Top 20 Trends of the Day (Nov 15)

Charismatic Mod Cars

20. Auto-Enhancing Keys

Folks who buy the new Mustang Boss 302 should expect to shell out a little more for the Ford TracKey if they want to get the most out of their car. The Ford TracKey is a special key that unlocks the full power and potential of the new Mustang Boss 302.

Auto-Enhancing Keys19. Titanic Toothy Illuminators

‘The Journey’ by Robert Foster is a biting spectacle of stalagmite office art. With the help of Frost* Design and the talented aforementioned artist, this striking installation was created as a celebration of the 10th anniversary of Canberra, Australia’s ActewAGL.

Titanic Toothy Illuminators18. Retro Turban Fashion

The lovely actress Saadet Isil Aksoy is the star of this Marie Claire Turkey November 2010 editorial. Wearing dresses, separates and outerwear from the Louis Vuitton Fall 2010 collection, Aksoy is the very image of elegance and femininity. I love the retro turban that adorns her head in each shot.

Retro Turban FashionRetro Turban Fashion17. Haute Bowling Shoots

Photographer Ryan Strong breaks the rules of classic bowling gear and puts a few very well-dressed ladies in a bowling alley for this featured shoot.

With a knack for stylizing everyday life, photographer Ryan Strong provided these individual models with hot looks and styles fit for partying.

Haute Bowling ShootsHaute Bowling Shoots16. Charismatic Mod Cars

The latest design from the auto brand is a Paul Weller MINI Cooper to be auctioned off for charity.

In expressing the Mod era, this pink-and-black car was hand-painted by MINI craftsmen and customized for the Nordoff Robins and War Child charities.

Charismatic Mod CarsCharismatic Mod Cars15. “Come-Hither” Jewelry Shoots

‘Power Play’ in Elle Magazine is the sort of jewelry shoot that not only showcases exceptional accessories, but also emphasizes the power of a woman’s sensuality. Model Lakshmi Menon owns each shot; her “come-hither” stare remains consistently gripping, even as she rocks heritage jewelry and a variety of sophisticated styles.

Come-Hither Jewelry ShootsCome-Hither Jewelry Shoots14. Cross-Dressing Adverts

This campaign by Leo Burnett for the ‘Art Directors Club Ukraine’ boasts a simple concept paired with a fascinating execution. This series of print ads features infamous art directors in drag, with the tagline “Sorry, we are not your mother. So think twice about submitting to ADC*UA.”

Cross-Dressing AdvertsCross-Dressing Adverts13. Urban Warrior Street Style

I wouldn’t want to bump into tough-looking Hyoni Kang on the streets. From a spread featured in the Dazed & Confused Korea magazine, influences of Goth makeup and warrior wear are displayed, and it looks like Hyoni Kang is ready to battle in style.

Urban Warrior Street StyleUrban Warrior Street Style12. Artistic Self-Portraits

Photographer Anxiety Explosion has decided to put herself in front of her own camera as the subject of this photoshoot. These amazing shots turned out so well that the bespectacled, tattooed artist may even want to consider a career in modeling.

Artistic Self-Portraits Artistic Self-Portraits 11. Mars Exploration Art

What would astronauts do if they finally landed on Mars? Artists Nicholas Kahn and Richard Selesnick have created an art project called ‘Adrift on The Hourglass Sea’ that portrays their unique view on the exploration of Mars.

Mars Exploration ArtMars Exploration Art10. Luxury Waterfront Condos

The new Aquaminium condos located in the Phang Nga Bay area of Southern Thailand are an absolute dream. Unlike most waterfront condominiums, the Aquaminium adds a little more charm and personality to your condo experience, featuring a luxurious yacht garage.

Luxury Waterfront Condos9. Tattered Chair Editorials

Inimitable model Lara Stone works it for photographer Willy Vanderperre for ‘Freezing Allure’ in Vogue China. The editorial, published in the magazine’s December 2010 issue, features Stone wearing a variety of couture gowns and posing on a tattered chair. Stylist Nicoletta Santoro curated gowns from Donna Karan, Valentino Haute Couture and Louis Vuitton.

Tattered Chair EditorialsTattered Chair Editorials8. Iconic Backdrop Photos

Fashion photographer MOFO has a knack for producing really edgy artworks. With models being shot in front of a plain white background and at iconic locations, these images are definitely eye-catching.

Iconic Backdrop PhotosIconic Backdrop Photos7. Vine-Like Accessories

This wire corsage is a perfect gift for a fashionista who loves versatility. It is simply a delicate rose that can be worn in several ways.

The wire corsage can be worn in the hair as a hair tie to give a bit of life to a regular ponytail. It also transforms into a belt, an anklet, a wrapped bracelet or necklace, and a pin.

Vine-Like AccessoriesVine-Like Accessories6. Spiked Footwear

These featured Christian Louboutin Rollerboy Shoes are a more casual version of its leather predecessor.

Having been offered in a pair of rad leather loafers, this denim pair has been added to the line for a more casual weekend look. The same accessories are adorned on these navy blue shoes, featuring spiky silver studs in its design.

Spiked Footwear5. Hidden Hobbit Hotels

Sweden boasts a number of world-class hotels, but it also has eco-lodging of a more basic type—specifically, 12 grass-blanketed huts collectively known as ‘Kolarbyn.’

The grass-blanketed huts have no showers or electricity. The accommodations are basic: a fire and a bed with wooden walls between guests and the woodland creatures, which include brown bears and wolves.

Hidden Hobbit HotelsHidden Hobbit Hotels

4. Dissected Gadgets

Forget the ‘Does This Blend?’ guy, because Michael Tompert’s art gallery puts him to shame. Tompert takes Apple products and beats the bejesus out of them to present them as art. Actually, “beating” is a huge understatement. Tompert has used sledgehammers, blowtorches, handsaws, a 9mm Heckler gun, a Koch handgun and anything else he can get his hands on to destroy iPods and MacBooks.

Dissected GadgetsDissected Gadgets3. Minidresses & Long Coats

Model Ursula Konina rocks some well-tailored fashion in this editorial for the Playing Fashion November 2010 issue. Photographer Alina Kochkarova captures Konina in suits, separates and dresses curated by stylist Alexandra Podporinova.

Minidresses & Long CoatsMinidresses & Long Coats2. Minimalist Dual-Exterior Homes

The House in Sevres by Colboc Franzen & Associes provides the concept of having two homes in one. With a lower level where the exterior is primarily made of glass, and an upper level whose exterior is mainly made of wood, the difference between the two floors is a clear focal point in this design.

Minimalist Dual-Exterior HomesMinimalist Dual-Exterior Homes1. Kaleidoscopic Editorials

‘EVAlution’ in Monster and Midget is the sort of editorial that may induce flashbacks. Photographer Thom Kerr and stylist James Dykes make a killer team for this shoot, which is kaleidoscopic, trippy and beautiful all at once.

Kaleidoscopic EditorialsKaleidoscopic EditorialsRead more on: