Top 20 Trends of the Day (Nov 29)

20. Prismatic Cakes

Why would you bother getting a normal, traditional cake when you can opt for a more psychedelic choice like the Rainbow Cake?

Not only is the Rainbow Cake unique, it’s also bound to give you and your guest (or your dear little ones) a great, fun surprise the moment you cut the first slice. With its snow-white outer appearance, the Rainbow Cake is definitely one for the tricksters. To make this cake on your own, follow the links provided.Prismatic CakesPrismatic Cakes19. Shrink-Wrapped Interactive Art

Some artists paint pictures or sculpt sculptures, but not Lawrence Malstaf. He prefers to shrink-wrap living humans for an exhibition he has aptly titled ‘Shrink!’

‘Shrink!’ is made up entirely of volunteers who are shrink-wrapped inside a bag. Lawrence Malstaf’s work is meant to make both volunteers and onlookers consider their own survival and how they respond under threat.

Shrink-Wrapped Interactive ArtShrink-Wrapped Interactive Art18. Nerdy Princess Muffs

These nerdy Star Wars-inspired Le Fille ‘Leia’ earmuffs are not only super cute, but fabulous in fashion as well. No longer is it ‘uncool’ to show off your geeky side, so embrace your inner nerd and fall in love with this ‘Star Wars’-approved hipster headgear.Nerdy Princess MuffsNerdy Princess Muffs17. Splish-Splashing Celeb Shoots

The cover shoot for their December 2010 issue must have been amazing, because these Jake Gyllenhaal Esquire UK outtakes do not look like they should have been left on the cutting room floor. Sexy, cute and personable, Gyllenhaal’s personality simply shines through.Splish-Splashing Celeb ShootsSplish-Splashing Celeb Shoots16. Stylish Sci-Fi Experiments

The Julius Bramanto ‘XL Lab’ photo series shows exactly how experimental fashion can be. Interestingly enough, it also illustrates that when it comes to personal style, we’re often only clones of a few style icons.

Shot for their 2010-2011 campaign, the Julius Bramanto ‘XL Lab’ photo series was pulled together by a great team. The shoot features work from stylist Thornandes James, makeup artist Carry and photo assistants Ken Arini, Shuri and Retno Prasasti.Stylish Sci-Fi ExperimentsStylish Sci-Fi Experiments15. Handyman Mosaics

Armenian artist Saimir Strati has to be all screwed out after spending two weeks creating the world’s largest screw mosaic. All bad jokes aside, Saimir Strati did spend two weeks and over 300,000 screws creating his unique work, which he calls ‘Currency of the Soul.’

‘Currency of the Soul’ features the Greek poet Homer on the face of the dollar bill as opposed to Washington’s. You don’t have to dig too deep into the piece’s meaning to know that Saimir Strati’s work truly is one of a kind.Handyman MosaicsHandyman Mosaics14. Exclusive Accordion Timepieces

The Opera Tourbillon timepiece featured in the gallery is one out of 12 made. The super-exclusive, ultra-luxurious Opera Tourbillon watch is not for the faint of heart or wallet, with 18K rose or gray gold and 319 parts for a whopping $1.2 million.

It makes sense to have produced such a limited stock of the Opera Tourbillon watch, as a very limited amount of people will be able to afford it. Regardless, one can still dream. Check out the featured gallery to indulge your horological fantasies with the Opera Tourbillon watch.Exclusive Accordion TimepiecesExclusive Accordion Timepieces13. Dollipop Campaigns

This Mini Chupa Chups campaign is definitely going to attract some attention. The concept behind these print ads is simple, yet totally effective. Mini Chupa Chups are delicious, fun and tiny. The campaign shows dolls and action figures enjoying these lovely lollipops with large, luminous smiles on their faces.Dollipop CampaignsDollipop Campaigns12. Adventurous USBs

Everyone’s favorite archeologist and adventurer is now available in flash drive form, thanks to Ronel Van Heerden and his Indiana Jones Flash Drive. This conceptual storage device turns LEGO Indiana Jones into a flash drive that looks to be a lot more fun than anything I’ve ever seen.

Adventurous USBsAdventurous USBs11. ‘King of Pop’ Portraits

A couple of years ago, photographer Arno Bani was commissioned by Michael Jackson himself to create the artwork for his next album. Unfortunately, it never came to fruition.

Recently, Arno Bani decided to reveal these never-before-seen shots of the King of Pop. Auctioning these four portraits off in Paris on Dec. 13, the rest of the images from the photoshoot will be bound into a limited-edition book.'King of Pop' Portraits'King of Pop' Portraits10. Fractured Fashion Photography

Whenever I come across a new photo shoot by TOKYO22, I don’t know whether I should focus on the subject or the intriguing post-production; take the Gilles et Dada ‘Truth’ series as an example.

