Top 20 Trends of the Day (Nov 13)

Sci-Fi Swimwear Shoots

20. Bleached 80s Artifacts

In his collection titled “Relics,” Texan photographer Cody Hamilton has found an artistic use for many once-popular, but now obsolete items of 80s merchandise.

With a simple coat of white paint, the 1980s retail success stories can now enjoy a short revival, even if only for museum value.

Items included in Hamilton’s collection include the Rubik’s Cube, Atari 2600, Magnavox Stereo, the “brick” cell phone, a Casio calculator wrist watch, RayBan sunglasses, a VHS Video Casette, a ViewMaster 3-D, and of course, Mr. Stay Puft.

Bleached 80s ArtifactsBleached 80s Artifacts19. Tablet-Organizing Styluses

This innovative iDropper design makes me genuinely wonder why I have not yet bought an iPad. The iDropper is a unique stylus designed by Heo Jaeyoung, Jin Hoyoung & Jung Han-Bi.

The iDropper is designed to make getting anything off your computer and onto your iPad super easy. Simply push the pen in and you can drag and drop anything from your computer to your tablet. Check out this innovative stylus above and be sure to click below to see more great styluses from the Trend Hunter archives.

Tablet-Organizing StylusesTablet-Organizing Styluses18. Bedazzled Freezers

Bedazzle your kitchen with this ultra-luxe appliance called the Gorenje Eye-Catcher Refrigerator.

This premium freezer is accented in 7,000 fine Swarovski crystals and a touchscreen display. Its sleek, modern glossy black color presents a great background for the jewels to really shine through.

Bedazzled FreezersBedazzled Freezers17. Retro Rewind Photography

‘60’s FLAVOURS’ is a retro rewind photoshoot with all the fun hairstyles and fashion of the swingin’ era. If you appreciate the retro aesthetic and all things vintage, you’ll love the ‘60’s FLAVOURS’ photoshoot.

Retro Rewind PhotographyRetro Rewind Photography16. Anti-Rain Weaponry

A little chivalry can go a long way to make a dreary day a better one and the Knight’s Sword Handle Umbrella makes the battle a stylish one. The deceptively dangerous rain protector can be worn at the beltline for the look of a classic rainy knight, or on the back for a more intimidating and battle-ready appearance.

Anti-Rain WeaponryAnti-Rain Weaponry15. Augmented Reality Retailers

Marketing and shopping have entered the fourth dimension with the new Airwalk Invisible Pop Up Store, levitating at a location near you. Using the GoldRun platform, eager sneaker fans have been able to see the invisible floating Airwalk ‘Jim’ shoe around the world with the smartphone app and their viewfinders at each site.

Augmented Reality RetailersAugmented Reality Retailers14. Compact Multi-Use Moveables

Book storage can be a real problem for avid readers, and ‘Trick’ by Sakura Adachi presents a clever solution for clutter as a table-shelf hybrid.

Especially suitable for small spaces, ‘Trick’ by Sakura Adachi is a compact dining set with two chairs and a flat surface for eating, writing and using your laptop. The chairs can be used as permanent shelving below and temporary storage on the seats.

Compact Multi-Use MoveablesCompact Multi-Use Moveables13. Rose-Bedded Heads

The Chicletes com Guarana Fall 2011 campaign is an uplifting, rosy look into this chilly season.

Amidst the overwhelming rose-covered headpieces that this model wears, she brings touches of class and charm to the ads. Matched with ruffled frocks and floral silk dresses, the spread conveys romantic and amorous looks.

Rose-Bedded HeadsRose-Bedded Heads12.  Gold-Coated Cars

The world’s cheapest car, the ‘Tata Nano,’ is to become the world’s most expensive through the ‘Goldplus Nano’ competition headed by Titan Industries.

With an opulent history in Indian jewelry design for 5,000 years, Goldplus has challenged designers to gild embellish the low-cost coupe with all the gold and glitz they fancy. The featured images reveal the top three gold-plated entries in the ‘Goldplus Nano’ competition, with the winner being chosen by the public.

Gold-Coated CarsGold-Coated Cars11. Nerdy Smartphone Add-Ons

If your iPhone is unsatisfactorily equipped with useless apps, the Brando 60x Microscope is the smartphone accessory for you. The battery-powered magnifying lens is endowed with a note-detecting blue LED for reading watermarks and a white LED for dark environments.

