new way.

Nodes on the back of the modulR iPad case connect to an ever-expanding line of accessories, allowing you to mount, position and adapt the iPad to your gadget needs. From your office desktop to the bedroom wall and beyond, modulR lets you take your iPad anywhere in style.

Handy Tablet StrapsHandy Tablet Straps39. Spreadsheet Art

Although the Paint program is easy to draw with, I can’t seem to make anything look fairly decent, so seeing the Danielle Aubert Microsoft Excel Artwork is quite impressive.

Although Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program, Danielle Aubert uses it as a drawing tool. On an almost-daily basis for 16 months, this digital artist created a book full of worksheet drawings.Spreadsheet ArtSpreadsheet Art38. Gamer Armored Suits

The men behind these Halo costumes must be the biggest fans of the game on the face of this earth. Not only are these costumes painstakingly detailed, they took three years to complete—if that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is.

The brainchild of Shawn Thomson, this DIY project was undertaken by him and his friends in order to have the best Halloween costumes ever.Gamer Armored Suits37. Hi-Tech Safety Windshields

Blind spots are about to be a thing of the past, thanks to the Full-Rear-View Windscreen Monitor. This hi-tech windshield features a rearview camera so that you can see everything that’s happening around you.

While the Full-Rear-View Windscreen Monitor does provide a lot of benefits, it is still a concept that could benefit from a little revision. For instance, it does sacrifice upward visibility, and in case there are any malfunctions, a mirror should still be in place in the car. Still, kudos to designer Ho-Tzu Cheng.

Hi-Tech Safety WindshieldsHi-Tech Safety Windshields36. Altered Skype Photography

The art world will undoubtedly evolve into creating works from smartphones, tech devices and digital apps. It has already begun with iPhone photography and the James Callahan Screen Grabography sets off another creative avenue.

UK advertising art director, illustrator and photographer James Callahan simply screen grabs his Skype video chats and places them over stock photos or art.

Altered Skype PhotographyAltered Skype Photography35. Womb Simulation Seating

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be back in your mother’s womb, you may just be able to experience it thanks to the Nelson Ayala ‘NatoStation.’ A seated simulator, it ergonomically takes on the shape of an egg so that users can assume a similar fetal position as when inside a womb.

Womb Simulation SeatingWomb Simulation Seating34. Improved MP3 Straps

Although the concept of an iPod Nano watch isn’t new, the Hex Watch Band makes it a lot more official. Forget the nylon or leather—this funky strap is super-fun, perfect for hipsters of all ages.

Made out of plastic, the Hex Watch Band is available in various colors for only $24.95. Giving the iPod Nano a more official watch look, it even boasts integrated control buttons. Of course, the need to thread your earphone cord through your sleeve may make you feel as though you’re back in preschool.

Improved MP3 StrapsImproved MP3 Straps33. Musical Eco Shingles

I don’t know how someone manages to damage 350 vinyl records, but Nashville-based musician Matt Glassmeyer sure does. Instead of throwing them away however, he has created a full vinyl record roof for his porch using all 350 records.

Having made his own instruments, Glassmeyer probably didn’t have too much difficulty extending his upcycle-savvy hands to his porch roof. It now comprises aligned records in an overlapping pattern, replacing traditional shingles.Musical Eco ShinglesMusical Eco Shingles32. Post-Apocalyptic Vegetable Farms

This Japanese lettuce-growing vending machine grows salad greens with fluorescent bulbs instead of sunlight and can produce more than 20,000 heads of lettuce a year. It’s good to know that even in a nuclear winter, we can grow lettuce.

The portable florescent lettuce-growing vending machine is being marketed by Dentsu Facility Management Inc. under the name “Chef’s Farm.” It sells for about $90,000. Marketing is targeted to restaurants that want to include on-premise produce production in their offerings.Post-Apocalyptic Vegetable FarmsPost-Apocalyptic Vegetable Farms

31. Hardware-Happy Hotties

The Olivia Munn Men’s Health spread will surely make every geek’s heart race at high speeds. I mean, what can be better than a hot woman holding an iPad?

Photographed by Emily Shur, the Olivia Munn Men’s Health editorial will be part of the December 2010 issue of the testosterone-fueled publication. Munn discusses many different things during her interview, including what she likes in a guy.

