Top 20 Trends of the Day (Nov 22)

Artistic Glass Kitchens

20. Tinfoil Self-Portraits

Although the Dominic Wilcox mask looks like something a child can whip up if he ever got his hands on his mother’s aluminum roll, it’s not as easy as it looks. Not only is tinfoil a fickle material that rips at the slightest touch, but creating such a self-portrait would also require talent and patience that only a true artist could muster.

Tinfoil Self-PortraitsTinfoil Self-Portraits19. Cathartic Performance Art

As the darker months descend, those pent-up emotions you know you’re hiding begin to take a toll; thanks to the Punch Me Panda project, you might be able to release some of them safely.

Currently roaming the streets of New York is performance artist Nate Hill. With his Punch Me Panda project, he approaches complete strangers so that they may punch him.

Cathartic Performance ArtCathartic Performance Art18. Origami-Inspired Purses

Banner 3

The same designer has also developed intricate origami-inspired luggage and a glasses case, but the Naoki Kawamoto ‘Orishiki Clutch’ carries the most class.

A single piece of hard material is folded into a complex configuration that transforms from flat to full in seconds. This dynamic accessory will boost your beautiful look out on the town and keep your personal property protected.

Origami-Inspired PursesOrigami-Inspired Purses
17. Hollywood-Inspired Accessories

Onch Movement, LLC. is a Los Angeles based company determined to make a difference by encouraging youths from all backgrounds to be themselves. Constantly inspired by changing pop culture, Onch Movement, LLC. has gained notoriety through creative, innovative and fun designs.

Hollywood-Inspired AccessoriesHollywood-Inspired Accessories16. Miami Vice Court Kicks

The Nike Lebron South Beach is perhaps the best thing to come from Lebron James’ decision to “take his talents to Miami.” The eagerly anticipated shoe is set for release today and features the unique ‘Miami’ colorway.

Miami Vice Court KicksMiami Vice Court Kicks15. Shape-Shifting Rooms

Jens Dyvik has created a conceptual marvel of interior design and technology. What this designer and architect proposes is the production of a customizable remote-controlled room that begins as a clear space. Hypothetically, the room has a floor that will rise and take whatever shape dictated.

Shape-Shifting RoomsShape-Shifting Rooms14. Artistic Glass Kitchens

Forget marble and think glass with these ThinkGlass countertops. In an utterly unique move, you’ll create a never-before-seen kitchen aesthetic that will have guests raving for days.

Completely customizable in shape, size and pattern, the ThinkGlass countertops can be tailored to each individual’s taste. Measuring 1.5 inches thick, the artistic embellishments are embedded within the glass, which is then finished with a contemporary gloss look. The lead image was designed by Michael Mailhot.

Artistic Glass KitchensArtistic Glass Kitchens13. Industrial Twintography

The Kenny sisters, Ann and Kirby, model together in a spread for the latest issue of Twin. How fitting!

The duo is photographed in what looks like the middle of nowhere; their backdrop is a suburban industrial area filled with nothing but trucks, dirt and cement.

Industrial TwintographyIndustrial Twintography12. Familial Facebook Fails

The College Humor ‘Parents Just Don’t Understand’ is yet another gut-busting clip by the hilarious site.

The pop-culture phenomenon has added a new page to its site called ‘Parents Just Don’t Understand.’ The section is dedicated to the older generation of Facebook users that are not completely clear on how to use the social networking site.

Familial Facebook FailsFamilial Facebook Fails11. Hypnotic Celeb Backdrops

Although it’s clear that Mark Squires is a fashion photographer, aside from that label, his work has a wide range of different styles. From colorful to close-ups, black-and-white shots and portraits, his portfolio shows a versatility that is certainly impressive.

Hypnotic Celeb BackdropsHypnotic Celeb Backdrops10. Fashionable Fairytale Catalogs

Using a fashionable fairytale format, the BCBGMaxAzria Holiday Gift Guide is the perfect handbook for those at a loss this Christmas season. Considering that most fairytales have a moral, this one must be that you can never go wrong with BCBG.

Fashionable Fairytale CatalogsFashionable Fairytale Catalogs9. Futuristic Nature Watches

If you’re sick of high-tech watches that resemble cell phones more than anything else, then you need to take a gander at the Saat55 Watch. This watch was designed by Fatih Baltas as an escape from today’s tech-heavy and lavish watches.

Futuristic Nature WatchesFuturistic Nature Watches8. Internet-Inspired Notepads

If the Interface Website Notepad isn’t a sign of changing times, then I don’t know what is. This notepad was designed specifically to look like a website to appeal to the masses who’d rather take digital notes than written ones.

The Interface Website Notepad has one page filled with sticky notes of varying sizes while the rest of the pages are left blank. You can play with your planner’s design to find the setup that works best.

Internet-Inspired NotepadsInternet-Inspired Notepads7. Sun-Drenched Fantasy Spreads

Valerie Chiang is an up-and-coming photographer from Raleigh, North Carolina. Her photos follow a simple composition, yet effectively convey a dreamy aesthetic.

Valerie’s goal in photography is to “offer viewers an opportunity to stretch their imaginations and form their own stories from her photographs.”

Sun-Drenched Fantasy SpreadsSun-Drenched Fantasy Spreads6. Exclusive Designer Autos

Male fashion fiends are going to lose their minds when they find out about the new Bijan Rolls-Royce. Ultra-luxury fashion designer Bijan Pakzad has teamed up with Rolls-Royce to create 30 signature Phantoms, each bearing the Bijan touch.

The Bijan Rolls-Royce will not be available for public purchase; instead, the custom Phantoms will be available to a select list featuring the world’s most powerful people in 20 different countries. I can safely say that I have never wanted to be president more than I do right now.

Exclusive Designer AutosExclusive Designer Autos

5. Hidden City Furniture

The Holland table holds a little surprise for the owner. Although it may look like a typical wooden table, underneath lies a hidden city—Holland, to be exact.

Designed by Joost Wever, the Holland table is the direct result of using leftover pieces accumulated throughout the creation process. Instead of gluing them on haphazardly, however, Wever created a landscape that makes this table extra special.

Hidden City FurnitureHidden City Furniture4. Blond Bedhead Spreads

The newest edition of DV Mode magazine features the breathtaking Julie Rode in fabulous looks accompanied by marvelously messy hair. The beautiful blond pulls the look off well, ensuring that messy hair remains stylish for upcoming seasons.

Blond Bedhead SpreadsBlond Bedhead Spreads3. Flexible Washbasins

The most compelling design is when an object takes on the form of its function, and this Sophie Mensen ‘Watertable’ does just that. Made to morph in shape, the slick sink is a pliable polymer that expands to collect the volume of water, continually growing as the basin fills.

Flexible WashbasinsFlexible Washbasins2. Queasy Costumes

Sancho Hemelsoen’s ‘Body Juices’ exhibit is no fashion accident; the Belgian designer actually intended to generate nauseating garments that flaunt phlegm, mucus, vomit, blood and saliva.

You’ve got to give him credit for creativity; the inspiration for Hemelsoen’s collection comes from the body’s vital fluids drawn outside to create quite an organic fashion statement.

Queasy CostumesQueasy Costumes1. Amazing Adolescent Photography

I recently found Mary Robinson’s Flickr and immediately fell in love with her photographs. Using a Canon AE-1 and an artistic eye, Mary creates a dream-like world out of her surroundings. Mary Robinson goes on photoshoots with her friends and documents her life in 35mm film.

Amazing Adolescent PhotographyAmazing Adolescent PhotographyRead more on:

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