Top 20 Trends of the Day (Nov 23)

Haute Asylum Spreads

20. Giant Eco Skyscrapers

The Blooming Tower by Mekene Architecture is a modern eco-concept structure in Dubai. The 170-meter tall tower is made of lightweight aluminum and covered with white sail cloth, protecting the building from the heat of the sun. This cloth also functions as petals for the tower, collecting dew drops at its bottom, using the water to generate energy.

Giant Eco SkyscrapersGiant Eco Skyscrapers19. Punk Embellished Brows

Ke$ha’s studded eyebrows completed her unconventionally lusty look at the 2010 American Music Awards. Accompanied by a retro punk dress made from VHS tape, these ostentatiously adorned eyebrows definitely make a statement.

Punk Embellished BrowsPunk Embellished Brows18. Anorexic Twin Towers

The island nation of Taiwan has become a hotbed for innovative architecture, with the Taiwan Towers as no exception. These twin towers were designed by Steven Ma, San Liu, Xinyu Wan and Emre Icdem to be super-slim eco-friendly skyscrapers, showing off Taiwan’s past, present, and future.

Anorexic Twin TowersAnorexic Twin Towers17. Timeless Beauty Pictorials

The V Magazine Age Issue features 3 covers, each starring one of Hollywood’s most beautiful and famous leading ladies.

Susan Sarandon, Jane Fonda and Sigourney Weaver each grace their own cover of the V magazine Age Issue. The black & white shots are taken by photography team Inez & Vinoodh. All three ladies look great, so don’t be surprised if rentals of ‘Thelma & Louise,’ ‘Alien’ and ‘9 to 5’ are a little harder to find now that this mag has hit the shelves.

Timeless Beauty PictorialsTimeless Beauty Pictorials16. Origami-Inspired Architecture

Coll-Barreau Arquitectos has designed what has to be one of the most beautiful bureaucratic buildings ever. The Health Department building in the town of Bilbao, Spain was designed to be aesthetically pleasing while meeting the city’s strict building code.

Origami-Inspired ArchitectureOrigami-Inspired Architecture15. Intense Techy Keyboards

The Razer Nostromo Keypad is designed for the small subset of gamers that would classify themselves as “hardcore.” These are the people who run off of microwaved hot pockets and energy drinks due to convenience and an urge to stay up and game.

The Razer Nostromo Keypad has a unique design that allows it to save space and increase efficiency. With only 16 keys, the Razer Nostromo Keypad can be mapped to fit specific games. Settings can be changed on-the-fly while the thumb pad can be used for movement or other commands. Computer gamers, your X-factor has arrived.

Intense Techy KeyboardsIntense Techy Keyboards14. Solar-Powered Lunches

The Sunflower Lunchbox is a little solar-powered appliance that heats and cools food items according to your desires.

The flowery design of the box has collapsible petals used to trap solar energy, which is then stored in its internal battery. With a quick push of a button, you can heat up or cool down your cuisine within the individual boxes of the Sunflower Lunchbox.

Solar-Powered LunchesSolar-Powered Lunches13. Vintage Varsity Shoots

‘An Education’ by DAVEYiPhoto for Creem Magazine is an achingly chic shoot featuring prep school-inspired clothing.

With the models in crested blazers, plaid skirts and shirts with rep ties, there is no missing the awesome academic theme of this spread. The ‘An Education’ by DAVEYiPhoto for Creem Magazine shoot is made up of various vintage-inspired shots taken from a variety of interesting angles.

Vintage Varsity ShootsVintage Varsity Shoots
12. Attention-Grabbing Bicycles

The colorfully designed ‘Digitizer’ bicycle is guaranteed to be the bike that gets you noticed on the streets. A collaboration between Affinity Cycles and Japanese artist Kenzo Minami, the ‘Digitizer’ will assure that passersby see you and avoid hitting you on the streets.


Attention-Grabbing Bicycles11. Peek-A-Boo Avian Fashions

Bird-like fashions take center stage in this editorial featuring Karolina Kurkova for El País Semanal Magazine. The fashions on display clearly draw inspiration from the animal kingdom.

Peek-A-Boo Avian FashionsPeek-A-Boo Avian Fashions10.  Electrifying Minimalist Looks

The Raquel Zimmermann Vogue December 2010 issue showcases an electrifying look for the upcoming spring season.

