Top 20 Trends of the Day (Jan 3)

Sultry Spectacle Spreads

20. Retro Musician Marketing

The Music Square campaign by ad agency Bold features fabulous uses of typography and a clever concept that will attract any music maniac. Featuring a retro revival typeface and old-school images of artists like Stevie Wonder, this campaign is sure to get the online retailer some much-deserved attention.

Music Square sells merchandise for musicians and melody fanatics alike. The Music Square campaign obviously knows the audience, catering to the consumer who appreciates “real music.”Retro Musician MarketingRetro Musician Marketing19. Fairytale Condiment Ads

The recent Banquete Chilero campaign communicates the hot and sweet sauce’s brand in a perfectly racy way. The illustrated ads feature fairytale princesses in hot poses, adding a touch of spice to everything nice.

Banquete Chilero is a hot sauce that boasts the right amount of zing, using sensually spicy princesses as the most simple and effective way to show this taste through visual aids. Check out the Banquete Chilero campaign in the gallery.Fairytale Condiment AdsFairytale Condiment Ads18. Sculptured Art Jewelry

British artist Nora Fok makes the most amazing sculptured nylon art jewelry out of very thin strands of microfilaments. These are difficult to work with and yet she manages to knit and knot the strands into beautiful botanical-inspired jewelry.

Banner 3

Nora Fok’s Nylon Botanicus collection celebrates flowers and even vegetables. Her inspiration comes not only from garden flowers but also wildflowers. Her interest in science and also her attention to detail both helped in creating her sculptured nylon art jewelry.

Sculptured Art JewelrySculptured Art Jewelry17. Gigantic Little-Girl Bows

The Be Mine Sweet Super Bow lets you channel your inner child. Offered in 14 different colors, this gigantic little-girl hair bow is a surefire way to draw attention to your outfit and infuse some innocence into your aesthetic.

We saw little-girl bows rise in popularity last year, and this year designers are upping the ante with bigger bows, wilder patterns and even more attitude. See more images of the Be Mine Sweet Super Bow collection above.Gigantic Little-Girl BowsGigantic Little-Girl Bows16.  Immortalized Body-Mod Icons

Lizardman’s (aka Erik Sprague) dream has finally come true: he has an army of Lizardmen that look just like him. Actually, his army was created directly from detailed molds of his entire body. Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Art Department Chief Barry Anderson spent more than 60 hours with his team hand-painting the scales that cover the wax replica of Lizardman’s body.

The Lizardman is a performance artist known for his extreme body modifications including full-body tattoos of green scales, pointy sharpened teeth, a forked tongue, multiple piercings and eyebrow ridges made of subdermal implants.

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not unveiled the first Lizardman wax figure at Attractions Expo of the International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions. The figure then went on display at Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Odditorium in Orlando. Barry Anderson’s team is making more, including one for the renowned Ripley’s Times Square Odditorium in New York City.

Immortalized Body-Mod IconsImmortalized Body-Mod Icons15. Smoky Self-Branding

The THINK business card holder is a hot item for those looking to establish a personal brand. Though their look is risque, THINK business card holders appear sophisticated, sleek and stylish.

Cigarette smoking can be described in the same way, which may be why THINK has created this business card holder in the likeness of a pack of smokes. Though the glamorization of tobacco puffing may be going too far, you can’t deny that this THINK business card holder is amazing.

Smoky Self-BrandingSmoky Self-Branding14. Exquisite Bridal Ads

The Vera Wang 2011 ad campaign features model Shu Pei, who did a great job adding personality to the accessories and clothing. The ad campaign is for Vera Wang’s Spring/Summer collection, specifically her women’s ready-to-wear, bridal collection and eyewear collection.

In the Vera Wang 2011 ad campaign, Pei sports a sky-high beehive hairdo with glowing bronzed skin. The crimson background adds more depth and mystery to the shoot. From gorgeous dresses to oversized eyewear, expect to see these looks in the coming months.Exquisite Bridal AdsExquisite Bridal Ads13. Severed Self-Branding

Der Doctor Guerrilla is an agency that specializes in ambient ads that make a memorable impression. To display their abilities, Der Doctor Guerrilla has developed a series of self-promotion pieces offering severed body parts.

No, Der Doctor Guerrilla is not looking to make human sacrifices in the name of their clients; the gory guerrilla pieces are meant to display the agency’s talents. Each body part is accompanied by corresponding copy relating to its physical function. Check out the clever campaign in the gallery.Severed Self-BrandingSevered Self-Branding12. Murder Mystery Covers

The Vogue China January 2011 is one that covers different characters of Shu Pei. In the cover, we see her as this dark, mysterious, young woman, but further into the editorial we see Pei as a sweet innocent girl and a white winter wonderland fairy.

The editorial is called ‘Love Your Skin, Love Our Earth’ and was shot by photographer Regan Cameron. The ever-changing makeup looks were done by Francelle Daly at NARS cosmetics. The Vogue China January 2011 is sure to send shivers down your spine.Murder Mystery CoversMurder Mystery Covers11. Sunbathing Beefcake Spreads

Nicky Emmerson is a photographer from the UK whose work manages to be sexy, yet elegant. This spread features the yummy male model Ryan Mertz rocking little else than a bathing suit and a perfect pout.

