Top 20 Trends of the Day (Jan 5)

Intimidating Luxury Autos

20.  Iconic Identifier Lighting

Although one might not want to be reminded about public bathrooms constantly, there’s something universally appealing about the Lightboy & Lightgirl lamps.

Designed by Mexico-based designer-architect Ricardo Garza Marcos, the Lightboy & Lightgirl are made out of solid walnut or maple, respectively. As minimalist and practical as their original purpose dictates, these pieces boast a clever concept all around.Iconic Identifier LightingIconic Identifier Lighting19. Factory-Inspired Packaging

Not only is the Smoke Tissue Case provide an interesting and decorative display for your tissue needs, it also raises awareness about how factories impact the environment.

Conceived by Korean designer Je Sung Park for Weekend Works, the Smoke Tissue Case was recently showcased at the Korea Design & Art Festival 2010. From a design aspect, I particularly love the tissue detail as the smoke. Overall, however, its socio-message trumps the design easily.Factory-Inspired PackagingFactory-Inspired Packaging18. Colassal Ceramic Cups

The Big Porcelain Sculpture looks magnificent in these photos, which makes me wonder how breathtaking it must be to see it in person. No wonder it was awarded first prize at the 2010 Limoges International Competition.

Created by Bertrand Fevre, the Big Porcelain Sculpture is essentially one giant, sliced, suspended teacup. Fevre chose to replicate the cup because of its everyday quality and universal appeal as well as its reference to refinement and expertise.Colassal Ceramic CupsColassal Ceramic Cups17. Centennial Couture Canvasses

The L’Officiel Ukraine December 2010 magazine featured an editorial by Raphael Delorme entitled The Divine’. The latest shoot includes the model with an updated classic bob hair do, scissored and styled with a modern twist.

Couturiers such as Valentino and Lanvin were few of the several designers handpicked to dress the model. L’Officiel Ukraine December 2010 is all about haute couture and updated styles to ring in 2011 and all that it could offer.Centennial Couture CanvassesCentennial Couture Canvasses16. Fairy Tale Mirrors

Designer Romy Van Den Broe’s mirror ‘Through the Looking Glass’ is the perfect accessory for children and artists.

While you can probably draw on a mirror any time you want, ‘Through the Looking Glass’ is built especially for that purpose. The mirror is an interactive touch screen with motion sensor technology, allowing you to digitally illustrate whatever your desire. Romy Van Den Broe will let your imagination run wild.Fairy Tale MirrorsFairy Tale Mirrors15. Geometric Golf Clubhouses

The Michael Hill Clubhouse is one awesome athletics abode. Designed by Patterson Associates, this clubhouse overlooks a beautiful golf course in Arrowtown, New Zealand. The strong, mechanical look of the structure contrasts the rolling landscape that surrounds it.

Some of the striking features of the Michael Hill Clubhouse include the concrete panel ceiling and the floor-to-ceiling windows. Check out the gallery to get a peek at this amazing structure.Geometric Golf ClubhousesGeometric Golf Clubhouses14. Animalistic Traffic Cones

Some things are so practical that a redesign seems redundant, yet the traffic cone has undergone a cute transformation with these Traffic Sheep. They serve the exact same purpose in a more aesthetically-adorable manner.

Commissioned by the Municipality of Gland, Switzerland, Christophe Machet designed these Traffic Sheep. I can’t help but feel like Little Mary has lost her reflective lambs when looking at these luminous farm animals.Animalistic Traffic ConesAnimalistic Traffic Cones13. Corkscrew Mosaics

The Wine-Bottle Cork Art by Albanian artist Saimir Strati is an amazing 3D painting made out of 300,000 wooden bobbers.

This stand-out mural relaxed and laid-back lady strumming a tune on her guitar. It is no wonder that Saimir Strati is regarded as one of the world’s most well known modern mosaic artists. The patience he must have had going into the Wine-Bottle Cork Art piece was all well worth the wondrous wait.Corkscrew MosaicsCorkscrew Mosaics

12. Bogus Tote Bags

If you’ve ever wanted to indulge in the luxury of owning an iconic Hermes Birken bag but couldn’t fork up the cash, check out the Thursday Friday Together Bag.

Some loyal fashionistas are partial to it as the tote bag pokes fun at the haute couture brand, mocking the status symbol. At the same time you can’t disregard the fine design of the screen-printed Hermes bag on the front, sides and bottom. Like the real designer handbag, the Thursday Friday Together Bag already has a lengthy waiting list.Bogus Tote BagsBogus Tote Bags11. Mysteriously Dark Mavens

The hipster vibe found in Zoe Zimmer’s photographs is definitely not a typical one. There’s something more behind the trendy aesthetics of these beautiful models. Whether it’s emotion or composition, it’s something intangible that sets this young photographer apart from her competition.

The daughter of famous composer and music producer Hans Zimmer, Zoe Zimmer has been surrounded by art in many forms. Her work is a testament to that exposure.Mysteriously Dark MavensMysteriously Dark Mavens10. Elastic Band Phone Cases

For anyone who is annoyed by bulky phone cases or boring covers may want to look into the Just a Loop case—it’s definitely a new kind of iPhone accessory.