Instead of the usual soft pastel colors, this spread features minimalist looks dressed in eclectic colors of neon blue, intense orange and fiery red. Matched with the model’s luscious deep red locks, the spring fashions are going to look bold and fierce—just like the Raquel Zimmermann Vogue December spread.

Electrifying Minimalist LooksElectrifying Minimalist Looks9.  Decadent Designer Abodes

How individuals come to own magnificent mansions like the Dean Conley ‘Villa Conilla’ will always be a wonder to me. Just look through the gallery and you will see why this interior designer is one lucky individual to own such a real estate gem.

Located in Lyons View Pike in Knoxville, this 36,750 square-foot villa is worth a cool $12.5 million. Boasting 50 rooms, eight bedrooms, indoor pools and a home theater, this home gives you many reasons to never leave your home again.

Decadent Designer AbodesDecadent Designer AbodesDecadent Designer AbodesDecadent Designer AbodesDecadent Designer AbodesDecadent Designer AbodesDecadent Designer AbodesDecadent Designer AbodesDecadent Designer AbodesDecadent Designer Abodes8. Horny Hairstyles

The Clara Paget Sheer Magazine spread features ferociously futuristic hairstyles that will have you second-guessing your standard bob-with-bangs.

With hair twisted to protrude from the head in skyrocketing heights, this model gives us a quick glimpse of wardrobes to come while keeping her cool in looks that an ice queen would be hot for.

Horny HairstylesHorny Hairstyles7. Vintage Theme Park Posters

These retro Disney posters celebrate the original EPCOT Center at Disney World in Florida. The series uses vector artwork to illustrate the themes of each original EPCOT ride and attraction. EPCOT is a section of the Walt Disney Resort dedicated to international culture and technology—two subjects that are prevalent now more than ever.

Vintage Theme Park PostersVintage Theme Park Posters6. Vivid Wedding Preparations

The Vogue India November 2010 ‘Wedding Album’ is one that celebrates the Indian culture in a glamorous way. Models Ashika Pratt, Kabir Bedi, Lillette Dubey and Purab Kohli look as if they are having the time of their lives within this shoot. The spread displays the colorful clothing expected in a traditional Indian wedding, while mixing in some Western culture.

Vivid Wedding PreparationsVivid Wedding Preparations5. Surreal Symbolic Figurines

Artist Christina Bothwell has created some extremely interesting glass sculptures that reflect the theme of metamorphosis. The Christina Bothwell glass sculptures are honestly unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

Each sculpture captures her vision of life and death which is achieved by incorporating a figure within a figure. From pregnancy to out-of-body experiences, the Christina Bothwell glass sculptures give a surreal and unique view into the circle of life.

Surreal Symbolic FigurinesSurreal Symbolic Figurines4. Vivid Virtual Wallpaper

The ‘Maharam Digital Projects’ calls upon a collaboration of graphic designers, illustrators, and photographers to adorn interior spaces with vivid digital wallpaper.

Made of a latex-saturated, washable substrate with UV-resistant pigment, the precise computer-printed interior veneers take on a dynamic and effervescent appearance that becomes all the more captivating up close.
Vivid Virtual WallpaperVivid Virtual Wallpaper3. Transformed Teen Starlets

The Emma Watson Stylist UK November 2010 spread shows the Harry Potter star breaking out of her bookish wizard image and into hot rocker chick badassery. It looks like Emma Watson is moving on from studious sweetheart to a sultry young woman.

Transformed Teen StarletsTransformed Teen Starlets2. Punk Pin-Up Pictorials

The Candice Boucher A Magazine spread is a dark twist on the classic pin-up girls of the past. These macabre models rock the mischievous look in a revolutionary way.

Instead of perfectly coiffed locks and polished pieces, Candice Boucher is seen in tousled hair, revealing layered textures of knit and sequins with sexy fishnet hoisery.

Punk Pin-Up PictorialsPunk Pin-Up Pictorials1. Haute Asylum Spreads

This spread featuring Andrej Pejic for Tush Magazine takes the model inside the walls of an all-white padded room. Fortunately, this femme fatale is not actually insane.

These pictures of Andrej Pejic for Tush Magazine show off wild winter coats to match the snow white walls of the haute asylum. Take a closer look and you will notice that Andrej Pejic isn’t wearing much more than a maniacal gaze.Haute Asylum Spreads

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