Top 5 Cosmetic Procedures 2011

People are  constantly trying to go one step further and trick the time, dodge the wrinkles, or give a little shape in  different parts of the body. Skin treatments and diets seem a little old themselves when it comes to big changes in the smallest amount of time.

Ranking fifth on the list is the popular afterbirth surgery, tummy correction. This way you can remove the excess skin and have a tight abdomen. Rhinoplasty comes fourth and it can give you the perfect nose. Of course after a 2 hours long surgery your face will swell and the bleeding will be stopped with tampons shoved in your nostrils.

Cutting the excess tissue of an eyelid, or blepharoplasty, is the third most popular surgery. The second place, breast enlargement surgery still brings joy to both males and females.Probably most of you thought breast enlargement surgery is the most popular procedure but liposuction is definitely number one.

You should think well before having a cosmetic procedure and analyze carefully the risks a surgery like this involves.

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