Top 20 Trends of the Day (Nov 30)

Fart-Fighting Briefs

20. Dog-Pooping Ads

The Kackel Dackel Game is both educational and icky as the object of the game is to watch a plastic dog poop out its “food.”

By squeezing a pump handle, the “food” runs through the dog’s body and out its bottom. Perhaps kids have a lot of fun catching the feces? Regardless, this game sure is an interesting toy to help kids learn about the digestive system. The Kakel Dackel Game can be seen as literally crappy, but fun at the same time!

Dog-Pooping AdsDog-Pooping Ads19. Luxury Wristwatch Vaults

Guard your precious timepiece in the Doettling ‘Colosimo’ safe and be completely confident in its security. At 66lbs, this is the smallest safe of its kind in the world, valued at a large sum of $23,800.

Modeled after Chicago gangster “Big Jim” Colosimo, the Doettling ‘Colosimo’ safe has 32 cogs and 16 locking bolts, requiring a three-digit combination to unlock it.

Luxury Wristwatch VaultsLuxury Wristwatch Vaults18. Abusive Doodle Advertising

The Australian Government is running ‘The Line’ campaign to promote respectful and healthy relationships amongst young people.

The campaign aims to reduce violence against women and children while increasing young people’s awareness about healthy relationships. The print ads include bullying messages that can be found in today’s digital age. ‘The Line’ campaign draws the line in what is and isn’t acceptable.Abusive Doodle AdvertisingAbusive Doodle Advertising17. Spectacular Spinal Seating

When I look at the L5 Spine Bench, I can only picture it in a museum next to other pre-historic fossils. This strange seating fixture looks like the former backbone of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Clearly inspired by the human body, the L5 Spine Bench was designed by Vancouver-based sculptor Marie Khouri. Exhibited at the 2010 IDS West show, this voluminous vertebrae sculpture is made out of lacquered wood and a whole bunch of imagination.Spectacular Spinal SeatingSpectacular Spinal Seating16. Fashionable Feline Calenders

Fashion House United Bamboo will feature its new winter collection in an adorable way. The fashion house came with an idea of creating a calender featuring some fashionable cats.

The company held a special audition to find right cat models with a penchant for fashion. The uniqueness of United Bamboo’s feline calender is that it is non-photoshopped. The calender features different cats in various outfits for each month. Priced at $50, the 2011 cat calender can be obtained from the official site of United Bamboo.Fashionable Feline CalendersFashionable Feline Calenders15. Nudity-Concealing Carriers

The Eugenio D’orio ‘Fashion Luxury Bags’ editorial is proof that sometimes, all you need is a luxury bag. Whether it’s bold, plain, sparkling or covered with studs, one thing is for sure—there is a bag out there to complete any outfit!

According to the Eugenio D’orio ‘Fashion Luxury Bags’ editorial, luxury carriers can even complement your birthday suit!Nudity-Concealing CarriersNudity-Concealing Carriers14. Shimmering Chandelier Walls

If you’re in dire need of a little shimmer and sparkle, rest your dreary eyes upon the scintillating Ai WeiWei ‘Cube Light.’ Currently being displayed at the Chinese Misa Shin Gallery, this luminous work is a beacon of light in a room of darkness.

Shimmering Chandelier WallsShimmering Chandelier Walls13. Multifunctional Meal Holders

The Compeixalaigua Steamer Bowl is a silicone steam roaster for Lekue, a company specializing in kitchen-ware.

The flexibility of the silicone allows the design to function in two ways. Fold the two ends together and the exposed sides provide air circulation, making the Compeixalaigua Steamer Bowl effective steamer.Multifunctional Meal HoldersMultifunctional Meal Holders12. Stereotype Swatch Ads

Unfortunately, the world still runs a muck with racism and socioeconomic soft spots that are blatantly laid out in these LICRA prints.

Using paint chips as superficial categorical tools, the Publicis Conseil ad agency presents bold statistics pertaining to different skin colors. Urging the public to “do something about discrimination,” these LICRA prints instill awareness with the intention of affecting a paradigm shift in society.Stereotype Swatch AdsStereotype Swatch Ads11. Book Storage Seating

Why waste money and space buying a bookcase and lounge chair when you can buy the Fishbol Bookseat? The Fishbol Bookseat combines a bookcase and a bench lounger to create the ultimate piece of bookworm furniture.

The Fishbol Bookseat is made out of Canadian birch plywood and is available with a felt cushion with customizable colors. You can check out the Bookseat above or click below to see more conventional bookcases and shelves.Book Storage SeatingBook Storage Seating10. Social Media Sacrifices

The Buy Life campaign may seem like social media suicide, but the macabre movement is for an amazing cause.

