Top 20 Trends of the Day (Jan 26)

Hipster Party Girl Lookbooks

20. Burly Bearded Runways

Looks like hipsters aren’t the only ones to wear facial hair; the hot hairy trend is creeping up to haute couture as burly bearded men walk down the runway at the Maison Martin Margiela AW 2011 show.

From unkempt grooming to the after-five shadow, these men don unshaven style just right. Matched with oversized coats, long trenches and fitted blazers, the facial hair gives these look a handsome rugged look. If you were never a fan of this hipster look, may I say that the Maison Martin Margiela AW 2011 show make handlebars and beards look cool.Burly Bearded Runways 1Burly Bearded Runways 219. Monarch-Inspired Manicures

Affectionately known as “Waity Katie,” Kate Middleton is now officially engaged to Prince William, and a ‘No More Waity, Katie’ Nail Polish is being launched to celebrate that.

Made by Butter London, the majestic bottled manicure will be one of several royal themed cosmetic varnishes; this one will be a blue gray color with glitter, to be available in March as a limited edition fingernail lacquer. ‘No More Waity, Katie’ Nail Polish will be an affordable $22 and quite the regal steal for an organic beauty product.Monarch-Inspired ManicuresMonarch-Inspired Manicures 118. Blank Country Homes

Appearing quite boxy on the outside, the St. Joseph House is anything but that in its interior. Taking age-old advice to heart, Wolfgang Tschapeller Architekt literally inverted the concept for this single family home, reinventing the inside of this rectangular shell of a dwelling.

The abstract Austrian abode becomes quite the psychedelic experience within. Completely whitewashed, the walls and ceilings seem to rebel against right angles, true horizontals and verticals at every bend. Leaving occupants with quite a twisted perception of space, the St. Joseph House is an essay on the insignificance of first impressions.Blank Country HomesBlank Country Homes 117. Skeletal Street Art

The popular graffiti artist ROA has graced New York with some sweet spray painting. Featuring birds, skulls and forest creatures, this is one talented artist. ROA graffiti sticks with an animal theme throughout all of his workings.

The paintings are so detailed and huge, it’s amazing that he was able to do it! ROA graffiti has previously been seen in many different places around the world. Be sure to check out his awesome works in the gallery.Skeletal Street ArtSkeletal Street Art 116. Cat Eye Cover Shoots

The Jessica Stam W Korea cover shoot is edgy yet sophisticated. Aptly titled ‘Cat Eyes,’ it’s sultry, coy and full of poise. It is also incredibly minimalist, focusing solely on Stam and her stunning features.

Photographed by Catherine Servel, the Jessica Stam W Korea cover shoot is part of the February 2011 issue. With her platinum blond locks and alabaster skin, Stam looks like a whimsical wraith, which is a look we’ll be seeing more of this year.Cat Eye Cover ShootsCat Eye Cover Shoots 115. Horrifying Cartoon Caricatures

Suppose an epic virus hit Mickey and friends; chances are they’ll look a lot like Ralph Consentino’s illustrations.

The talented artist re-imagines Disney characters such as Mickey, Goofey and Donald Duck as Godzilla-like beings with a terrifying rabid look. Clearly things aren’t going well for them at the Magic Kingdom with their blood shot eyes, constant foaming at the mouth and surprisingly sharp teeth. Check out these shocking Ralph Consentino pictures in the gallery above—just make sure your kids aren’t around.Horrifying Cartoon CaricaturesHorrifying Cartoon Caricatures 114. Ant-Eye-View Photography

Although Brandon Savoy could easily be categorized as your run-of-the-mill photographer, there’s something extra special about his portraits. As you browse through the gallery above, you’ll see what I mean. It’s all about his unique perspective.

From floor-level captures to seemingly behind-the-scene shoots, Brandon Savoy brings a new perspective to portraits. His work is so good, it has already been featured in magazines such as Carnet, Prequels and Guys.Ant-Eye-View PhotographyAnt-Eye-View Photography 113. Seductive Lip-Smeared Spreads

The illustrious Magdalena Frackowiak makes an appearance for the Lipstick Issue of Exhibition Magazine. This red-headed temptress captivates us in this gripping shoot.

In this sultry spread Magdalena Frackowiak is having her make up applied by a hidden gentleman and woman. The man is this shoot however is no stranger to fondling her body and turning up the heat in this shoot. View the gallery for a red-hot, lipstick-loving spread.Seductive Lip-Smeared SpreadsSeductive Lip-Smeared Spreads 112. Incredible Exaggerated Illustrations

All the characters by Denis Zeber look like they are ready to leap off into action. The independent illustrator from Israel has a wide collection of digitally created works. His characters range from pop culture icons to animals, and even slightly more erotic figures have recently appeared on his blog.

Denis Zilber has mastered the ability to bring his illustrations to life with an emphasis on lighting and colors.Incredible Exaggerated IllustrationsIncredible Exaggerated Illustrations 111. Pearly Posh Photography

The Ho Sognato Una Donna photo series looks like it was shot in the silent film era. Extremely glamorous, it nevertheless has a very haunting feel to it as well, which has much to do with the fact that everything is so pristine and white.

