Top 20 Trends of the Day (Nov 17)

Wild Warrior Pictorials

20. Speedy Vehicle Carry-Ons

The newest auto to join the sleek car fleet is the Aston Martin Rapide Deluxe.

An ultra-exclusive design for the Rapide line, this Luxe version lets you select trims in a range of specially crafted hues. You also get a custom-made leather luggage set that matches the vehicle’s interiors. The Aston Martin Rapide Deluxe is further tricked out with a rear-seat DVD entertainment system, glass switchgear and keyfob. Allowing you to ride in stunning style, this auto is guaranteed to keep your travels smooth.

Speedy Vehicle Carry-OnsSpeedy Vehicle Carry-Ons19. Groomed Garden Spreads

The Stockholm Spring/Summer 2011 issue boasts a truly naturalistic look. Featuring models Josefine Elon, Bo Develius, Linnea A and Sandrah H, this spread consists of natural decorations and earth-toned layers from the likes of Filippa K, Acne and Cheap Monday.Groomed Garden SpreadsGroomed Garden Spreads18. Lethal Weapon Jewelry

Resembling a weapon, this Mawi Double Claw Bracelet is both lethal in functionality and aesthetics.

With a rebellious design, this bracelet looks like a set of ammunition banded together along with double-edged spikes. Amidst its badass look, this piece is actually quite luxurious as well.

Lethal Weapon JewelryLethal Weapon Jewelry

17. Handy Tablet Straps

Introducing modulR, a unique iPad case and accessory system that fuses form and function in a whole new way.

Nodes on the back of the modulR iPad case connect to an ever-expanding line of accessories, allowing you to mount, position and adapt the iPad to your gadget needs. From your office desktop to the bedroom wall and beyond, modulR lets you take your iPad anywhere in style.

Handy Tablet StrapsHandy Tablet Straps16. Funny-Faced Cups

Instead of verbalizing your mood in the morning, simply pick up one of these Mood Mugs to convey how you’re feeling.

Designed by Thabto, these featured Mood Mugs are rather adorable. In fact, just looking at one will put you in a better mood instantly if you happened to wake up on the wrong side of the bed. With a $16 price tag, the Mood Mug will be guaranteed to keep your spirits up and your wallet smiling.

Funny-Faced CupsFunny-Faced Cups15. Tape-Wrapped Interiors

The whitewashed abbey of Aachen-Kornelimunster has been bound in long strips of fuchsia film in an installation called ‘Rotemartha’ by Martin Pfeifle from Germany. Magenta, pink, purple and red ribbons have been fastened together to create thick bands of color enveloping the interior space.

Tape-Wrapped InteriorsTape-Wrapped Interiors14. Welcome Back Pictorials

The Tom Ford Vogue Magazine editorial celebrates the designer’s return to women’s apparel. Fashion-conscious men of the world will probably be disappointed; however, at least the editorial sends this menswear maverick out with a bang.

Entitled ‘Mr.Ford Returns,’ the Tom Ford Vogue pictorial does not only feature some of the industry’s hottest models, it also displays Tom Ford’s newest female-friendly fashions.

Welcome Back PictorialsWelcome Back Pictorials13. Barely-There Furniture

Richard Shed Studio is a design group that builds quirky furniture like the half shelf and half table in the featured gallery. These pieces are peculiar because they appear as though they are jutting out of the walls, only partially present.

Barely-There FurnitureBarely-There Furniture12. Surreal Humanistic Florals

Cecelia Webber created these featured human-flower digital hybrids with inspirations from nature. According to her website, Webber wanted to celebrate the beauty of the human body with these interestingly unique ‘Human Flowers.’

Surreal Humanistic FloralsSurreal Humanistic Florals11. Wild Warrior Pictorials

Wild Warrior PictorialsWild Warrior Pictorials10. Haute iPad Carriers

The Palmer & Sons Leather iPad Hip Bag No. 19 may be the first iPad bag to rival the Apple tablet’s good looks. With a heavy emphasis on design, this luxury carrier is in a league on it’s own.

Not only does this haute tablet carrier look good, but the Palmer & Sons Leather iPad Hip Bag No. 19 will also keep your iPad safe and secure.

Haute iPad CarriersHaute iPad Carriers9. Discrete Toilet Paper Dispensers

The Collapsible Tube TP Dispenser is a toilet paper oddity by Century Corporation.

This tissue holder is extremely discrete as it’s shaped like a collapsible tube. These secretive pieces come in three different variations: shampoo, toothpaste and glue packaging.

Discrete Toilet Paper Dispensers 8. Dairy Fiber Fashion

Believe it or not, all of the clothing designed by ‘Milk Apparel’ is made from the fiber of the delicious dairy drink. According to the company’s website, milk protein has been used for fabric fibers since the 1930s and was initially blended with rayon and wool.

Dairy Fiber Fashion7. Shimmering Gold Fashion

Winter may be the time for a darker wardrobe, but because of all the festivities going on, it also warrants the shimmering Tim Ryan SS11 collection. Filled with golden details and shimmering fabrics, it’s the perfect way to get into the holiday mood.

Shimmering Gold FashionShimmering Gold Fashion6. Extravagant Executive Homes

I will never get enough of these lavish luxury homes, and the JetBlue founder David Neeleman Connecticut home is certainly one that falls into that category. With over 13,297 square feet of luxury amenities, how could you possibly resist this abode?

Within this outrageous square footage, the David Neeleman Connecticut mansion features eight bedrooms, bathrooms and fireplaces. Check out the gallery for images of what the luxury lifestyle is all about.

Extravagant Executive HomesExtravagant Executive Homes5. Inky Illustrated Expressions

Spanish artist Manuel Rebollo is a renowned artist, especially for his fashion illustrations. Having already released a collection of amazing pieces, his works were recently featured on Trendland, through which he expertly experimented with portraiture and hair.

Inky Illustrated ExpressionsInky Illustrated Expressions4. Minimalist Sliding Spaces

In order to maximize the use of small spaces, designer Yuko Shibata cleverly came up with the idea of a moving bookshelf/wall to make life easier for ideal bachelor pad living. The idea is simple: should you need more space, move the wall and voila!

Minimalist Sliding SpacesMinimalist Sliding Spaces3. Titillating Tatts

Uncle Allan’s vivid use of color, intricate detailing and his imaginative mind make his works a force to be reckoned with.

The Copenhagen-based artist has been tattooing since 1999, is the current owner of ‘Conspiracy Inc.’ and delves into watercolor as another choice medium besides his artistic tattoos.

Titillating TattsTitillating Tatts2. Eerie Underwater Assemblies

Jason de Caires Taylor’s ‘Silent Evolution’ in Cancun Mexico is finally complete, composed of 400 human sculptures nine meters below the ocean’s surface. Each life-sized figure has a distinctly unique appearance with an extraordinary amount of details, leaving the viewer truly affected by these still submerged souls.

Eerie Underwater AssembliesEerie Underwater Assemblies1. Surreal Suspended Photography

The photos found in the series ‘Levitation’ by Lovec Snov are both haunting and elegant. Wrapped in crisp, white silk sheets that seem to cling to her ghoulish form, the muse looks sexy and spooky simultaneously.

Surreal Suspended PhotographySurreal Suspended PhotographyRead more on:

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