Top 20 Trends of the Day (Nov 11)

Futuristically Sleek Supercars

1. Bad Girl Pin-Ups

From the looks of the Marlene Sistos’ Hot Tequila Brown’ editorial, the young model sure knows how to party. She definitely had one good night of drinking.

Shot by Alex Villegas and Dr. Pose, the photographers appear to have followed her party progress throughout the night, from sober status to drunken stupor. However, she still manages to look sexy and fierce.

Bad Girl Pin-UpsBad Girl Pin-Ups2. Peek-A-Boo Lingerie Shoots

In the Anna Tunhav Harper’s Bazaar Mexico shoot for the magazine’s November 2010 issue, elegant pieces radiate off the page with an added touch of sultriness.

Through posh gowns and polished minis model Anna Tunhav flirts with the camera, showing off long-legged looks by hiking up her frocks.

Peek-A-Boo Lingerie ShootsPeek-A-Boo Lingerie Shoots3. Retro Color Block Booties

In the world of fashion, fashion isn’t fashionable unless it is to-die-for, and that’s exactly what the Christian Louboutin Spring 2011 Shoe collection is.

Featuring an assortment of fun-loving and free-spirited inspirational shoe designs, Louboutin’s Spring collection will have you ogling over and over again.

Retro Color Block BootiesRetro Color Block Booties4. Majestic Mega Yachts

The Oceanco ‘Project Magnitude’ is a visionary concept that is sure to be the next king of the seas. Designed by Lukasz Opalinski with John Henson of John Henson & Associates, the 90m luxury design is sure to be nothing short of majestic.

Natural lines, innovative elements and plenty of glass surfaces to create visual space is all that we can expect from the Oceanco ‘Project Magnitude.’ And with a detachable floating island with a built-in sea pool, it’s a watercraft no one could turn down.

Majestic Mega Yachts

Majestic Mega Yachts5. Futuristically Sleek Supercars recently featured the awaited arrival of the Audi A9. This baby is a modern revamp of the Audi A-series and is absolutely wicked to see. Not only is its design super sleek and smooth, the wheels even light up.

The arrival of the Audi A9 is scheduled to hit the roads in 2015; however, it is possible that more refinements will be made until its programmed release. The 300HP engine, coupled with a 3.0 TFSI engine, will drive you to another dimension where luxurious supercars meet to gloat and show off all their best assets.

Futuristically Sleek SupercarsFuturistically Sleek SupercarsFuturistically Sleek Supercars6. Extreme Crochet Installations

Check out the ‘Knitting is for Pus***’ art installation and you’ll feel as though you have stepped into another dimension, one in which crafters have taken over the world.

Created by Polish-born, NYC-residing artist Olek, the ‘Knitting is for Pus***’ art installation combines her love of crochet with her love for movie-watching.

Extreme Crochet InstallationsExtreme Crochet Installations7. Intimate Moment Lookbooks

The Stolen Girlfriends Club FW11 lookbook features moments so intimate, it almost makes me blush for rudely intruding in on it all. But that is exactly what the photo series intends for me to do.

Intimate Moment LookbooksIntimate Moment Lookbooks8. Billboard Playgrounds

A playground in the sky, the Mesarchitecture ‘Double Happiness’ installation transforms a billboard into a swing set. Although it may seem like it’s all fun and games, this creation actually represents an important social message.

By converting a medium of materialistic advertising into a playground, the Mesarchitecture ‘Double Happiness’ installation shows that we are being driven by desires throughout our daily lives.

Billboard PlaygroundsBillboard Playgrounds9. Tabletop Ecosystems

It is one thing to have a typical aquarium and quite another to have something like one of these Domestic Ponds. More of a mini ecosystem for the home rather than a place to keep your fish, it will bring that true touch of nature that I know you want for your home.

Tabletop EcosystemsTabletop Ecosystems10. Curving Backdrop Photography

The Andrea Klarin for Pierre Cardin by Paul&Jo Figaro photoshoot is definitely a treat for the eyes. Absolutely outstanding, it focuses as much on the epic backdrop as it does on the gorgeous model. The curvaceous lines in each scene create an image so beautiful, I find myself looking over them again and again.

Curving Backdrop PhotographyCurving Backdrop Photography11. Model Harem Shoots

This Cameron Krone Viva Moda pictorial features five of today’s hottest supermodels. The smoking hot models involved in the shoot include Anja Rubik, Monika Jagaciak, Anna Jagodzinska, Magdalena Fracowiak and Kasia Struss.

Model Harem ShootsModel Harem Shoots12. Tiny Licensed Cars

This is not a toy car but a licensed car assembled by British constructor Perry Watkins, who is known for his ability to build strange vehicles. The ‘Wind-Up’ mini car is just 41 inches high, 26 inches wide and 51 inches long, but it has a top speed of 60 kph.

Tiny Licensed CarsTiny Licensed Cars13. Exotic Escapist Editorials

The Studio AW ‘ELLE Brazil’ editorial is filled with exciting exotic escape. From the fashion right down to the location, there is certainly nothing boring about this photoshoot.

Photographed by Zee Nunes and Andre Katopodis, the Studio AW ‘ELLE Brazil’ editorial shows two masters at work.

Exotic Escapist EditorialsExotic Escapist Editorials14. Pink Puff Headpieces

The Thais Muniz ‘Liquidificador’ photo series is so full of vibrant color that I can’t help but feel a little lighter after browsing through it. A mishmash of different fashion collections, it nevertheless seems absolutely flawless.Pink Puff HeadpiecesPink Puff Headpieces

15. Surf’n’Turf Transports

The Project Omega is an eco-friendly transportation system by industrial designer Andrew Browder. This eco innovation is specially designed for BMW in hopes of maintaining an efficient transportation system that is suitable for both highways and waterways.

SurfnTurf TransportsSurfnTurf Transports16. Playful Celeb Portraits

Rachel Been injects a lot of color and playfulness in her celebrity portraits, which is a nice change from the often serious poses these stars strike in front of the camera. With an urban vibe, each image is very saturated and stylized.

Playful Celeb PortraitsPlayful Celeb Portraits17. Zero Gravity Nuptials

Yelken Octuri has designed The Honeymoon Space Shuttle to offer a zero-gravity honeymoon to newlywed couples. Inspired by science fiction, the shuttle features five capsules, hosting one 48-hour flight each. Gravity is lost at 200 km, which is when these automated capsules return back to the earth.

Zero Gravity NuptialsZero Gravity Nuptials18. Social Media Tombstones

In our digital age, I wouldn’t be surprised if graveyards were covered in E-Tombs that allowed one to remember and still communicate with the dead.

With the E-Tomb, a tombstone that stores information through Bluetooth, friends and family can access the dead’s virtual life and update their online status through stories and pictures.

Social Media TombstonesSocial Media Tombstones19. Caffeinated Editorials

Cody Hamilton has worked in both the advertising and editorial field and is also quite impressive in his works with retouching and illustration. One of his editorials touched base on the inter-connectivity between coffee and society. The momentary java intake has a worldwide response due to its necessity in social interaction.

Caffeinated EditorialsCaffeinated Editorials20. Handgun Conversion Kits

I’d rather make love instead of war, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t find the TRIARII from Hera Arms insanely cool. This conversion kit instantly turns your pistol into a long-range rifle.

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