Top 5 most luxury golf courses in Europe

Every golfing beginner or a professional always look forward to golfing on the world’s best golf courses. From Portugal’s most talked-about destinations like the Algarve Golf course, England’s top playing grounds to America’s coveted 18-hole courses, the world has so much to offer golfers looking to scale their teeing experiences to greater heights. But the big question is, of all the best courses in the world, which are the most luxurious? 

The truth is that when it comes to listing top courses for both the avid and inexperienced golfer, luxury, it is easier to get spoilt for choices than come up with a list highlighting the best of the expert. Luxury is not a new term in golfing circles. It is the name of the game. However, not every playground qualifies as such. In this post, we walk you through a list of Europe’s top luxury courses. Take a look. 

Waterford Golf Resort-Ireland

In Ireland, Waterford Golf Resorts stands tall as one of Europe’s most sought-after golfing destination. The reason is simple. In this place, golfers realize their teeing fantasy. The castle, the course, and the hotel sit on a 310- acre of private land, offering golfers an ambiance they won’t find anywhere else. Situated along River Suir, Waterford Golf Resorts is not only a luxurious outing destination for golf enthusiasts but also serves as a breathtaking destination for golfers looking for new experiences in unique places.

Vidago Palace Hotel Golf Course-Portugal

Vidago Palace Hotel Gold Course in Portugal features luxurious accommodation facilities. The charm of this place will leave you yearning for more. From the design, breathtaking woodlands to the 250 acres on which the course sits make it are a major attraction for golfers.

Valderrama Golf Club-Spain 

Valderrama gold club is one of the most highly rated in Spain, and also a top golfing destination in Europe. The 18-hole course presents golfers with the most picturesque view. The fact that it is also hosting an animal sanctuary makes Valderrama a place to be if you looking for a breathtaking golf holiday getaway. 

Royal Zoute-Belgium 

In Belgium, Royal Zoute is another golfing destination that is a must-visit. Sitting alongside the North Sea coast, the luxurious golf course presents the best of natural settings and fairways. You would have a difficult challenge here when the wind blows because that is when tactical shots are hard to realize. Still, playing golf on Royal Zoute is an experience worth having, at least once in your active golfing life.

Begnum Carya Golf and Spa Resort-Turkey

Begnum Carya course was the first luxury golf course to have floodlights. Something even more noteworthy is that among Turkey’s golf courses, it has always hosted international tournaments. The backdrop of this place presents a picturesque view of snow-capped mountains, pine trees, and eucalyptus. 

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to play golf in Europe this summer, you can choose from wide-ranging golfing destinations. However, it is only luxurious destinations that will offer you a truly unique experience worth remembering. 

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