Photographed by Paco Peregrin, the Ho Sognato Una Donna photo series features makeup by Julián Carrasco, hair by Albert Olleret and styling by Kattaca. Shot for WHITE SPOSA Magazine, it stars the beautiful model Yulia T.Pearly Posh PhotographyPearly Posh Photography 110. Fairytale Fashionista Spreads

If Giselle Bundchen in this Harper’s Bazaar shoot is any indication that Tom Brady is gone and she’s waiting for her prince, I’d slaughter any dragon to get to the castle. In this spread, the supermodel poses behind a classical Victorian backdrop in large beautiful gowns that would make Prince Charming dump Cinderella in a second.

The Giselle Harper’s Bazzar Espagnol spread will be published next month, but the pictures are here for everyone’s viewing pleasure.Fairytale Fashionista SpreadsFairytale Fashionista Spreads 19. Awkward Celebrity Yearbook Photos

From Michelle Obama to Stephen Colbert, these unbelievable awkward celebrity yearbook photos capture some of the most iconic celebrities of the last decade back when they were still miles from their big breaks.

The best part about this compilation of awkward celebrity photos, however, is guessing who is who. Granted some of them are more obvious than others, but included in this gallery are Katy Perry, Adam Levine and Snoop Dog. Use a little process of elimination and you should be able to figure it out no problem.Awkward Celebrity Yearbook PhotosAwkward Celebrity Yearbook Photos 18. Hipster Advertising

As I check out the new Men’s 2011 American Apparel Ad, my eyes seem to be looking for something. Looking at the nine individual images shown in the print ad, my eyes do not fool me. Surprisingly, there is nothing scandalous about this new campaign.

With a slew of other marketing campaigns, we all know American Apparel for its sexual marketing tactics. Is it because there are no females in the ads to exploit their private parts? Regardless, it looks like the new Mens 2011 American Apparel Ad is keeping it clean—this time.Hipster AdvertisingHipster Advertising 17. Squeezing Solo Shoots

Carmen Chan’s photography is a social journey of urban life and art. These pictures are taken in random rural areas where Chan is able provide a strong hidden image and also uses that backdrop for emphasis. You could call it a melange of color and poetry, but Chan’s work is a simplistic approach to beautiful photography.

Be it either a solo desert shoot, or a black an white industrial photograph, Carmen Chan’s works speaks volumes.Squeezing Solo ShootsSqueezing Solo Shoots 16. Hipster Party Girl Lookbooks

If you don’t know how to dress for a hipster party, the Sisley Spring 2011 Campaign has you covered. The photoshoot shot by Terry Richardson shows you how to look hot while partying down.

Biker jackets, puffy-shouldered frocks and sequin tanks brings the fun to any festivity. The images look a lot like New Year’s Eve all over again but then again, those are the best parties of the year. The Sisley Spring 2011 Campaign sure knows how to party in style.Hipster Party Girl LookbooksHipster Party Girl Lookbooks 15. Foxy Flashback Fashions

The 1970s had a very definitive look in terms of fashion and the era’s most classic pieces have been revived in the Gucci Pre-AW11 collection.

Flaunting neutral tones of brown and gray, alongside brighter shades of orange and turquoise, these smart and sophisticated outfits embrace retro wide leg pants, wide brim hats, fur collars and tailored tops. Set off with a gorgeous model with long blond hair, the Gucci Pre-AW11 line offers a dignified trip through time.Foxy Flashback FashionsFoxy Flashback Fashions 14. Famous People Pet Portraits

Oscar season is upon us, but if you’ve ever heard someone say that Hollywood has been going to the dogs lately then you won’t believe how hilariously literal these celebrity pet photos are.

This collection of barking mad photos puts a mischievous twist on the idea of celebrity by casting dogs to represent some of the most famous people (and fictional characters) of the last century. And while some are more obvious than others, there are one or two of these celebrity pet photos that are sure to give even the most knowledgeable celebrity watcher paws. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.) Oscar season will never quite seem the same after checking out these classic portraits.Famous People Pet PortraitsFamous People Pet Portraits 13. Playful Party Fashions

Terry Richardson recently photographed the Sisley SS11 Campaign called ‘Fashion Victims,’ and featured models Vladimir Ivanov, AJ Abualrub, Marloes Horst and Darla Baker.

The Sisley SS11 Campaign shoot features a small but rockin’ house party where the girls get undressed and the boys play ping-pong. The photos are fun and fresh, with fashions that are cute and glamorous. Take a look at the Sisley SS11 Campaign in the featured gallery and see what you think!Playful Party FashionsPlayful Party Fashions 12. Photographer Tribute Shoots

You know you’ve made it as a photographer when you see something like Umesh Bajaj’s ‘A Tribute To Terry Richardson.’ This photoshoot is shot exactly like one of Terry Richardson’s and features two playful guys just paling around.

From the skin shown to the clothing worn, everything about Umesh Bajaj’s Terry Richardson tribute is spot-on. If you’re a fan of Terry Richardson’s work, then this shoot should be right up your alley.Photographer Tribute ShootsPhotographer Tribute Shoots 11. Teasing Temptresses

The Victoria’s Secret Lingerie PS 2011 shoot is out and angel Adriana Lima is featured within the spread. In brightly colorful lingerie, she teases the audience with a playful attitude and a pink fluffy feather.

The Victoria’s Secret Lingerie PS 2011 collection is sure to get girls excited for spring and sure to get guys excited in general. Take a look at the images in the gallery for some lingerie inspiration.Teasing TemptressesTeasing Temptresses 1Read more on: