Top 20 Trends of the Day (Nov 10)

Dark Sultry Photography

1. Blended Peopletography

There isn’t anything quite like this collection of Frederik Heyman photographs. His trippy, unique vision makes for interesting works of art beyond conventional imagination. The use of black ink to manipulate the pictures without digital enhancement warps the mind to an alternate dimension.

Blended PeopletographyBlended Peopletography2. Surreal Pencil Artistry

An artist named Fredo has a knack for amazing 3D works of art, as demonstrated in his collection of pencil drawings. They are reminiscent of Escher drawings, but with a more modern take. What makes Fredo so unique is his use of physical objects to give life to his pieces. The intricate use of his medium requires patience and a talent like no other.

Surreal Pencil ArtistrySurreal Pencil Artistry3. Dark Sultry Photography

The Gothic backdrop used for the Natalia Mleczak ‘Monnari’ photo series perfectly accents the dark, sultry and glamorous vibe evoked by both the photographer and model. Although each shot is a closeup of the brown-haired beauty, the dramatic setting plays a huge role in setting the mood.

Dark Sultry PhotographyDark Sultry Photography4. Famous Family Makeovers

These featured Daekazu illustrations depict famous families or groups from pop culture, redone in anime images. From the ladies of ‘Desperate Housewives’ to a compilation of famous couples like Edward Scissorhands and Kim, these images are definitely fun to look at.

Famous Family MakeoversFamous Family Makeovers5. Mahogany-Made Yachts

Out of all the luxury yachts I have seen, the Art of Kinetik ‘Hedonist Yacht’ is one of the most impressively elegant. Powerful and aesthetically beautiful, the ‘Hedonist Yacht’ is sure to be a dream for any yacht-lover.

Mahogany-Made YachtsMahogany-Made Yachts6. Pussycat Dream Homes

Nothing says “cat-lover” more than owning a piece like ‘The Cats House.’ Owned by certified cat lovers Bob Walker and Frances Mooney, this ultimate feline fantasy home is guaranteed to make all the other kitties around town green with envy.

Pussycat Dream Homes7. Cleavage iPod Holders

Female joggers will adore the new and innovative Mi-Bra. For those of you who enjoy a good work out, you’ll finally be able to enjoy your music with ease through this item.

Convenient and eco-friendly, this Mi-Bra is made with 90% organic cotton and is sold for the low price of $20. Placing your MP3 player in your cleavage was never this easy.

Cleavage iPod HoldersCleavage iPod Holders8. Luxury Hotel Expansions

There are very few locales as beautiful as Bali and there are very few hotel chains as luxurious as those under the W banner. It is therefore no surprise that the W Retreat Bali will make for one of the most visually stunning getaway spots.

Luxury Hotel ExpansionsLuxury Hotel Expansions9. Dark Bride Editorials

Most grooms would love to lift up their bride-to-be’s veil and find Anna Jagodzinska underneath. However, shot by Camilla Akrans, Anna Jagodzinska is transformed into a bride you many not want to mess with within this shoot.

Dark Bride EditorialsDark Bride Editorials10. Zip-Locked Photography

The Natalia Mleczak ‘Fox Box’ photo series features a fantastic set design. Featuring oversized zip-lock bags and spilled drinks, these peculiar scenarios are definitely interesting to look at.

Zip-Locked PhotographyZip-Locked Photography11. Bookworm Loungers

Curl up in a chair from this Remy Van Oers Reading Furniture set and stay comfortable for some light reading all evening. Featuring a storage compartment underneath its seat, the chair makes it easy to reach for your books whenever needed.

Bookworm LoungersBookworm Loungers12. Violent Coat Hangers

I don’t think I would know whether to laugh or be terrified if I saw the Regnah Hanger in my home. This hanger instantly conjures up the iconic image of Jack Nicholson hacking his way through a wooden door in the horror classic ‘The Shining.’

Violent Coat HangersViolent Coat Hangers13. Guy-Friendly Applications

These concept iPhone apps for guys will definitely be ones men would wish to become reality.

There are different concept apps featured, including a radar for an ex-girlfriend proximity, an ‘Ultimate Frisbee Pick-Up Game Alert’ and a simple ‘Should You Shower’ application.

Guy-Friendly ApplicationsGuy-Friendly Applications14. Sophisticated Hipster Watches

Skateboard clothing and accessory brand Nixon is well-known for their watches, most of which are reflective of the skater lifestyle. The Nixon ‘Mellor’ however, is for when you need to trade in your Vans for a suit.

Sophisticated Hipster WatchesSophisticated Hipster Watches15. Cuddly Couture Pictorials

This spread by Ellen Von Unwerth for Vogue Italia November 2010 features romance, sunlight and sizzling female models getting friendly. Though cuddling is involved, the spread still manages to be subtle in its sexiness, which makes for a stroke of genius on the photographer’s part.

Cuddly Couture PictorialsCuddly Couture Pictorials16. Albino-Esque Kidtography

If I came across a little girl like the blonde one starring in the Natalia Mleczak ‘GAGA’ photo series, I would definitely feel slightly uneasy in her presence. With an air of mischievous maturity, she definitely appears to be up to no good.

Albino-Esque KidtographyAlbino-Esque Kidtography17. Iconic Crumb Dusters

The ‘Moustaches Make a Difference’ campaign is right in time for “Movember,” featuring some of masculinity’s most epic influences and the facial hair that made them icons. From Mario of the Mario Bros. to Che Guevara, this campaign by TBWA Singapore connects perfectly with the concept of moustache’d manhood.

Iconic Crumb DustersIconic Crumb Dusters18. Dazzling Biker Boots

Glimmer and shine in these Philipp Plein Hot Swarovski boots, a pair of studded pumps that are beyond dazzling.

These ultra rad heels are made of black leather with a metallic tip and even features the signature Philipp Plein skull.

Dazzling Biker Boots19. Couture Tablet Covers

Since iPads are taking the world by storm, the creation of this Dior Homme iPad case is definitely justified. The all-black cover is simple in design and is also constructed with the best leathers to comfortably secure your iPad.

Couture Tablet Covers

Couture Tablet Covers

20. Disemboweled Furniture

I have never seen a chair that looks quite like The Loop Chair. This chair was designed by Dutch design student Sophie de Vocht as a hybrid chair/rug.

The Loop Chair is made out of 1,000 feet of yarn, wrapped around wired mesh. More than half of the chair lies sprawled out on the floor, while the other half is more put together and has a more conventional look.

Disemboweled FurnitureDisemboweled FurnitureRead more on:

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