Nerdy Smartphone Add-OnsNerdy Smartphone Add-Ons10. Sci-Fi Swimwear Shoots

Flaunting a bold brunette turned blonde, the Kim Kardashian ‘Divinity Collection’ photoshoot has the reality star looking ravishing. Inspired by the sci-fi film ‘Barbarella,’ Kim’s Beach Bunny swimsuit line was designed with Jane Fonda in mind.

Sci-Fi Swimwear ShootsSci-Fi Swimwear Shoots9. Upcycled Haute Couture

While some may view the Barneys New York Espresso Gown as a fashion tragedy, others will see it as a display of sheer brilliance, as it embraces the ‘green’ effort by recycling unwanted espresso foils.

This scintillating display celebrates the 2010 ‘Foodie Holiday’ and commemorates the caricatures of famous chefs sheltered within its Madison Avenue flagship windows. The mannequin was inspired by Anita Ekberg and pays tribute to Italian coffee brand Lillycaffe.

Upcycled Haute Couture
Upcycled Haute Couture

Upcycled Haute Couture8. Ashtray Lung Ads

Cigarette packs are about to get a lot more macabre and depressing if the new FDA Cigarette Package Warnings are implemented. The FDA has been designing new and more visually engaging warnings that explicitly advertise the negative health effects of smoking.

Ashtray Lung AdsAshtray Lung Ads7. Dangled Dry Cleaning

This closet-contained washing machine by Minsung Bae is yet another time and money-saver created through technological advancements.

Completely waterless, this ingenious suspended laundering system employs ionization, air pressure, humidity and ozone to zap dirt and stains.

Dangled Dry CleaningDangled Dry Cleaning6. Avant-Garde Angel Wings

Although we’ll have to wait until November 30th for it to air on television, the Victoria’s Secret 2010 Show was taped last night. Putting on yet another spectacular show, some of the most famous supermodels from Adriana Lima to Chanel Iman strutted down the runway. It’s not just about the models and the luxurious lingerie, though.

Avant-Garde Angel WingsAvant-Garde Angel Wings5. Aromatic Outburst Ads

Every day can be spring according to these Glade Microspray ‘Springtime’ ads. Designed by the Brazil-based Giovanni+Draftfcb agency, these prints portray a riot of color escaping from the fragrant air freshener in effervescent forms derived from nature.

Aromatic Outburst AdsAromatic Outburst Ads4. Multifunctional Tablet Covers

The Enclave iPad Case has a useful five-in-one functionality to protect your sleek tablet.

This chic case is made of hardshell materials that make it strong and sturdy. It can be popped into a stand for an upright viewing mode and with a quick flip, you are ready for its typing mode. The case also comes with a long strap that can hang around a car headrest for viewing on the go, and an ‘EZ-GRIP’ feature makes it extra secure to hold your iPad while reading.

Multifunctional Tablet CoversMultifunctional Tablet Covers3. Frightened Ginger Shoots

New York city-living can be quite scary especially in the streets of Brooklyn as displayed in the Caroline Trentini Elle Brazil spread for the November 2010 issue.

In head scratching poses and finger gnawing walkabouts, Caroline Trentini looks frazzled and intimidated by the urban streets of New York. Although, dressed in pretty, mini frocks, this ginger is style-ready for the Big Apple.

Frightened Ginger ShootsFrightened Ginger Shoots2. Acronym Pop Art

The WTF Project is a hilarious series of those confused moments we all go through on a daily basis.

In a collection of color-blocked art pieces, these images display a different “WTF” scenario. Bubbled sayings above a deer’s head caught in a rifle’s view or a skateboarder flying through midair with nothing to catch his landing are some of the funny images that this WTF Project contains.

Acronym Pop ArtAcronym Pop Art1. Gender-Bending Photodocumentaries

This photographic series by Evan Witek takes the viewer through the daily life of Sam Brett. Sam is a philanthropist and a general hard worker with a standard day job; however, at night, he becomes the sparkling Samantha Vega. Evan Witek follows Sam’s every step throughout one day, from one life to the other.

Gender-Bending PhotodocumentariesGender-Bending PhotodocumentariesRead more on: