Top 20 Trends of the Day (Jan 17)

Fashion Magnate Car Museums 1

20. Fashion Magnate Car Museums

These pictures of the fabled Ralph Lauren car collection are enough to make any vintage car lover lose their mind.

Composed of some of the rarest rides in the world, the entire collection is in immaculate condition and has a combined worth that is literally inestimable. But the Ralph Lauren car collection’s value goes beyond mere matters of dollars and cents; it also serves as a resplendent representation of over 100 years of the automotive industry, which gives it an invaluable historical worth.Fashion Magnate Car MuseumsFashion Magnate Car Museums 1 19. Modernized Old-School Autos

I can’t help but notice how awesomely retro the Volkswagen Rockton 4Motion is.

Volkswagen is bringing back their infamous van, only this time, it’s much bigger and it’s been modernized. The Volkswagen Rockton 4Motion is perfect for transporting large items while you drive up hard-to-reach places. This bad boy will climb over anything and can take some heavy punishment. If my dream of joining the A-Team ever comes true, I’ll get this Volkswagen Rockton 4Motion and show BA Baracus how it’s done.Modernized Old-School AutosModernized Old-School Autos 118. Paperless Cafe Newsstands

The Box Coffee Shop in Split, Croatia is scrapping all its offerings of free newspapers, replacing them with iPads for their java-guzzling customers.

This technological move incorporates going green and connects with the futuristic times, as more people are sourcing the online media for breaking news. While each tablet is free to use, there is a security tag to alert baristas of any theft. The Box Coffee Shop is a nifty cafe that really recognizes modern coffee-lovers.Paperless Cafe NewsstandsPaperless Cafe Newsstands 117. Celebrity Charity Calendars

L’Oreal has produced the 2011 Hairdressers Against AIDS calendar above. This special, limited-edition calendar features 12 of the most beautiful female celebrities in the world. The incredible initiative, run by L’Oreal Professional Products in partnership with UNESCO, is meant to raise greater awareness of the disease among the general public.

For 2011, the famous hairdresser and photographer John Nollet snapped the black-and-white photos.  Diane Kruger, Monica Cruz, Vanessa Paradis and Monica Bellucci were some of the stunning volunteers to show their solidarity with L’Oreal in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

The L’Oreal 2011 Hairdressers Against AIDS calendar marks its 10th anniversary of the global program.Celebrity Charity CalendarsCelebrity Charity Calendars 116. Mean Vintage Mopeds

This custom 1978 Motobecane was recently souped up by Jarrett Petty of Austin, Texas with an awesome aesthetic that allows its appearance to match its power.

With enough horsepower to reach up to 60 mph on an open road, the moped also has some custom touches to help it look really cool. Just in case the serious horsepower wasn’t mean enough, the custom 1978 Motobecane also has things like a golden pair of brass knuckles and an in-your-face orange, black and white color scheme to make sure it gets the point across.Mean Vintage MopedsMean Vintage Mopeds 115. Exterior Interior Design

These Stella Nicolaisen H&M Home staging campaigns bring bed and bath out of their element. With open natural sets as bedroom and bathroom backdrops, these unfamiliar photographic scenes give homewares a fresh and breezy quality, surrounded in sea beaches, jungles and snow.

The purpose of a house is to shelter, yet a successful one will also allow inhabitants to connect with the outdoors. Stella Nicolaisen H&M Home staging snapshots achieve that idealistic nature-loving way of life.Exterior Interior DesignExterior Interior Design 114. Embroidered Organ Gowns

Photos of this gory gown have been circulating through cyberspace, but unfortunately, the information behind the origin of this anatomical dress has been lost along the way.

It’s a shame that such a compelling piece should foster no tribute to the unknown designer; until those details circulate, this specimen of scientific style can still be appreciated as the unique vital organ work of art that it is. The anatomical dress has a kimono neckline with a sharply protruding bustle. In true fleshy fashion, the anatomical dress depicts embroidered lungs, the skeletal structure and a colorful map of the nervous system.Embroidered Organ GownsEmbroidered Organ Gowns 113. Vivid Abandoned Photography

‘Urban Exploring’ by Simon Christen is a collection of photos gathered from locations that seem right out of a post-apocalyptic movie or video game.

With hauntingly beautiful clarity, Christen captures some truly derelict and deserted locales that somehow conjure up sadness, mystery and hopelessness all at once. Because the pictures are so expertly composed and so compassionately shot, however, they are not overly depressing or morbid. ‘Urban Exploring’ by Simon Christen is a pensive and brilliant collection of photographs well worth experiencing.Vivid Abandoned PhotographyVivid Abandoned Photography 112. Airline Design Competitions

These awesome NASA contest prototypes were the top three designs from a recent contest held by the governmental agency.

Having received submissions from each of the world’s leading aerospace companies, NASA ultimately awarded lucrative research contracts to Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and The Boeing Company. These winning designs are shown in this gallery, and each is a potential glimpse into what the future of commercial aviation might look like. And while each of these Nasa contest prototypes has its own unique style, they all share an eco-minded and increased capacity focus packed into a very cool exterior.Airline Design CompetitionsAirline Design Competitions 111. Myth-Inspired Watches

If you’re a fan of Norse mythology, then you’ll love the Jormungand Watch. The Jormungand Watch is named after, and inspired by, Jormungand, a mythological serpent in Norse mythology.

The Jormungand Watch axes the digital display and hands for an innovative design that lights the edges of the watch to show the hours and the minutes. If you consider yourself a fan of Norse mythology or cool concept watches, then you’ve got to check out the Jormungand Watch. Thor commands it.Myth-Inspired WatchesMyth-Inspired Watches 110. Violet Vintage Fashion

Retro 1920s looks have been revived in the Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall 2011 campaign. Featuring a dignified duo, the luxury fashion photographs frame timeless favorite ideas in reworked contemporary forms.

