Top 20 Trends of the Day (Nov 16)

Pretty Painted Pistols

20. Topiary Eco-Pods

Mathier Collos is an environmentally conscious architect whose concept for EcoCocoons falls right in line with the human nature of today. With a stronger need for an eco-friendly fix, wealthy families may look to bring their little ones to an EcoCocoon for their next vacation.

Topiary Eco-PodsTopiary Eco-Pods19. Gigantic Cigarette Furniture

The Martin Dieterle D-Table is truly unique in its design and structure. The logs making up the table have been placed together and painted with lacquer to create this interesting design.

Gigantic Cigarette Furniture18. Puncture-Proof Wheels

Although the airless tire isn’t something new, Goodyear Spring Tire’s is rather impressive. Designed for NASA, it looks like a traditional tire that has been wrapped in chainmail, unlike the airless army tires that resemble bubble-wrapped craters.

Puncture-Proof WheelsPuncture-Proof Wheels17. Zoned Out Photography

This Ted Partin ‘The Gaze’ photo series captures the moment in which a person has zoned out. An almost poetic concept, it is also very simple one to be captured on film.

Shot with an old-school 8 x 10 inch Deardorff camera, this Ted Partin ‘The Gaze’ photo series is rather fascinating—so much so that you’ll probably find yourself zoning out while browsing through it.

Zoned Out PhotographyZoned Out Photography16. Sweaty Sultry Swimwear

We may be on the verge of welcoming winter, but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the swimwear found in the ‘This Is Genevieve’ SS11 collection. Personally, I plan on saving up for a hot escape in the new year, so this “research” will surely pay off.

Sweaty Sultry SwimwearSweaty Sultry Swimwear15. Pretty Painted Pistols

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a gun look as pretty as the P$ynner Bersa Thunder .380 caliber. A hand-painted handgun, the Tampa-based artist takes a destructive weapon and turns it into a canvas for creativity.

I think what I like best about the P$ynner Bersa Thunder .380 caliber is the adorably animated bullets that go with it.

Pretty Painted PistolsPretty Painted Pistols14. Cliff-Hanging Shelters

As a redesign of the Visitor’s Center for the Sulphur Cavern, architect Nuno Ribeiro Lopes made this stunning outdoor area into a spectacular sight.

For ultimate viewing, this glass building is built on a platform suspended above the water line. The center offers an eye-opening look into the natural landscape.

Cliff-Hanging SheltersCliff-Hanging Shelters13. Iconic Campaign Revivals

The Jessica Biel Revlon 2010 campaign is a blast from the past. Channeling American model Dorian Leigh, Biel goes super glamorous for the photoshoot.

The original Fire & Ice campaign was shot in 1952, but with the re-release of the iconic line, the Jessica Biel Revlon 2010 ad brings it back to life.
Iconic Campaign RevivalsIconic Campaign Revivals12. People as Lampposts

Large companies that provide your basic amenities can often feel impersonal, but this Wien Energy ‘Reliable Energy’ campaign insists that this one Austrian company is on the front line for your needs.

People as LamppostsPeople as Lampposts11. Glamorous Foodtography

Paul Lowe, a Norwegian food and prop stylist, packed his Louis and moved from Oslo to New York to live and love. In the featured set of photos, this stylist not only makes food look edible, but also adds a fashionable edge to these prints as well.

Glamorous Foodtography10. Sensual Bed-Bound Celebs

It’s a testament to how effortlessly gorgeous she is that the Scarlett Johansson GQ cover shoot is stunning despite some awkward posing. Of course, each pose does give an illusion of sexual vulnerability, which will surely appeal to fans of the starlet.

Sensual Bed-Bound CelebsSensual Bed-Bound Celebs9. Paper Forest Installs

If you love illuminated installations, then the Hope Tree designed by 24 Degree Studio is one to check out. First seen at this year’s Tokyo Designers Week 2010, this dazzling and mesmerizing display of lights combines both paper and light within a 20-foot shipping container.

Paper Forest InstallsPaper Forest Installs8. Acoustic Amplified iPhones

The AirCurve Play is definitely a great way to improve the volume issues on your iPhone. This device makes the speaker of the iPhone a whole 10 decibels louder, ensuring you hear everything clearly.

Astonishingly, the Aircurve Play works without batteries, cables or power adapters. By placing the iPhone onto the rubber dock, the design of the Aircurve enhances the iPhone’s audio abilities via acoustics.

Acoustic Amplified iPhonesAcoustic Amplified iPhones7. Hardware-Happy Hotties

The Olivia Munn Men’s Health spread will surely make every geek’s heart race at high speeds. I mean, what can be better than a hot woman holding an iPad?

Photographed by Emily Shur, the Olivia Munn Men’s Health editorial will be part of the December 2010 issue of the testosterone-fueled publication. Munn discusses many different things during her interview, including what she likes in a guy.

Hardware-Happy HottiesHardware-Happy Hotties6. Fantasy-Filled Stores

Fantasy-Filled StoresFantasy-Filled Stores5. Sperm-Filled Timepieces

Make biology lessons easy the next time a kid asks you where babies come by showing them your Fertilization Watch.

This uniquely designed timepiece adds an interesting touch to any outfit, showing the time in minutes and hours with sperm. With a central ovule in the middle, the watch presents sperm designs which point towards it, ready to fertilize.

Sperm-Filled TimepiecesSperm-Filled Timepieces4. Typographical Tunics
Any graphic designer with an eye for typography will know the structure and subtleties that form typefaces, and these ‘“T” Shirts’ by Masashi Kawamura are the perfect example. These fontabulous outfits have been stenciled in Courier, Helvetica, Baskerville, Cooper Black and Caslon.

Typographical TunicsTypographical Tunics3. Revealing Street Seductresses

Taki Bibelas definitely likes to capture a woman’s seductive side, both subtly and blatantly. Besides this racy theme, there is also another thread connecting his work together seamlessly: his talented eye for light, color and composition.

Revealing Street SeductressesRevealing Street Seductresses2. Tricked-Out Batvans

The Japanese custom van show is an insane congregation of crazy creative individuals doing crazy car things. I mean, have you ever seen a van looked as tricked-out as these ones?

Located on the Fuji Speedway, these vehicles are definitely both intriguing automobiles and intricate works of art. See these crazy vehicles for yourselves in the featured gallery and prepare to be amazed at their incredible designs!

Tricked-Out BatvansTricked-Out BatvansTricked-Out Batvans1. Disturbing Shockvertising

Individuals will undeniably feel disturbed by the shocking images found on the Romanian Police Child Helpline billboard. Depicting multiple photos of children who have been afflicted with abuse, these posters are both captivating and eerie.

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