The Gilles et Dada ‘Truth’ campaign is amazingly executed and it does a great job piquing our interest in the outfits.

Fractured Fashion PhotographyFractured Fashion Photography9. International Pizza Pennants

Pizza can always be delightfully fun, but the Tiny Urban Kitchen Pizza Flags by superchef Jen are even more of a blast. Inspired by her family’s round-the-world travels, Jen made flags of countries they’ve visited in the form of pizzas.

From Canada to Japan, these countries all have one thing in common: they look delicious. If you yourself are a world traveler, what would you say to making Tiny Urban Kitchen Pizza Flags like Jen? Check out the gallery for some more decadent pics.

International Pizza PennantsInternational Pizza Pennants8. Epic Apocalyptic Photography

As a tribute to the late Alexander McQueen, Julius Bramanto photographed the ‘Odd and Ends’ editorial for Amica Magazine. This epic photo shoot was shot in a garbage dump area that gave an apocalyptic vibe to the entire project.

It is the fashion featured in the ‘Odd and Ends’ editorial that I can’t tear my eyes from, however.Epic Apocalyptic PhotographyEpic Apocalyptic Photography7. Ice Vixen Couture

One look at the Tex Saverio ‘La Glacon’ Spring 2011 collection and you will absolutely fall in love. If you love high fashion and Alexander McQueen, get ready for this designer, who is being touted as the Indonesian Alexander McQueen.

A scintillating collection of sparkling silvers, frosty eyelids and bedazzling headpieces, the Tex Saverio ‘La Glacon’ collection bears the mark of raw, natural talent.Ice Vixen CoutureIce Vixen Couture6. Flying Fantasy Calenders

Ten flight attendants of the Mexicana Airlines have launched a racy aviation-themed calender in attempt to save Mexico’s nearly-bankrupt national airline.

This hot mile-high calender features flight attendants posing in skimpy swimsuits and mangled uniforms, fulfilling your fantasies. 1,000 calenders have already been sold out since its launch, which ultimately led to the suspension of The Mexicana Airline’s operations.Flying Fantasy CalendersFlying Fantasy Calenders5. Pensive Clown Art

This Stefan Milev Zink Magazine pictorial re-imagines Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ with an eerie twist.

With pensive, forlorn clowns, Milev’s images deliver a very depressing and creepy feel. The irony created by clowns void of smiles also adds a very dramatic edge to the editorial.Pensive Clown ArtPensive Clown Art4. Roadkill Calendars

If cute puppies, inspirational scenes or provocative pin-ups are a bit mundane for your taste, you might like Kevin Beresford’s 2011 Son of Roadkill Calendar. The wacky calendar features images of dead animals on the road or roadside.

Beresford thought the dead dogs, squashed squirrels, flattened fowl and hammered hedgehogs that he saw in his travels as a courier might have a higher purpose as images in a unique calendar. The Son of Roadkill Calendar is the latest of Beresford’s morbid datekeepers. It’s not for everyone though: Some shops refuse to stock the item.Roadkill CalendarsRoadkill Calendars3. Snow-White Riders

The Audi RB-1200 S is a motorbike specially targeted to the younger generation, as it is designed to offer a thrilling ride. The sleek, sexy look of the bike derives from the Audi R8 lights, giving the marvelous motorbike a luxurious appearance.

Featuring the latest, most advanced technology paired with a fabulously fresh design, the Audi RB-1200 S will surely meet the growing demand of motorbikes amongst bike enthusiasts.Snow-White RidersSnow-White Riders2. Fashionista Femme Fatales

Photographer Derek Wood is charged with the enviable task of photographing beautiful women, with most of his shoots taking place in great outdoor locations.

However, the photography of Derek Wood does not start and end with just pictures of a pretty face. With his use of location and lighting, and his artistic capabilities to set the mood, Derek Wood creates interesting stories with his photos that completely enhance his female-focused artwork.Fashionista Femme FatalesFashionista Femme Fatales1. Modern Greek Eco Resorts

Costa Navarino is a brand new resort that offers an eco-friendly getaway location to explore. Recently opened in Messina, Greece, the resort grounds look as though they have been pulled from a mystical Mediterranean dream.

Boasting 321 rooms on a 1 km. beachfront, the resort also offers infinity pools, an 18-hole championship golf course and a landscape of diverse surroundings with spectacular sea and river views. The resort’s commitment to environmental protection steered builders to keep the building footprint of Costa Navarino at less than 10% of the total land area.

Modern Greek Eco ResortsModern Greek Eco ResortsRead more on:

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