Hardware-Happy HottiesHardware-Happy Hotties30. Sleek Auto Phones

Just like the sleek design of the luxurious Porsche vehicles, this conceptual Porsche Design Smartphone by Andre Duarte Silva is just as alluring.

Encased in a slick aluminum, this device resembles the iPhone 4 with its boxy shape and multi-touch screen. Further, the speaker is concealed between the glass and the aluminum body for a beautiful aesthetic and sound enhancement. The Porsche Design Smartphone also comes packed with other superior features, but its looks alone is definitely enough to make you want it.Sleek Auto PhonesSleek Auto Phones29. Custom Facebook Books

EgoBook is a Facebook app that allows you to have a physical copy of your interactions from your Facebook wall. A truly personalized product, this is a great gift for that social media-lover in your life for this holiday season.Custom Facebook Books28. Dissected Gadgets

Forget the ‘Does This Blend?’ guy, because Michael Tompert’s art gallery puts him to shame. Tompert takes Apple products and beats the bejesus out of them to present them as art. Actually, “beating” is a huge understatement. Tompert has used sledgehammers, blowtorches, handsaws, a 9mm Heckler gun, a Koch handgun and anything else he can get his hands on to destroy iPods and MacBooks.

Dissected GadgetsDissected Gadgets27. Accordian-Like Car Jacks

It’s bad enough being stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire and no cellphone signal, so the Easy-Car-Jack would be extremely smart to have on hand as a safeguard in this scenario. This design lets you hoist your car up at the push of a button to change a flat tire faster.Accordian-Like Car JacksAccordian-Like Car Jacks26. Haute iPad Carriers

The Palmer & Sons Leather iPad Hip Bag No. 19 may be the first iPad bag to rival the Apple tablet’s good looks. With a heavy emphasis on design, this luxury carrier is in a league on it’s own.

Not only does this haute tablet carrier look good, but the Palmer & Sons Leather iPad Hip Bag No. 19 will also keep your iPad safe and secure.Haute iPad Carriers25. Pac-Manned Pop Culture Icons

Ever wonder what your favorite pop culture character or celebrity would look like if they were Pacman ghosts?

In celebration of Pacman’s 30th birthday, artist Martin Refsal decided to take pop culture icons and turn them into ghosts from the game. Instead of good ol’ Pinky, Blinky, Inky and Clyde, you’ve got ghosts in the image of Homer Simpson, Gene Simmons and R2-D2.Pac-Manned Pop Culture IconsPac-Manned Pop Culture Icons24. Techie Concert Campaigns

Have you found yourself clapping at your iPod lately when a great song finishes? If so, it’s best time you get yourself down to the ‘WKSU Folk Festival.’ This clever campaign takes the classic form of early 20th century posters, in which the Marcus Thomas ad agency has worked in some 21st century humor.Techie Concert CampaignsTechie Concert Campaigns23. Vibrant Cord-Free Headsets

In these ‘Jaybird Sportsband SB2’ headphones, we finally have a design-savvy Bluetooth headset. Inspired by 1980s beat-busters, this rainbow and rectilinear iPod accessory fits the 21st century to a T.

This sleek headset has all of the bells and whistles without any of the bulk. Available in nine shades with comprehensive ear-positioned controls, the ‘Jaybird Sportsband SB2’ is the perfect cord-free musical companion.Vibrant Cord-Free HeadsetsVibrant Cord-Free Headsets22. Instant Flight Airships

Liftoff has never been so easy, thanks to the ‘Ground to Orbit’ airship. Although just a concept at the moment, it doesn’t require a runway to fly; instead, it goes straight into the sky as though it were some form of rocket.

Designed by James Yarger, the Ground to Orbit airship uses lighter-than-air gas to help in its instant flight venture. Perfect for remote pickup and drop-off sites that lack runways, it also leaves 80% less of a carbon footprint compared to other similarly sized air crafts.Instant Flight AirshipsInstant Flight Airships21. Acoustic Amplified iPhones

The AirCurve Play is definitely a great way to improve the volume issues on your iPhone. This device makes the speaker of the iPhone a whole 10 decibels louder, ensuring you hear everything clearly.

