Top 20 Trends of the Day (Jan 4)

Darkly Ominous Autos

20. Psychadelic Dreamcoats

New York-based designer Katwise has recently lit up the Internet with her line of recycled sweater coats. The coats capture the motion and color of a broadway musical in an affordable and eco-friendly outfit.

Made entirely of reused fabric, these recycled sweater coats are redolent of ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat’ or a Jimi Hendrix song. With prices ranging from just $80-400, these green garments are sure to take over this season.

The New York-based designer and self-proclaimed “gypsy” crafts vibrant technicolor dreamcoats, also known as “Elf Couture,” from reclaimed and recycled sweaters.Psychadelic DreamcoatsPsychadelic Dreamcoats19. Grotesque Alphabets

Amsterdam, Netherlands-based artist Michiel van der Born has transformed letters of the alphabet into interesting pieces of artwork.

While it may not be as twisted as Aaron Mckinney’s ‘Unruly Alphabet,’ Born’s ‘26 Characters’ are still bizarre. Different animals and objects are twisted into the shapes of letters in Michiel van der Born’s series. This may not be a book your children should be looking at to learn their ABC’s, but it’s definitely worth checking out for adults.Grotesque AlphabetsGrotesque Alphabets18. Skater-Style Cases

Keep your iPhone 4 safe from falls with the latest SlickWraps Board Series.

Skateboarders can show off their style with precision-fit grip tape combined with a wood grain vinyl-edge wrap. The SlickWrap Board Series gives your iPhone the look and feel of a real skateboard, minus the wheels.

While this one-of-a kind wrap will keep your phone protected, be careful not to scratch anything against its rough exterior. The SlickWrap Board Series is as rugged as it looks.

Skater-Style CasesSkater-Style Cases17. Optical Illusion Lighting

Looking at the Kah-du lampshade collection makes me a bit dizzy. Of course, that was completely intended, as this luminous lamp series is based on a mathematical pattern of optical illusion.

Designed by Ilanel Design Studio, the Kah-du lampshade collection is bold and sculptural, perfect for those looking to make a statement in their home. Although it would certainly be a more contemporary addition, I can easily see this hung in a Victorian-esque living space as well.Optical Illusion LightingOptical Illusion Lighting16. Stealthy Desalination Tools

Chinese designer Chao Gao has created the C-Water distiller, a design that uses passive solar energy to desalinate small batches of seawater.  The ingenious device is collapsible so it can be easily stowed on life rafts or packed with camping gear.

Chao Gao’s C-Water distiller was awarded 2nd prize in the Incheon 2010 International Design Awards competition. Check out the gallery for images of this innovative and useful desalination tool.Stealthy Desalination ToolsStealthy Desalination Tools15. Vertical Monitor Mods

A portrait computer monitor will add a twist to how you set up your workspace. Rotating your computer monitors to a portrait orientation is a great space saver, making it easier to view an entire webpage without scrolling or zooming out.

Anyone who spends their time working with word processing documents, coding, or designing portrait-oriented layouts will appreciate a pivoting monitor. With entire Flickr accounts dedicated to this phenomena, I suggest considering a portrait computer monitor for yourself.Vertical Monitor ModsVertical Monitor Mods14. Multi-Function Furnishings

Designers Johanna Westin, Lisa Frode and Emma Nilsson have created a multi-functional kitchen sofa that would be perfect for anyone’s home.

The kitchen sofa has a simple, stylish design that’s all about functionality. The seats can be opened up to store various items with additional storage at the back. The top of the sofa is wide enough to hold your coffee, and the handles are positioned so that you can talk to friends face-to-face without being in an uncomfortable position. This kitchen sofa boasts a great concept that will hopefully become more popular for home owners.Multi-Function FurnishingsMulti-Function Furnishings13. Darkly Ominous Autos

Korea’s Oullim Motors created the Spirra Supercar, which is the first of its kind for the country. When they say super, they mean super.

The Spirra Supercar’s power comes from a 2.7-liter V6, which makes 181 pound-feet of torque. If you have the need for speed, this car is definitely worth checking out. The base model goes from 0 to 60 in 6.8 seconds.

The Spirra S adds a small turbocharger to that mill, resulting in 330 hp and 347 lb-ft, and Spirra T uses a larger turbo which ups output to 400 hp and 362 lb-ft. At the tippy-top end is the Spirra EX (‘EX’ for ‘Extreme’ – seriously), and its twin-turbo V6 cranks out a screaming 500 hp and 398 lb-ft, making this car capable of competing with the likes of Lamborghinis and Ferraris. All models are fitted with a six-speed manual transmission, and power is sent solely to the rear wheels. (autoblog)Darkly Ominous AutosDarkly Ominous Autos12. Fancy Folding Photography

Cara Barer, a Texan photographer uses old phone books, maps, comic books, and manuals to create these beautiful pieces of work. Compiled into ‘The Book’s Story,’ the twisted and contorted pages of books from yesteryear re-emerge as mesmerizing creations accompanied by a story written by David Barer.

‘The Book’s Story’ by Cara Barer is available for purchase and it would make for a really interesting addition to anybody’s book collection.Fancy Folding PhotographyFancy Folding Photography11. Solar Super Yachts

This superyacht lets you sail into the future with looks of sci-fi inspiration that offers eco-friendly luxury on the beautiful Ocean Empire LSV.