Alicia Keys’ “Keep A Child Alive” organization has spawned the Buy Life concept joining with other mega celebs that will donate their digital lives to raise awareness to those affected by HIV/AIDS. This means logging out of Facebook, leaving the Twitterverse and boycotting the blogospheres until their lives are ‘bought back’ by charitable donations.Social Media Sacrifices

9. Social Media Photo Wars

As a marketing tactic to launch the Sony NEX-5, the technology company has introduced the Profile Hero Competition to users of social media. On Facebook, your profile picture is the most important of your photos as it makes the first impression.

The Sony NEX-5 capitalizes on this, launching the Profile Hero competition to find the world’s best profile picture. There are a few categories to enter in, including family, sports star and world wanderer. Prizes are rewarded weekly in each category, with new and exciting pictures up daily.Social Media Photo WarsSocial Media Photo Wars8. Candy Cane Photography

The OZON ‘Summer Kisses Winter Tears’ photo shoot will end your search for the perfect pair of festive holiday boots. The footwear from this photographic spread touches on every warm and gooey feeling you could have towards the holidays.Candy Cane PhotographyCandy Cane Photography7. Sci-Fi Movie Poster Mashups

Matt Ranzetta has combined classic films with Star Wars imagery to create the ‘Star Wars Movie Poster Series.’ The series features posters for movies such as ‘Rebel Without a Cause’ and ‘The Princess Bride’ redone with Star Wars characters, minimalist imagery and retro typography.Sci-Fi Movie Poster MashupsSci-Fi Movie Poster Mashups6. Alien Assault Weaponry

Now you can blast aliens just like Sigourney Weaver with the ‘Aliens’ Pulse Rifle. This replica rifle is a near spot-on remake of the assault rifle used in James Cameron’s sci-fi blockbuster ‘Aliens.’

The ‘Aliens’ Pulse Rifle features an ammo counter, collapsible stock and moving grenade launcher handle. All of this authenticity doesn’t come cheap, as the replica ‘Aliens’ rifle comes in at $900. You can either put it on your Christmas wish list or check it out in the gallery.Alien Assault WeaponryAlien Assault Weaponry5. Glamorous Glacial Spreads

Tinsel-tinged sets like those in the Equus Winter 2010 shoot invokes feelings of the festive season. Featuring gorgeous winter fashions, from sparkling black dresses to cute, feathery hats, this shoot is nothing less than glacial-glamorous.

Shot by the talented photographer Fernando Arrais, model Ana hickmann dazzles in the silvery Equus Winter 2010 pictorial. This ice-cold couture spread is easily one of my favorites of this season.Glamorous Glacial SpreadsGlamorous Glacial Spreads4. Pseudo-Noire Tattoos

These Batucada Jewelry designs are the perfect solution if you’re in love with the idea of having a tattoo, but don’t have the guts to opt for the permanent kind. A fun tattoo-inspired collection, these jewelry designs give the impression of a tattoo similar to Henna.Pseudo-Noire TattoosPseudo-Noire Tattoos

3. Fart-Fighting Briefs

So long as you’re wearing ‘4SKINS’ underwear, there’s no such thing as a “silent but deadly” odorous discharge. Made of cotton and spandex, these tighty-whities have been enhanced with Nano-Tex technology that acts as a smell neutralizer within the fabric.

While allowing your prized parts to breathe, ‘4SKINS’ underwear prevents the escape of bad air. The nanotechnology attracts odors and prevents their release into the room. Designed by Australian-based Gilbert Huynh, ‘4SKINS’ underwear will spread quickly, but flatulence will not.Fart-Fighting BriefsFart-Fighting Briefs2. Athletic Designer Prosthetics

There may be tons of prosthetic designs out there, but the Adidas Symbiosis is the first to come from such a popular sport’s label. That’s not the only first, however, that this prosthetic boasts. Instead of typical motor mechanisms, it features electromagnets so that users can experience smoother movement.Athletic Designer ProstheticsAthletic Designer Prosthetics1. Teenage Dream Photography

Andrea Kaiser is from Granada, Spain and while she’s only eighteen-years-old, she has a great talent for analog photography. She loves creating visual landscapes and mixing them with the texts she writes of her own.

In her photography, Andrea Kaiser reflects upon youth and the teenage years. Have a look at her very succesful gallery; the more you see, the more you’ll fall in love with her.Teenage Dream PhotographyTeenage Dream Photography

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