Top 5 Most Luxurious Travel Resorts in the World

If you’ve got satellite TV from or another channel-rich package, you’ve got a lot of options for travel shows and vacation documentaries. Which of the featured destinations would you like to visit? With so many beautiful and elegant places in the world to visit, it’s hard to pin down exactly which ones offer the most luxury and comfort. These 5 unique resorts are top-flight destinations for those willing to pay the most for vacation and relaxation:

Villa Corallina, Tahiti

This luxurious private island resort is only rented to one party at a time (up to 7 guests), so travelers enjoy the ultimate privacy. Featuring more than 3,000 square feet of resort space – including lounge, entertainment, dining, kitchen and office areas – Villa Corallina overlooks the island’s beautiful lagoon and reef. For the ultimate private getaway, this resort is one of the best.

Indigo Bay Resort, Mozambique

Located on the white-sand shores of the Mozambican island of Bazaruto, this undisturbed island resort is a great destination for those who want luxury but who also want to partake in diving, fishing and other watersports. Featuring open, hut-like rooms overlooking the Indian Ocean, this resort is great for families and couples alike.

Sonora Resort, British Columbia

Named TripAdvisor’s 2011 Best Luxury Hotel in Canada, this wilderness resort offers the perfect balance of elegant relaxation and eco adventure. Situated in the heart of the Canadian wilderness, the all-inclusive resort is the perfect destination for those who like outdoor adventure and indoor luxury.

Cocoa Island, Maldives

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sleep in a hut on the ocean? At Cocoa Island, that’s what the experience is all about. Private huts connected by a network of boardwalks surround the beautiful white-sand beaches of the island resort. Enjoy the beach, spa and fine restaurant and bar during the day and evening, and then retire to your private villa at night and enjoy a glass of Champaign before retiring to bed. When it comes to luxury, this resort is one of the best.

Secret Marquis, Los Cabos

For lovers of luxurious cuisine and top-of-the line beverages, along with golf, spa and beach life, the Secret Marquis resort at Los Cabos is one of the best. With an endless array of activities – including scuba diving, mountain biking, swimming with dolphins and more – the Secret Marquis Resort is among the best resorts for a luxurious getaway.

These 5 destinations should definitely be on your short list of luxurious destinations to visit. Each offers a little something unique. And all of them offer elegance and comfort you expect when you  take a serious vacation or go on a honeymoon with the one you love.

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