It’s green design reduces the large carbon footprints of megayachts by running on energy from the sun, wind and oceanic waves. The hi-performance superyacht aims to reduce 50% reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions amongst other sustainable initiatives. The Ocean Empire LSV is one solar-charged monster yacht that offers the ultimate luxe sailing for the sea.Solar Super YachtsSolar Super Yachts10. Sporty-Chic Supermodels

Supermodels are definitely human chameleons, which the Coco Rocha ELLE Italia spread demonstrates amazingly. You may have already glimpsed one of this supermodel’s shoots for the recent ELLE Italia, but you may not have seen the other two spreads she starred in.

Part of the Janurary 2011 issue are these two Coco Rocha ELLE Italia editorials, which show her sporty side and her more eclectic/Victorian side. Compare these three sides of Coco and let me know which one is your favorite.Sporty-Chic SupermodelsSporty-Chic Supermodels9. Curvaceous Corseted Celebs

The Kim Kardashian Glamour cover shoot has this typically steamy celebrity looking rather demure. Of course, that doesn’t mean her sexiness is no where to be seen, instead it is more subtle and appealing.

Interviewed by none-other-than Katie Couric, the Kim Kardashian Glamour editorial is part of the February 2011 issue. Considering that she is beginning the new year with a musical bang (she’s poised to release her first single soon), this will probably the first of many covers this year.Curvaceous Corseted Celebs

8. Disembodied Kitchenware

The Joseph Barbaccia ‘Integration’ series is an extremely bizarre collection of sculptures that features parts of the human body.

Barbaccia integrated everyday kitchenware with sculpted human body parts, some of which have sexual connotations. Each piece from the Joseph Barbaccia ‘Integration’ collection is created based on human vice. Although strange and bizarre, Barbaccia’s ‘Integration’ series is an interesting set of sculptures that represents a single idea in a unique way.Disembodied KitchenwareDisembodied Kitchenware7. Death Row Dining

The James Reynolds ‘Last Suppers’ photo series depicts last meal requests of death row prisoners before there execution. Simply designed and shot, these photographs show some of the weird and interesting items asked for, ranging from an olive, to a full KFC meal.

Check out the gallery to view the James Reynolds Last Suppers series and see what some “dead men walking” want to eat before they take their final strolls. Makes me wonder what I would ask for.Death Row DiningDeath Row Dining6. Modern Millitary Looks

The Glamour Mexico January 2011 issue features a spread of military-inspired looks that are ultra feminine and very versatile.

Starring models Kristen and Veleria, these ladies make army attire look pretty in wool trenches, stiletto combat boots and camouflage tights. Dressed in the likes of Marc by Marc Jacobs, Max Mara and Louis Vuitton, the Glamour Mexico January 2011 spread is ready to battle in style.Modern Millitary LooksModern Millitary Looks5. Apple Fanatic Docks

Bostjan Majcen seems to really love the Apple MacBook Pro architecture as it shows in his most recent creation.

His MacBook-friendly dock features all the ports one would need when running an apple product. The ports can also be conveniently tucked away to leave just the attractive smooth aluminum finish, flashing the Apple logo of course.

Definitely a modern looking and required item for any apple lover and tech-savvy organized individual.Apple Fanatic DocksApple Fanatic DocksApple Fanatic Docks4. Dark Victorian Spreads

The Flair December 2010 issue features a fashion spread filled with rich looks against a Victorian background.

The enchanting and mysterious shoot involves models dressed up in beautiful gowns and fancy frocks that looks fit for a modern queen. Influenced by an age of the past, the spread brings back nostalgic memories that is both fantastical and elegant. The Flair December 2010 issue may be dark, but is charming at the same time.Dark Victorian SpreadsDark Victorian Spreads3. Twisted Apartments

Triptyque Studio has some talented conceptual minds on its team. Hussein Jarouche gave famous design team Triptyque Studio full creative power to make this 1000-sq. foot apartment the marvelous masterpiece it is today.

What stands out most is the twisted bookcase that seems to wrap around the apartment like an ethereal white wave. This Triptyque Studio design definitely gives a new focal point for Hussein Jarouche’s apartment.

It is called Treme Treme and it is a special design by Triptyque. Treme Treme is present in every room and defines the whole project: through the bookcase it is made the entrance to the apartment, “like walking into a cave, through the dark towards the light” as the Triptyques say. (yatzer)Twisted ApartmentsTwisted Apartments2. Killer Action Portraiture

Kam Kahn—a New York based actor—creates exciting high energy self portraits. The series is titled ‘Life Begins at 2AM’ because 2AM is around the time he shoots most of his self portraits. All of the elements in his photographs are shot and then put together in post processing to create the final images.

Kam Kahn jumps around, throws objects, splashes liquids and lights fires to add the excitement and energy to his photo series. Check out the gallery to see some of his work.Killer Action PortraitureKiller Action Portraiture1. Bleached Couple Campaigns

Expect to see double in the Givenchy Spring/Summer 2011 ad campaign. This ad campaign is suppose to confuse you since the images do not flow with one another, but it somehow still works together.

The Givenchy Spring/Summer 2011 will feature animalistic themes and futuristic themes. Shot by photographers Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott, the ads will send shivers down your spine. From leopard print shirts to bags, the Summer/Spring collection will please a lot of fashion-lovers.Bleached Couple Campaigns

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