Top 20 Trends of the Day (Jan 15)

Fresh Feminine Photography

20. Mystic Butterfly Dresses

The Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2011 ads have surfaced and they are mesmerizing to say the least. The ads scream everything McQueen as both the gorgeous dress and the hairdo sported by the model are uniquely captivating.

The Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2011 ad campaign looks almost surreal with its black backdrop being taken over by hundreds of orange butterflies. With this sneak peak of the new collection, I bet you can’t wait to see the whole spring/summer line.

Mystic Butterfly Dresses19. Dynamic High-Def Photography

Whether he’s shooting two monkeys slugging it out in an epic fight, or chronicling the struggles of New York pedestrians and their umbrellas, Navid Baraty captures some of the crispest photos I’ve ever seen.

Navid Baraty’s work is equal opportunity in that he can recreate the same vivid detail in a variety of environments and with a huge variety of subjects—a versatility of ability that most photographers simply don’t share. All of this is even more amazing considering the fact that he is self-taught.Dynamic High-Def PhotographyDynamic High-Def Photography 118. Kitten Kaboose Jewelry

If you’ve been looking for some eccentric pieces to add to your otherwise tame jewelry collection, look no further than the Catbutt Earrings. Of course, it wouldn’t hurt if you were also a cat lover.

These Catbutt Earrings are extra special. Cute, strange and utterly unique, they will surely garner a lot of attention and comments from those who notice their off-the-wall design. There are even different breeds to choose from!Kitten Kaboose JewelryKitten Kaboose Jewelry 117. Pristine Fashion Pieces

I really like the stark approach to the Alexander McQueen SS11 lookbook. Simple and pristine, it focuses entirely on the amazingly tailored outfits.

Designed by Sarah Burton, the Alexander McQueen SS11 lookbook stars model Patricia Van Der Vliet. I like how she’s rocking the unique basket-weave hairstyle that was the talk of the Spring/Summer 2011 runway show, allowing for a lovely overall look.Pristine Fashion PiecesPristine Fashion Pieces 116. Life-Sized LEGO Statues

This featured life-sized LEGO Conan O’Brien is the work of New York-based artist Nathan Sawaya. This commissioned piece of work joins Sawaya’s other life sized statue done in the image of Stephen Colbert.

The LEGO Conan O’Brien strikes a power pose wearing a LEGO suit, blue collared shirt and red tie. Standing at over six feet tall, this toy structure is so much cooler than any LEGO construct I’ve ever seen. Life-Sized LEGO StatuesLife-Sized LEGO Statues 115. Sleek Simple Sculleries

Before you know it, your kitchen can become the most cluttered area in your home, but that could all change thanks to the MILLY Kitchen. A sleek, simple and modular kitchen design, it not only utilizes the space you have, but also creates an open, airy facade that allows you to cook, eat or even just hang out.

Created by Stosa Cucine, the MILLY Kitchen features curved elements that create a smoother appearance, storage units that open both left and right and other new additions. The MILLY Kitchen is available in Tranchè, Ash and Matrix finishes. Sleek Simple SculleriesSleek Simple Sculleries 114. Blood-Splattered Furniture

The Pint Table is definitely not a piece of furniture that falls under the “classic table” category. Though it seems as though it drew inspiration from a crime scene, it was actually inspired by dripping paint.

Designed by Mexico City-based Elias Kababie, the Pint Table is available in dining table and coffee table options. Priced at $5,000 and $3,500 respectively, it is available in five colors: red, pink, blue, black and white. Blood-Splattered Furniture13. Sun-Hindering Hammocks

I’ve always loved the idea of hammocks, but have rarely found them to be as comfortable as the Royal Botania Surf Lounger looks to be. Unlike its cousin the Wave, this model is anchored on both sides, making it an ideal swinging seat for two people at once.

Embodying a beautiful elliptical form composed of the metal frame and canvas seat and canopy, the Royal Botania Surf Lounger doubles as a sculptural work of art. Sun-Hindering HammocksSun-Hindering Hammocks 112. Brilliantly Blessed Homes

I can only think of pros when it comes to living in the Church House. Not only is it the perfect sanctuary, it’s already blessed and is an architectural heaven as well.

Designed by Zecc Architects, the Church House was once the St. Jakobus church, and now, it is a stunning, minimalist loft apartment. This isn’t the first time a church has been upcycled into a home, but it certainly is one that will turn many heads.

Brilliantly Blessed HomesBrilliantly Blessed Homes11. Pop Culture Caricutures

The irreverent style and humor behind these awesome Court Jones drawings make them stand out in the realm of cartoon parody as something more than just cheap mockeries of famous faces. Since these Court Jones drawings poke fun at celebrities and pop culture icons from across a broad spectrum, they are more fun and absurd than mean-spirited and cruel. In that vein, the viewer is given license to enjoy them unhindered as what they are: mischievous art with an unabashed neutrality.

From Jack Nicholson to the Pope and even the fellows from the comedic rock band Spinal Tap, no one is safe from Court Jones’ satirical creativity.

