Top 20 Trends of the Day (Nov 12)

Paint-Splattered Fashiontography

1. Marvelous Mobile Photography

The photography by Aik Beng Chia is already amazing, with impeccable composition skills and a great eye for color; however, the truly impressive thing about the work that Aik Beng Chia does is that it’s all taken with an iPhone.

Marvelous Mobile PhotographyMarvelous Mobile Photography2. Enchanting Witchcraft Pictorials

The Marie Claire Italia November 2010 issue is filled with marvelous black magic and witchcraft. This spread by David Bellemére sets the tone of fantasy and wonder. Entitled ‘Light Show da Boudoir,’ this shoot features the wondrous witch/model Jevne Ragnhild levitating above the bed, seeing double and looking magically mischievous.

Enchanting Witchcraft PictorialsEnchanting Witchcraft Pictorials3. Paint-Splattered Fashiontography

A spread in the Iekeliene Stange Vogue India issue titled ‘Game On’ is certainly ready for action as this model gears up in fashionable sporting equipment against a technicolored background.

In a whimsical spread, the themes intermingle with each other in several themes of sports, couture and spilled paint.

Paint-Splattered FashiontographyPaint-Splattered Fashiontography

4. Zipper Head Photography

There are many skilled photo manipulators out in the world, yet there is something unique about Manu Pombrol’s photographic works. Perhaps it has to do with how realistic these unrealistic situations seem (not to mention how imaginative each scenario is).

Zipper Head PhotographyZipper Head Photography5. Soulful Eye Photography

Mark Peckmezian may not be the first photographer to focus on and capture intimate moments between people, but he does it in such a soulful manner that one can’t help but think that he is the first to do so.

Shooting only in black and white, Mark Peckmezian has created an impressive portfolio that incorporates a somber element that strikes a cord even if you can’t exactly identify the mood.

Soulful Eye PhotographySoulful Eye Photography6. Stylish Stiletto Sheaths

‘Heel Condoms’ are a brilliant way to bring style and versatility to your wardrobe, in addition to being incredibly practical. If presented with the opportunity to take a fashionable holiday, Heel Condoms lighten your load and minimize your mobile shoe collection by inviting you to tote just your favorite pair.

Stylish Stiletto SheathsStylish Stiletto Sheaths7. Mouthy Tops

Shut your mouth or let it all hang out with the Lazy Oaf Shirts.

Lazy Oaf is a pop graphic, print-focused label that cleverly decorates an assortment of items from clothing to stationery. In its newest collection, shirts for both men and women feature big obnoxious mouths on their fronts.

Mouthy TopsMouthy Tops8. Humorous House Husbands

The Cambridge Women’s Pornography Collective or CWPC, has created a series of books to redefine pornography and create images that woman would find rather arousing, in a humorous way of course. Books in their series also include: ‘Porn for the Bride,’ ‘Porn for New Moms,’ and ‘Porn for Women of a Certain Age.’

It’s the year 2010, and in today’s world the role of wife has made some progress from just staying home and cooking and cleaning. Many couples share responsibilities equally, however that’s not always the case, and what if the roles were reversed? That is what ‘Porn for Women’ explores.

Humorous House HusbandsHumorous House Husbands9. Gamer Armored Suits

The men behind these Halo costumes must be the biggest fans of the game on the face of this earth. Not only are these costumes painstakingly detailed, they took three years to complete—if that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is.

Gamer Armored SuitsGamer Armored Suits10. Sun-Drenched Superstars

It’s hard not to be mesmerized by this superstar’s beauty; just try to not spend five hours gazing at each photo in the Angelina Jolie Vogue 2010 editorial. I’m not the first, and will certainly not be the last, to say that she is probably the most beautiful woman on earth.

Sun-Drenched SuperstarsSun-Drenched Superstars11. Skeletal Stockings

Sock Theory is a NYC-based company that specializes in funky socks such as these Skeleton Over Knee Socks. These anatomical treats may be a little loud for some femmes’ tastes, but they could easily be pulled off with a more muted outfit that doesn’t involve too much black, as to avoid looking costume-esque.

Skeletal StockingsSkeletal Stockings12. Sensuously Soft Spreads

The Harper’s Bazaar Turkey November 2010 issue is all about soft femininity and feathery lighting, as exemplified in this dreamy spread by Emre Guven. The shoot takes place in a softly lit room, with white light pouring in through the windows as the wanton Wiola Koval lounges on furniture.

Sensuously Soft SpreadsSensuously Soft Spreads13. Bizarrely Adventurous Illustrations

It one thing to be an artist and another to produce highly original and imaginative work like James Jean does. His intricate illustrations are beautiful to behold, yet upon closer inspection they are also incredibly bizarre.

Bizarrely Adventurous IllustrationsBizarrely Adventurous Illustrations14. Chewing Gum Canvases

London artist Ben Wilson has undertaken a project like no other: painting gum that has been spit out all over the streets of his beloved city. These mini canvases have proven to be quite good as well.

Chewing Gum CanvasesChewing Gum Canvases15. Deformed Forest Art

Fulvio Di Piazza is an Italian painter whose work is full of fantasy and deformities. His intricate paintings boast a wild imagination as they depict magical creatures in a woods such as trees with old, wise faces and furious volcanoes.

Deformed Forest ArtDeformed Forest Art16. Wild Child Editorials

Summer has come early in the Stockholm Spring 2011 issue as it is filled with an interesting array of luscious florals and models tied up in greenery.

Featuring male model Bo Develius, the creative shoot can be interpreted as being a reflection of the harmonious relationship humans have to nature.

Wild Child EditorialsWild Child Editorials17. Archaeological Accessories

This prehistoric-chic Fall/Winter 2010 collection includes the Design + Conquer ‘Firewall Necklace’ and ‘Surge Earrings’ that construct truly timeless looks. The designer’s latest accessories have been inspired by movies of the 1980s including ‘Star Wars,’ ‘The Neverending Story’ and ‘TRON.’

Archaeological AccessoriesArchaeological Accessories18. Game Character Streets

It may be safe to say that the town of Zaragosa, Spain, is one of the geekiest in the world. The town recently unveiled its newest street, the gamer-friendly Super Mario Bros. Avenue.

Super Mario Bros. Avenue is located in the housing development of Arcosur. Arcosur is a housing development targeted at first-time home buyers between the ages of 25 and 35.

Game Character Streets

19. Classy Paper Serviettes

Going out for dinner I rarely see anyone tuck in their napkin into the collar of their shirt, it’s just not that cool. Until now. The Napkin Tie offers a cleverly designed paper cloth that is fun to wipe your mouth with.

Classy Paper ServiettesClassy Paper Serviettes20. Instant Upgrade Cases
Sprint has recently announced the release of its ZTE Peel case for November 14, 2010. This innovative case is rumored to be an instant upgrade for Apple device lovers, as it gives any old iPod the fancy features of the iPhone touch.

The ZTE Peel acts as a mobile WIFI hotspot powered by the Sprint 3G network. The entire deal costs $80 for the unit and $30 a month for service, making for a fabulous deal considering how much an iPhone goes for. Check out the ZTE Peel in the featured gallery.

Instant Upgrade CasesInstant Upgrade Cases