Astonishingly, the Aircurve Play works without batteries, cables or power adapters. By placing the iPhone onto the rubber dock, the design of the Aircurve enhances the iPhone’s audio abilities via acoustics.Acoustic Amplified iPhonesAcoustic Amplified iPhones20. Guy-Friendly Applications

These concept iPhone apps for guys will definitely be ones men would wish to become reality.

There are different concept apps featured, including a radar for an ex-girlfriend proximity, an ‘Ultimate Frisbee Pick-Up Game Alert’ and a simple ‘Should You Shower’ application.Guy-Friendly ApplicationsGuy-Friendly Applications19. Expensive Speaker Replications

Alfonso de Rojas is one determined fellow. After seeing Bowser & Wilkins’ Nautilus speakers on a website, he wanted a set badly; however, the speakers’ hefty price tag of $60,000 must have deterred him from doing so.

Using 400 hours, Alfonso de Rojas therefore recreated these speakers, with the final product being nothing short of amazing. They look exactly like the original speaks, except with a different paint job. See this piece for yourselves in the featured gallery.Expensive Speaker ReplicationsExpensive Speaker Replications18. Futuristic Titanium Phones

It’s tough competing with the likes of Apple and their ever-evolving iPhone, but the Nokia 2030 takes a stab at it and the results are surprisingly on par. Focusing on easy texting capabilities, the phone features a special illuminating touch-sensitive screen.

Conceived by Jim Chan, the Nokia 2030 phone also boasts scratch-resistant glass and a protective, futuristic titanium case. The whole package itself is sleek and sophisticated, as though the Nokia 2030 hoped to blend Blackberry aesthetics with iPhone technology.Futuristic Titanium PhonesFuturistic Titanium Phones17. Kaleidoscopic Editorials

‘EVAlution’ in Monster and Midget is the sort of editorial that may induce flashbacks. Photographer Thom Kerr and stylist James Dykes make a killer team for this shoot, which is kaleidoscopic, trippy and beautiful all at once. Model Eva is superimposed and cloned in each shot as she rocks vibrant patterned outfits; the shoot is a true treat for the senses.

Kaleidoscopic EditorialsKaleidoscopic Editorials16. Frontman Gadget Stickers

The ImageLab3 Jim Morrison decal will ensure your prized laptop or gadget shows off your excellent taste in music wherever you go. If you’re not really into The Doors (or have a ton of bare laptops or iPhones) ImageLab3 makes decals for other famous frontmen, including Bob Marley, Frank Zappa and Bob Dylan.Frontman Gadget StickersFrontman Gadget Stickers15. Tactile Sliding iPhones

Although the iPhone 4 is a super cool tech device, there are still people who can’t work with a touchscreen smartphone. In creating a solution to the two needs the Keyboard Buddy has been created to make wannabe Apple users happy.

The nifty little keypad is actually in a protective case for the phone. The keyboard slides out from the side for easy functionality. It also has an integrated mini-USB port for charging this handy little keyboard. The Keyboard Buddy has a button to turn it on or off but it can lasts up to 45 days so there’s really no need to.

Tactile Sliding iPhonesTactile Sliding iPhones14. Hourglass Street Signage

The concept for these ‘Sand Glass’ traffic lights is quite useful for speeders and slow-pokes alike. With an intuitive image-based system for indicating intersection safety, these stoplights provide a more comprehensive display regarding the time lapsed and remaining on green, yellow and red lights.

Hourglass Street SignageHourglass Street Signage13. Vivid Virtual Wallpaper

The ‘Maharam Digital Projects’ calls upon a collaboration of graphic designers, illustrators, and photographers to adorn interior spaces with vivid digital wallpaper.

Made of a latex-saturated, washable substrate with UV-resistant pigment, the precise computer-printed interior veneers take on a dynamic and effervescent appearance that becomes all the more captivating up close.

Vivid Virtual WallpaperVivid Virtual Wallpaper12. Self-Promoting Gadgets

USB Business Card will guarantee that your phone number won’t get lost amongst the masses. Created by the ingenious Frank Zhao, it will surely set himself apart from the job-seeking crowd.

Storing information on a text editor file within this USB Business Card, Zhao provides the usual information of title, name, phone number and other contact details.Self-Promoting GadgetsSelf-Promoting Gadgets11. Ultra-Modern Techie Hotels

It doesn’t get much better than checking into a luxury suite in a hotel—you’re surrounded by the finer things, and you don’t even have to clean up. The iSuite hotel in Rimini, Italy takes the luxury quotient up a notch.Ultra-Modern Techie HotelsUltra-Modern Techie Hotels10. Cleavage iPod Holders

Female joggers will adore the new and innovative Mi-Bra. For those of you who enjoy a good work out, you’ll finally be able to enjoy your music with ease through this item.

Convenient and eco-friendly, this Mi-Bra is made with 90% organic cotton and is sold for the low price of $20. Placing your MP3 player in your cleavage was never this easy.Cleavage iPod HoldersCleavage iPod Holders9. Multifunctional Tablet Covers

The Enclave iPad Case has a useful five-in-one functionality to protect your sleek tablet.

This chic case is made of hardshell materials that make it strong and sturdy. It can be popped into a stand for an upright viewing mode and with a quick flip, you are ready for its typing mode.

Multifunctional Tablet CoversMultifunctional Tablet Covers8. Auto-Correct Fails

While the auto-correct function on the iPhone serves with good intentions, it doesn’t always work out. ‘Damn You Auto Correct’ is dedicated to the failures of the auto-correct system on the iPhone. What you get are hilarious messages with words that have been “corrected” but make absolutely no sense.Auto-Correct Fails7. Power-Saving Transparent Phones

It’s no surprise that the more masterly your mobile phone is, the faster it tears through batteries. Luckily, there’s the ‘Second Life Mobile Phone’ concept, which aims to make that issue obsolete.

Designed by Cho Sinhyung and Jeon Jungjae, the ‘Second Life Mobile Phone’ will have all of the capabilities you expect from a smartphone, but the sleek transparent cell will have two display modes. When high graphic quality is required, the AMOLED screen will be operating at full force; when in standby or for simpler tasks, the display will become a monochrome E-ink projection as a lighter load on your phone’s juice.Power-Saving Transparent PhonesPower-Saving Transparent Phones6. Emotionally-Charged Phones

Since social networking has become such a crucial part of many people’s daily routine, the Blackberry Empathy phone hopes to step up these types of interactions by adding emotions into the mix.Emotionally-Charged PhonesEmotionally-Charged Phones5. Homebody Photography

The concept behind the ASOS AW10 campaign is one that is both simplistic and intriguing at the same time. Revealing the models in the natural settings of their homes, this shoot captures a very casual overall feel.

Shot by interior photographer Todd Selby, the ASOS AW10 campaign features its holiday collection.Homebody PhotographyHomebody Photography4. Marvelous Mobile Photography

The photography by Aik Beng Chia is already amazing, with impeccable composition skills and a great eye for color; however, the truly impressive thing about the work that Aik Beng Chia does is that it’s all taken with an iPhone.Marvelous Mobile PhotographyMarvelous Mobile Photography3. Digital Workdesks

In a sleek and technologically-infused design, the Table Connect for iPhone might be the coolest desk thus far.

For Apple users who would like to see their screens in the ultimate size, this digital desk is a 58-inch multi-touch surface that accepts iPhone 4 connections via a 30-pin dock connector, creating a gigantic iPhone.Digital WorkdesksDigital Workdesks2. Portable Personal Shelters

The Topeak Bikamper is a compact tent that uses bicycle handlebars instead of tent poles for support. The lightweight tent is made of fully waterproof 70D ripstop nylon, has three windows and packs down to an easy-to-carry size.

Designed to be used with a 26” mountain bike or a 700C road bike, the Topeak Bikamper makes a perfect portable shelter for serious bicycle tourists.Portable Personal SheltersPortable Personal Shelters1. Photoshop Schadenfreude

Right on time for Halloween, Dumage artists gave some of pop culture’s skinniest celebrities a digital makeover to serve up some sweet Photoshop schadenfreude. From Britney Spears to the Olsen Twins, Anna Kournikova and Pam Anderson, no celebrity escapes this artist’s clutches.

We’ve seen several twists on Photoshop schadenfreude from savvy retouchers, perhaps as a backlash against the oversaturation of pin-thin models who are then photoshopped to perfection before a magazine’s publication.Photoshop SchadenfreudePhotoshop Schadenfreude

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