In a barely there, minimalist design, you can basically say it’s a criss-cross of elastic bands. In a non-conventional look, it protects against scratches and offers better grip.

The Just A Loop kit really is as the name suggests, containing four loops to play around with stretched-out tricks.Elastic Band Phone CasesElastic Band Phone Cases9. Hair Whipping Shoots

Not only is Willow Smith whipping her hair back and forth, so are Victor Candia’s models. The photographer gathered a group of women to capture for his editorial, and all have the common denominator of beautifully long hair.

Each one of these pictures is different than the last, each with their own theme. From the autumn beauty to party pictures, these hair-raising photographs show the fun side of Victor Candia and his photographic abilities.Hair Whipping ShootsHair Whipping Shoots8. Darkened Bushy Brows

As winter is still upon us, dress up in those heavy layers and highlight those facial features with strong looks like the Naomi Preizler Metal 22 Magazine.

The latest edition shows off bundled up winterwear with a strong focus on heavy and dark brows. Something’s got to stand out from underneath of all those covers! The Naomi Preizler Metal 22 Magazine puts bushy brows in the fashionable spotlight.Darkened Bushy BrowsDarkened Bushy Brows7. Christmas Tree Furniture

Christmas is the season for giving, but designer Fabien Capello knows that it doesn’t have to stop once the gifts are unwrapped. Instead, he gives the gift of new life to discarded Christmas trees in London, England.

The recipient of used, loveless lumber, Fabien Capello decided to re-purpose holiday arbor into raw, character-riddled furniture pieces. Although Christmas tree wood is hard to work with because it is so young, it’s incredibly admirable that Fabien Capello would transform trees into something that can be brought back into the home.Christmas Tree FurnitureChristmas Tree Furniture6. Daily Pleasure Pictorials

Siebe Warmoeskerken’s photography goes beyond merely capturing images and exercises a magical ability to illuminate the unforeseen details of everyday settings.

From cityscapes to spilled coffee, to the magical properties of rainwater and puddles, these photographs have a life of their own. What at first might seem like mundane subject matter takes on a new meaning in Siebe Warmoeskerken’s work.

After looking at Siebe Warmoeskerken’s high definition shots, you will never look at the raindrops on your rear-view mirror the same.Daily Pleasure PictorialsDaily Pleasure Pictorials5. Spectacled Mustache Marketing

The ‘Oliver Peoples’ summer 2011 collection is for the uber-trendy person in your life. The eyewear company has released its summer line complete with updated wayfarers, aviators and prescription glasses.

The trends in eye wear have drastically changed over the past few seasons, bringing vintage appeal back to the table. Be sure to check out the ‘Oliver Peoples’ summer 2011 collection in stores now and in the gallery.Spectacled Mustache MarketingSpectacled Mustache Marketing4. Classy Bookcase Carvings

Vintage’ from Munkii is a bookshelf with a touch of class that won’t take up a ton of space. ‘Vintage’ has a classy bookshelf carved right into its contemporary frame.

Vintage from Munkii lets you have an upscale, handcrafted bookcase without the hassle. It’ fits snugly into corners or between furniture and is easy to carry and transport.Classy Bookcase CarvingsClassy Bookcase Carvings3. Intimidating Luxury Autos

The Veritas RS III is a supercar powerhouse. This unique roadster has a body made out of carbon-kevlar on a fabulously light frame. The supercar’s mega power comes from its BMW M5 engine, which develops an astonishing 600 horsepower.

Only 30 copies of this monstrous machine have ever been built, making it one exclusive auto. If you want to get your hands on the Veritas RS III, it can be delivered in a quick 8 weeks. If not, then check out the Veritas RS III in the gallery. Feel free to daydream.

Due to the lightweight body structure, the RS III weighs only 1,070 kg or 2,360 lbs. The sport roadster can go from zero to 100 km/h or 62 mph in just 3.2 sec and has a top speed of 347 km/h or 216 mph. (bmwblog)Intimidating Luxury AutosIntimidating Luxury Autos2. Unsexy Sci-Fi Pin-Ups

Artists illustrations of reinterpreted Star Wars characters is quite common, but none are as hilarious as what YazusGraphics has done.

The folks at YazusGraphics have re-imagined popular Star Wars characters as pin-up girls in seductive poses. Unfortunately for Princess Leia fans, she’s not featured. Instead we have Storm Troopers, Darth Vader and other creatures from the movie looking as sensual as they’ll ever look. Good thing they didn’t illustrate Yoda in this series.Unsexy Sci-Fi Pin-UpsUnsexy Sci-Fi Pin-Ups1. Intriguing Inktorials

An Italian photographer based in Milan dubbed ‘L’Un Des Nombreux’ is a talented artist, fully capable of capturing those little moments that could cause quite a stir. His technique is abstract and his results are quite sexy.

His wide array of photography is complimented by his poetry and together they create stories that take you on a mental journey of art and modernity. Yes, the pictures might seem a tad taboo; however, L’Un Des Nombreux is creating a name for himself and his photographic abilities.Intriguing InktorialsIntriguing InktorialsRead more on: