Top 3 Benefits from Using Firm Mattresses for Your Body

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We enjoy a lot of our life sleeping. You’ll spend more time with your eyes closed than in your car, or at work, so you need to invest in a quality mattress. Getting a good night’s snooze is critical for your overall well being. 

During sleep, our bodies are hard at work trying to heal. However, when your shut-eye is disturbed, or you don’t get enough of it, you’ll be tired and unable to perform your best. Although many believe sleeping on a cloud is the ideal option for them, a firm mattress tends to create better rest. 

We’re going to go over the top three benefits of using the best firm mattress

The Mattress Firmness Scale 

When you go to look for a bed at the store, there’s a scale of firmness they use. What’s right for you could be challenging to sleep on for another person. The lower number on the scale, the softer the bed is going to be. 

A one to three mattress is known as a plush. With a one, you’ll sag into the bed as it has almost no resistance. Beds that fall under a two or three have a little support, but noticeable sinkage. These types of beds will create uneven weight distribution. 

As you move up in the scale, a four to five is known as a medium plush and a six to seven a medium-firm. These medium-range beds are suitable for couples who prefer different things. 

You’ll have support, but it will sink in at the pressure points. These are ideal for side sleepers, as you won’t wake up with a stiff shoulder, hip, or knee. 

When you get to the eight to nine range, this is considered a firm mattress. There’s little to no give, and it has optimal support. These beds are still comfortable and will last longer as they won’t create sag after years of use. 

A ten is the firmest you can get for a bed. These are ideal for those with severe back problems and need the most support. 

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The Benefits of Using a Firm Mattress 

Helps Back Health

Your spine is what keeps you upright, supports your head, and allows you to walk correctly. When your back hurts, your whole body suffers. 

The firmer mattresses will assist in keeping your spine aligned through the night. The resistance to the areas with more pressure will ensure that your lower half or head doesn’t sag too low. This creates an unnatural curve, and you’ll wake up with pain. 

Firm beds are best for back sleepers because of the added support. Even side sleepers will benefit from a firmer mattress because the hip region won’t sink in too far and bend your spine. After a few weeks of sleeping on a more resistant bed, your back will feel great every morning. 

Helps Regulate Temperature Better 

A common problem of plush mattresses is that they’re far too hot, and in the middle of the night, you wake up gasping for relief. This is because you sink in, and more body heat can be absorbed. 

With a firmer mattress, more heat will leave the body and go into the air. This keeps the bed cooler at night, which is more comfortable. When you’re at a reasonable temperature all night, you’ll have a better sleep, which is healthier for you. 

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Better Weight Distribution 

With a more resistant mattress, you’ll have better weight distribution because of the support. The bed works harder at the pressure points, so you don’t sink in. 

When you sleep with a partner, these firmer beds are less likely to wake up the other person if you go to the bathroom or switch positions. Also, you and your spouse won’t sink into the middle of the bed together. The mattress can support both of your weight. 

If you’re a heavier person, a firm mattress is ideal because it can handle your body mass. People who weigh more tend to create permanent dents or sags in a soft bed. The firm mattress has perfect weight distribution to avoid this happening, which results in a better night’s sleep. 

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The Bottom Line 

Sleep health is just as important as eating right and exercising. Taking care of your body and being well-rested will help you live a pain-free and happy life. 

Using a firm mattress will ensure every day you wake up refreshed. These beds offer better back support, help regulate your temperature, and have better weight distribution. 

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