Inspired in Venice by the ‘Louise Bourgeois: The Fabric Works’ exhibition, the fashion house’s design director Julie de Libran returned home to create the dramatic display of haute-heavy looks that will ring in next autumn’s chilling climate. The Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall 2011 campaign flaunts the best of the past, present and future in these elegant eggplant ensembles.Violet Vintage FashionViolet Vintage Fashion 19. Antique-Inspired Illustrations

Any artist who can make the past look refreshingly new has that special creative gift seen here in these Gong Muse collages by Becha. The creator of these mythical montages, also known as Vesna Pesic, worked closely with Nastya Razbegaeva, who did many of the Renaissance-style illustrations for these truly unique pieces of art.

These Gong Muse collages by Becha were orchestrated as a means to breathe new life into the image of the communications business. With integrative design executed by Kane+Associates, these elaborate drawings can now be found all over the company’s website.Antique-Inspired IllustrationsAntique-Inspired Illustrations 18. Upcycled Scrap Accessories

The Petit H collection is a new line of decorative accessories and jewelry made entirely from defective and discarded materials found on factory floors.

From fashionable jewelry to household decorations, the Petit H collection is a playful and vivid assortment of eco-friendly pieces that truly exemplify the old adage “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Check out the gallery above to see some of these eccentric accessories.Upcycled Scrap AccessoriesUpcycled Scrap Accessories 17. Charming Corrugated Cabanas

Sure, big houses scream luxury, but a project like the Casa Grove I by Mateu Architecture affords its inhabitants all of the essential domestic pleasures without all of the wasted space. The tiny one-bedroom dwelling sits on a long lot surrounded in protective old oak trees.

Constructed with an overwhelmingly industrial aesthetic, the home’s sheet-metal siding balances the lush greenery of the Florida property, embodying a collection of gray hues from the patio to walls. The Casa Grove I by Mateu finds itself matching the contemporary architectural language of shipping-container houses.Charming Corrugated CabanasCharming Corrugated Cabanas 16. Bookworm Beauty Editorials

The new Marina Cunha Cake Magazine spread gets sensual for the publication’s second issue. Matching lightweight ensembles with hardcover books and four-eyed glasses, this editorial showcases how beauty and brains create a stunning package.

The photos were taken under a shady tree; exactly where I would curl up for a good read too. As the spread is titled ‘Another Place,’ it looks like the model’s mind has wandered into a sultry daydream as she seduces the lens in geek-chic fashions for the Marina Cunha Cake Magazine shoot.Bookworm Beauty EditorialsBookworm Beauty Editorials 15. Urinating Constable Creations

On a visit to the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts, you may not expect to find a sculpture of a female cop relieving herself, yet ‘Petra’ by Marcel Walldorf may prove you wrong.

Despite having been exhibited in both Berlin and Leipzig, the figure with its exposed genitals is now mustering much outrage among German cops who find the figure to be offensive towards the armed forces. Nevertheless, ‘Petra’ by Marcel Walldorf remains to be a remarkably lifelike work of art that brilliantly captures the divide between the private and public spheres of society. Riot police are people too—at least they get thirsty like the rest of us.Urinating Constable CreationsUrinating Constable Creations 1

4. Disintegrating Pixelated Designs

At its core, ‘Digital Decay’ by Zachary Eastwood-Bloom is a modern-day deconstructivist work of art. This computer-generated collection of furniture includes a chair and table designed to look like they’re in the process of degeneration.

Created with sophisticated 3D modeling software, ‘Digital Decay’ by Zachary Eastwood-Bloom is typical to the designer’s work in that it analyzes the laws of physics and technology with an exploration of material, mass and volume.Disintegrating Pixelated DesignsDisintegrating Pixelated Designs 1

Photo Credits: Designboom

3. Minimalist Feminine Portfolios

This sample of NerySoul photography isn’t focused on the bells, whistles and cheap tricks that can sometimes dominate feminine photography. The Russian artist has a direct, forthright style that loses none of its potency or impact.

What is most impressive about this collection of NerySoul photography, however, is that almost every picture places the model directly in front of the lens. The artist’s statement isn’t about revealing flesh scandalously, but rather about peering into the intent gaze of each subject. This direct, no-nonsense focus is provocative and completely refreshing.

Minimalist Feminine PortfoliosMinimalist Feminine Portfolios 12. Deranged Domestic Editorials

Based on blatant photographic evidence, I’m going to assume that the subject of ‘Home Works’ by Miles Aldridge was probably married for her looks. Model Caroline Trentini is the blonde bombshell in this editorial, and expertly succeeds at looking quite clueless in the kitchen.

With a bored expression and glazed-over eyes, this hysterical housewife finds herself exasperated on a cluttered countertop while baking a cake that ends up caving in. Found in Vogue Italia, ‘Home Works’ by Miles Aldridge references the Stepford Wives stereotype in a way that is simultaneously delightful and demonic.Deranged Domestic EditorialsDeranged Domestic Editorials 11. Bizarre Vintage Fashiontography

This Peter Kemp collection of fashion photography captures some surreal situations that are audibly awkward. Featuring models dressed in vintage period clothing, each picture seems to vibrate with an uneasy tension that is completely intentional on the artist’s part.

What is most unforgettable about these pictures, however, is that every one communicates of a sense of being askew in some way. With retro textures and tones mixed with very awkward and at times risque subject matter, this Peter Kemp collection is one that is impossible to view neutrally.Bizarre Vintage FashiontographyBizarre Vintage Fashiontography 1

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