Top 20 Trends of the Day (Nov 18)

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20. Sustainable Fitness Centers

Jean Marc Rivet is a French architect who I believe has built the fitness center of the future. His French gymnasium boasts several eco-friendly innovations designed to cut down on the typically ravenous power consumption of modern-day athletic facilities.

Jean Marc Rivet’s structure incorporates rooftop gardens to aid in insulation, while a large skylight provides light during the day. Photovoltaic cells store the sun’s energy during the day and use it to provide illumination after dark.

Sustainable Fitness CentersSustainable Fitness Centers19. Sumptuous Seaward Editorials

The Armani

Harper’s Bazaar editorial is definitely one way of showcasing new designs. The spread stars Giorgio Armani himself as he plays host to supermodel Bar Refaeli on his luxury 213-foot yacht named Maìn.

Sumptuous Seaward EditorialsSumptuous Seaward Editorials18. Exotic Feathered Fashions

The Ming Xi Vogue China spread entitled ‘Flying High’ will have you soaring.

Gorgeous model Ming Xi accessorizes each ensemble with an exotic plumed element. Not the typical flock you’ll regularly see, these feathers are plucked from extravagant winged animals.

Exotic Feathered FashionsExotic Feathered Fashions

17. Badass Bike Chairs

I have to say that the ‘Chain Rocker’ is truly badass. Although the chair is not made from motorcycle components, it does actually combines real bicycle parts.

Designed by BRC Designs, the ‘Chain Rocker’ was constructed out of bike chains and rubber tires. By layering these bicycle elements onto a 98% recycled steel support, they managed to create quite the extreme eco-friendly seat.

Badass Bike ChairsBadass Bike Chairs16. Retro Office Looks

The Patrycja Gardygajlo Elle Poland issue brings retro looks to an office setting.

Against the carpeted floor, relaxing in a chair and at her desk, Patrycja Gardygajlo dresses in fall looks of mixed and matched colors and patterns. Sheer blouses, poodle skirts and oversized eyewear make up ensembles fit for office glam.

Retro Office LooksRetro Office Looks15. Cross-Stitched Collections

There is something very refreshing about the Vilshenko SS11 collection. I think it has a lot to do with the classic tailoring, light color palette and, of course, bright lighting.

Designed by Olga Vilshenko, the Vilshenko SS11 collection easily takes inspiration from her Russian background.

Cross-Stitched CollectionsCross-Stitched Collections14. $550,000 Amplifiers

Big-pocketed sound lovers will love this Masterpiece Vintage Audio Amplifier. A gorgeous limited edition wood amp, this sound piece is sure to be the ultimate addition to your music sanctuary.

Boasting an integrated 300B amp with dual mono design, a stereo XLR input and three loudspeaker outputs for 4/8/16 ohm speakers, users will be indulging in the best that Masterpiece Vintage Audio Amplifier has to offer in sound and quality.

$550,000 Amplifiers$550,000 Amplifiers13. Super Grandma Photoshoots

French photographer Sacha Goldberger’s Mamika is a series of photographs portraying his grandma Frederika in a superhero costume. In this Mamika series, Frederika conveys the message of hope, joy and self-confidence.

The idea of Mamika came when Sacha discovered that his 91-year-old Hungarian grandma was depressed and feeling lonely. He persuaded Frederika to take part in this series in unusual costume and different poses.

Super Grandma PhotoshootsSuper Grandma Photoshoots12. Sustainable Prism Apartments

The ‘Pyramid Project’ is a unique concept for a sustainable housing complex to be built by LAR in the Mexican city of Merida. The city of Merida is on the Yucatan Peninsula, home of the ancient Mayan civilization.

The ‘Pyramid Project’ would be constructed just like an ancient Mayan pyramid, complete with modern, eco-friendly amenities.

Sustainable Prism ApartmentsSustainable Prism Apartments11. Abstract Arboreal Structures

There’s something about illuminated design that gets people enthralled, and the ‘FARM’ Singapore light installation is no exception.