Pop Culture CaricuturesPop Culture Caricutures 110. Recycled Trash Sculptures

Steven Siegel is an extraordinary environmental artist who creates large art pieces made from unwanted material. His recycled trash sculptures have been installed in many places around the world. They are a silent testimony to how individuals can influence the environment they live in.

Some of Steven Siegel’s amazing recycled trash sculptures include stacks of multi-layered waste newspaper. The forest setting of these pieces is a poignant of how much paper the world consumes.

Recycled Trash SculpturesRecycled Trash Sculptures 19. Sensual Club Shoots

Making love in the club is now high on my list of priorities after seeing Marcos Alberti’s ‘Later in the Club’ series. ‘Later in the Club’ is a sensual photo shoot that follows one man’s steamy escapades in an upscale club.

Marcos Alberti does a great job setting the scene for ‘Later in the Club,’ making you actually believe that you’re looking at private photos of a dapperly dressed playboy’s night out. My nights out suddenly look shabby in comparison. Sensual Club ShootsSensual Club Shoots 18. Striking Swimwear Lookbooks

The We Are Handsome Summer 2011 lookbook showcases a stunning swimwear collection poolside.

I don’t know what captivates me more: the glamorously bronzed model, the sexy cuts of the swimsuits or the oceanic blue pool. Either way, the three elements put together becomes a triple threat, making it hard for viewers to look away. The We Are Handsome Summer 2011 lookbook definitely dazzles its audience in every way. Striking Swimwear LookbooksStriking Swimwear Lookbooks 17. Playful Improv Pictorials

The models let loose on set for a fun-filled Opening Ceremony Spring 2011 lookbook shot by famous photographer Terry Richardson.

Starring Lindsey Wixon and Paolo Anchisi, the two come together in an adorable shoot. Dressed in the new collection of flowy frocks and pom pom-adorned tops, how can one not play around? The models really liven up the Opening Ceremony Spring 2011 line making us want to have the same fun too. Playful Improv PictorialsPlayful Improv Pictorials 16. Computer-Lit Captures

It’s easy to forget that there is a person behind the blog, but the Gabriela Herman Blogger photo series brings these recluse beings to light. A fantastic portrait series, it captures bloggers doing what they do best: blogging.

As a professional blogger myself, I can’t help but feel a connection to the Gabriela Herman Blogger series. Since Herman believes that we bloggers bring people closer together, she “wanted to bring their intimate worlds to the outside public.” Computer-Lit CapturesComputer-Lit Captures 15. Homicidal Dolls

Guys, if you’ve ripped off Barbie heads before, be careful, because Mariel Clayton shows that the doll has a dark side.

Ontario artist Mariel Clayton doesn’t like Barbie, so she decided to portray the iconic doll as the obsessive, suicidal, psychotic girlfriend you were glad you broke up with. Unfortunately for Ken, he’s always the victim and succumbs to Barbie’s Dexter-like sociopath complex. Check out these shocking crime scene photos of Barbie smiling as she’s surrounded by a pool of blood. Homicidal DollsHomicidal Dolls 14. Heated Photo Sets

The Kamila Wawrzyniak Elle Poland shoot demonstrates the passion between a model and her photographer.

Forced down on the ground, Wawrzyniak is seemingly being seduced by photographer Oscar Spendrup in this steamy setting. No matter how professional they may be, the two really can’t seem to keep their hands off each other within this Kamila Wawrzyniak Elle Poland spread, making it all the more enticing.

Heated Photo SetsHeated Photo Sets 13. Fresh Feminine Photography

There is something particularly fresh about Nika Shatova’s photography. I think it has to do with the soft lighting that hasn’t succumbed to the whole vintage-finish trend going on in many photographers’ portfolios right now.

Nika Shatova is a Russian photographer who seems to focus mainly on portraits. She specializes on capturing mothers-to-be, couples and babies in particular, according to Whitezine. Pure and simple, her work is all about the subject and his or her connection with the camera. Fresh Feminine PhotographyFresh Feminine Photography 12. Second Skin Costumes

You can’t go wrong with the perfect balance of overdressed and under dressed in these Invisible Clothes. If you find nudity somewhat liberating, you’ll be happy to learn that it can be nearly achieved aesthetically with a flesh-colored jacket, toed sneakers and see-through skirts—minus the nasty fine for indecent exposure.

It looks to me that unfortunately the hoodie and the running shoes are in fact photoshopped images, but the Invisible Clothes look can still be achieved when wearing these apparently transparent bum-printed pencil skirts. Second Skin CostumesSecond Skin Costumes 11. Peculiar Playground Footwear

The Kobi Levi Slide shoe is one of many new releases from the imaginative artist. Kobi Levi creates fabulously fantastical footwear that looks more like art than apparel, and though they may not strike everyone’s fancy, these shoes will definitely draw everyone’s attention.

Other awesome Kobi Levi creations include Blond Ambition, inspired by the pop queen herself, Madonna. You can check out the Kobi Levi Slide shoe amongst other mind-boggling pieces in the gallery. Peculiar Playground FootwearPeculiar Playground Footwear 1Read more on:

Pristine Fashion Pieces

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