Mertz looks marvelously relaxed in the spread, lounging lazily by the pool for Nicky Emmerson. Ultimately, this spread makes me wish I were looking at palm trees instead of snowmen. See what Nicky Emmerson can do in the gallery.Sunbathing Beefcake SpreadsSunbathing Beefcake Spreads10. Nut Noggin Helmets

These GOOD motorcycle helmets are far from your average protective gear. The imaginative pieces of biker apparel guarantee an end to the days of geeky protective gear. Everything from tennis balls to nuts is turned into a motorcycle helmet for this series, making for a set of seriously creative helmets.

Check out the GOOD motorcycle helmets in the featured gallery. My personal favorites include the female bob and brains.Nut Noggin HelmetsNut Noggin Helmets9. Custom Vintage Motorcycles

Collector Frank Westfall stunned the crowds at the Rhinebeck Grand National Meet this spring when he unveiled the crown jewel of his collection: an art-deco inspired 1930 Henderson which was customized in 1936 with “Streamliner” bodywork by a designer named O Ray Courtney.

This art deco 1930 Henderson is sleek, immaculately maintained, and perhaps one of only a handful of authentic custom Henderson motorcycles dating back to this era. Back then, Henderson was one of America’s largest motorcycle manufacturers (next to Harley Davidson and Indian) until it went bankrupt in 1931 during the Great Depression. Today, a small and extremely rare handful of vintage models like this one are all that stand as a testament to the company’s legacy.Custom Vintage MotorcyclesCustom Vintage Motorcycles8.  Creepy Kris Kringle Books

‘Scared of Santa: Scenes of Terror in Toyland’ is a hilarious compilation of terrified tots by Denis Joyce and Nancy Watkins. This book is sure to bring you good cheer after the holiday season, serving as a hilarious antidote to Christmas stress.

Though the kids in the book are clearly creeped out by Kris Kringle, one can’t help but smile while going through the Scared of Santa series. Get a sneak peek in the gallery before grabbing your copy of Scared of Santa.Creepy Kris Kringle BooksCreepy Kris Kringle Books7. Intricate Couture Illustrations

Magda Antoniuk is a Polish artist whose illustrations explore the world of haute couture. Drawing inspiration from actual moments in runway shows, various lines and pictorials, Magda Antoniuk’s work provides a refreshing look at the fashion industry.

Magda Antoniuk successfully freezes favorite fashion moments in time. The pieces pertain to work by Jean Paul Gaultier, Valentino and Armani. See more images in the gallery above.Intricate Couture IllustrationsIntricate Couture Illustrations6. Retro Triplet Pictorials

Johan Sandberg shoots a sultry Juliet Ingleby in the D Magazine December 2010 issue. Entitled ‘From LA to Shanghai,’ the pictorial is perfect for some haute inspiration, featuring fashionable yet wearable looks.

Polka-dot frocks and wild-patterned onesies grace the pages of D Magazine December 2010. My personal favorite photo from the shoot shows Ingleby standing in front of a three-sided mirror, creating the image of triplets. The world would be a much more attractive place with three Juliet Inglebys.Retro Triplet PictorialsRetro Triplet Pictorials5. Eccentric Formalwear

Models Luis Borges and Max Motta rock pieces from a formal collection in the Tom Ford Spring 2011 lookbook.

Luxe tuxs, blazers and shoes take on fancy silks and bold prints in the collection. Dapper styles and floral patterns give these elegant suits a playful look for eveningwear and cocktail parties. An ensemble from the Tom Ford Spring 2011 collection will have any man dressed as the life of the party.Eccentric FormalwearEccentric Formalwear4. Sultry Spectacle Spreads

The Tom Ford Spring 2011 campaign features the sizzling-hot Abbey Lee Kershaw rocking some of the line’s latest spectacle designs. The result is a retro-inspired spread that makes me wish I needed glasses.

Abbey Lee Kershaw looks impeccable in the Tom Ford Spring 2011 shoot, with black frames that contrast her platinum-blonde mane nicely. Ultimately, the elegant spread is a successful way to launch Tom Ford’s new line. Check it out in the featured gallery.Sultry Spectacle SpreadsSultry Spectacle Spreads3. 3D Retro Gamer Art

Justin Buonvino is an illustrator whose work with retro games is sure to make any geek grin. Buonvino converts classic NES 2D games to 3D, giving a modern twist to the marvelous video games of your childhood.

Justin Buonvino works with everything from Pac-Man to the Mario Bros. The result is charming and nostalgic, giving a sense of excitement to anyone who grew up in the late 1980s or early 1990s. Check out what Justin Buonvino can do in the gallery.3D Retro Gamer Art3D Retro Gamer Art2. Preppy Campus Looks

As students return to school, the Esprit Spring Summer 2011 campaign provides them with a new wardrobe to rock out in.

These preppy campus looks include varsity jackets, denim wear and prepster ties. Mixing vintage varsity with eveningwear for those Friday night parties, this classy collection will have you graduating in style. The Esprit Spring Summer 2011 looks are almost too cool for school. Check it out in the gallery.Preppy Campus LooksPreppy Campus Looks1. iPhone Notebooks

Mixing up two note-taking designs of old school notebooks with new-school technology, the Smart Phone Notes totes a clever and useful combination of the two into one package.

The design is like a book-bound phone case. Open the hardcover, where an iPhone gets placed at the top and a set of pages sits at the bottom. Scrolling through your phone while taking notes at the same time allows dual efficiency in taking down notes. The Smart Phone Notes is perfect for people who still like to keep to the classic method of jotting down notes: the pen-and-paper way.iPhone NotebooksiPhone Notebooks

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