Affectionately called ‘The Tree,’ the abstract sculptural installation is a magnificent sight to see, and can be found at the National Museum of Singapore. Gorgeous with its grand appearance, the ‘FARM’ Singapore light installation becomes a beacon of light at nightfall.

Abstract Arboreal StructuresAbstract Arboreal Structures10. Techie Concert Campaigns

Have you found yourself clapping at your iPod lately when a great song finishes? If so, it’s best time you get yourself down to the ‘WKSU Folk Festival.’ This clever campaign takes the classic form of early 20th century posters, in which the Marcus Thomas ad agency has worked in some 21st century humor.

Techie Concert CampaignsTechie Concert Campaigns9. Sophisticated Transit Stops

It’s not unusual to have to stand for half an hour while waiting for public transit, but these Absolut Vodka bus shelters will have your reclining experience refined. As a continuation of its ‘Every Drink is an Exceptional Experience’ campaign in light of TBWZ\Chiat\Day, the French alcoholic spirit brand brings poised personality to intersections around Chicago.

Sophisticated Transit StopsSophisticated Transit Stops8. Carousel Couture Fashiontography

The Vogue Italia ‘Acrobats’ editorial featuring Karen Elson by Steven Meisel is a fun-filled shoot, chronicling a day in the life of a circus performer.

While the clowns and other performers are decked out in traditional costumes, the beautiful female model rocks some very fashionable outfits. I personally haven’t been on a merry-go-round in a while, but these picture of Karen Elson by Steven Meisel make me want to revisit this childhood past time.

Carousel Couture Fashiontography

Carousel Couture Fashiontography7. Reckless Party Pictorials

Celebration issue 6 will be one to remember, especially with the addition of this hot house party pictorial by Kevin Amata. The shoot features models having the kind of fun your parents would disapprove of.

Brimming with half-naked hotties and bad habits, Celebration issue 6 looks as though it could have been shot at a college campus or dirty downtown loft. Ultimately, the spread simply screams holds-no-bars.

Reckless Party PictorialsReckless Party Pictorials6. Metallic Mantorials

The latest Geil Magazine shoot by Philip Riches entitled ‘Tush Metallic’ features a model with brilliant burnished hair that becomes the central theme of the shoot. The industrial undertones make this shoot both creative and edgy.

Metallic MantorialsMetallic Mantorials5. Zombified Blockbuster Art

When Matt Busch says “Hollywood is dead,” he is not referring to slumping box office numbers or talentless cookie-cutter actors on screen. ‘Hollywood is dead’ is actually the title of his art series, depicting famous movie characters as zombies.

Zombified Blockbuster ArtZombified Blockbuster Art4. Blazing Sahara Desert Shoots

Photographed under the blazing sun in the middle of nowhere, Romina Lanaro has fun scoping out the dry landscape dressed in nothing but fine furry items.

Featuring endless sandy dunes as far as the eye can see under scorching hot weather, this Romina Lanaro shoot combines exotic style with glamorous fashions, taking the word “sizzle” to burning new temperatures.

Blazing Sahara Desert ShootsBlazing Sahara Desert Shoots3. Bubble Gum Backdrops

Channel your inner Barbie with the WHIT Spring 2011 collection. Perfect for a California getaway, it’ll make you feel like winter was simply a bad dream after you don one or two of these sun-shiny outfits.

Bubble Gum BackdropsBubble Gum Backdrops2. See-Through Luxury Marquees

Are you one of those people for whom the term “roughing it” while camping means bringing as many domestic luxuries with you as possible? If so, then this transparent Bubble Tent by designer Pierre Stephane Dumas is for you.

See-Through Luxury MarqueesSee-Through Luxury Marquees1. Sleek Customized Supercars

At the upcoming L.A. Auto Show, Mercedes will present the spectacular supercar ‘Biome Concept,‘ developed by Mercedes Design Studio California. Hubert Lee is responsible for the dynamic and futuristic form of the four-seater vehicle.

Ecologically and bionically inspired, the visionary design is based on the avant-garde idea that every car is created of customized and programmed seeds of necessity.

Sleek Customized SupercarsSleek Customized SupercarsRead more on:

Carousel Couture Fashiontography

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