Top 20 Trends of the Day (Nov 24)

Futuristic Bare-All Photos

20. Cool Computer Props

The stylishly sleek ‘Frescko Cooler’ is a cooling accessory that will help your laptop breathe. Considering how overheating notebooks are definitely a common problem for all laptop users, this gadget will come in handy.

The surface of the ‘Frescko Cooler’ is made of aluminum, to help chill the heat generated by your notebook more effectively.

Cool Computer PropsCool Computer Props19. Hooded Bird Dresses

The Damon Baker ‘Polly Brown’ spread in ‘Brave New Girl features a smoking hot model rocking a wide array of killer fashions and wild hairdos.

The looks on display in this Damon Baker ‘Polly Brown’ photo shoot range from classic to wild.

Hooded Bird DressesHooded Bird Dresses18. Romantic Retro Marketing

After debuting earlier this summer, the Guess Fall/Winter 2010 campaign has added some more shots. The new images will make you feel like you just jumped out of a fashion forward time machine.

Denim, leather and skinny suits and ties take center stage here.

Romantic Retro MarketingRomantic Retro Marketing17. Sensual Multifaceted Spreads

If you wanted to skip this description and b-line it straight for the Cheryl Cole photo gallery (if you haven’t already), I would completely understand. There’s nothing to say about these sexy prints except the fact that they are irresistibly sultry.

This editorial features the model and singer with sizzling retro flair and panache, creating a sensual 60s sweetheart look.

Sensual Multifaceted SpreadsSensual Multifaceted Spreads16. Cupboard-Bound Kitchens

From the Netherlands comes designer Johanneke Procee, who has created a compact kitchen cabinet for close-packed city living spaces. Called ‘Keukenkabinet’ (literally “kitchen cabinet”), this condensed culinary contraption is perfect for bachelor apartments, studios or any space-starved home.

Cupboard-Bound Kitchens15. Ballpoint Babe Illustrations

Niki Pilkington is an illustrator with an eye for artistic value in simple sketches. Pilkington uses an array of mediums in her work, often combining fabrics, ballpoint pen, pencil crayon and paint for a single piece.

Ballpoint Babe IllustrationsBallpoint Babe Illustrations14. Animalistic Hipster Fashion

This Nylon Magazine fashion editorial entitled ‘Crazy, Sexy, Cool’ is just that. Featuring models Mina Cvetkovic & Dana and shot by photographer Brooke Nipar, this series is a definite walk on the wild side.

In this fun-filled shoot, models Mina Cvetkovic and Dana rock some super colorful outfits, with even crazier accessories.

Animalistic Hipster FashionAnimalistic Hipster Fashion13. Tousled Retro Styles

Zink Magazine’s holiday issue is plastered with enthralling images of Natalia K by Pierre Dal Corso. Called ‘Eye Level,’ this editorial was styled with the help of Sophie Clauzel and Franck Nemoz who hewed the model’s bed-head hair.

Sporting structured high-waisted panties and corsets, the look of Natalia K by Pierre Dal Corso is exquisitely balanced by the playful inclusion of light limpid fabrics and fierce feral furs.

Tousled Retro StylesTousled Retro Styles12. 70s-Inspired Glam Shots

This supermodel also seems to enlighten the pages of fashion spreads and it is no different in the Karlie Kloss Vogue December issue.

In a literal sense, Karlie Kloss really brings bright and vibrant colors to this photoshoot dressed in technicolored fashions inspired from the 70s era. In oversized jewelry and accessories from cuffed bracelets to sunglasses, the Karlie Kloss Vogue December issue is an eclectic pop of colors and styles.

70s-Inspired Glam Shots70s-Inspired Glam Shots11. Quirky Canine Cribs

arkitecture is an Austin, Texas-based charity event that showcases some of the best dog houses from designers and architects. The event raises money for animal rescue groups by auctioning off the houses on display. Whatever is left is still available for purchase through their website.

Quirky Canine CribsQuirky Canine Cribs10. Low Resolution Homes

You may have to adjust your eyes when they fall upon the Pixel House designed by Mass Studies and Slade Architecture. In a pixalated, 3D design this home is unique and tech-inspired.

The house is curved on one side with a rounded rooftop and falls flat in a straight line on the other. Situated in Gyeonggido, Korea, this building’s design reflects the hilly landscape.

Low Resolution HomesLow Resolution Homes9. Classy Elongated Editorials

No one looks quite like Charlotte Di Calypso and Matvey Lykov in ‘Be My Valentino’ by Bojana Tatarska, but there’s such an attractive allure to the unnatural look of elongated limbs.

The elegant pair of models waltz across Dansk’s issue #24 for Fall/Winter 2010 with such grace and fluidity that they seem to be moving in the photos. ‘Be My Valentino’ by Bojana Tatarska is a poised piece of editorial exquisiteness that will inspire you to dance.

Classy Elongated EditorialsClassy Elongated Editorials8. $30 Million Gangsta Planes

One of these days, I hope to know what it’s like to own a private plane as pimped out as the Lord Sugar ‘G-Suga’ jet. The 63-year-old star of ‘The Apprentice’ is definitely living the high life with this lavish £18.5 million ‘Embraer Legacy 650’ personal aircraft.

Featuring a cabin of 13 seats, the luxury plane also includes three cabin areas, high-speed broadband, leather chairs and a high-end entertainment system.

Check out the photo gallery for an inside look at the Lord Sugar ‘G-Suga’ jet.

$30 Million Gangsta Planes$30 Million Gangsta Planes7. Battling Baboon Shots

I almost forgot how awesome a magazine National Geographic was until I saw these entries for the 2010 National Geographic

Photography Competition. The magazine’s annual photography competition features pictures from photographers around the world falling into the categories of people, places and nature.

Battling Baboon ShotsBattling Baboon Shots6. Phallic Congratulatory Cards

The ‘It’s a Boy’ direct mail piece may make a few people a little uncomfortable; however, there is no denying the great use of medium with this promotional item. The piece plays on the concept of your baby’s private parts, leaving a conveniently placed hole for the recipient’s finger to go through.

Phallic Congratulatory Cards5. Undignified Deity Drawings

Undignified Deity DrawingsUndignified Deity Drawings4. Surreal Stardust Spreads

Elizaveta Porodina is a photographer whose work is surprisingly impressive for an artist of such young age. Porodina’s portfolio exemplifies all that is good about youth: imagination, the ability to think outside of the box, and the willingness to take risks.

Surreal Stardust SpreadsSurreal Stardust Spreads3. Underwater Hipster Snapshots

Underwater Hipster SnapshotsUnderwater Hipster SnapshotsUnderwater Hipster SnapshotsUnderwater Hipster Snapshots2. Everyday Magic Photography

20-year old Ezgi Polat’s body of work is nothing short of spectacular. This young photographer from Germany uses a manual film camera and develops and scans her own negatives, allowing her to have full control of the color and exposure of her photographs.

Everyday Magic PhotographyEveryday Magic Photography1. Futuristic Bare-All Photos

n this spread titled ‘Back To The Future’ found in the December 2010 issue of i-D Magazine, Abby Lee Kershaw adorns looks in the nude baring skin and sultry looks.

There wasn’t much to the styling as this model dresses in nothing but fully opened fur coats, peeping-tom blouses and cupless bras. The looks are nothing far-fetched and if the Abby Lee Kershaw spread is a look into the future, then it can be seen that we are not far from this form of bare-all fashion.

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