Top 20 Trends of the Day (Jan 14)

20. In-Character Covers

As a huge fan of ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ franchise, I was a little hesitant about the American remake—that is, until I saw the Rooney Mara W Magazine cover shoot. This sizzling actress appears edgy and sexy in the spread, yet still manages to maintain a hint of femininity that is totally sultry and subtle.

Channeling the trilogy’s unlikely hero Lisbeth Salander, the Rooney Mara W Magazine cover shoot will be part of the February 2011 issue. It was photographed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino and styled by Trish Summerville.In-Character CoversIn-Character Covers19. Industrial Snowtography

In the city of Tampere, Finland, photographer Sanni Lehtinen captured quiet snow-covered urban surroundings. Her wintery pictures blend the notions of industrial life with nature’s fury. Poetically speaking, Lehtinen’s photographic abilities make for great murals in lofts and lounges due to her vision and eye behind the lens.

The snowy terrains mute the city’s hustle and bustle temporarily; therefore, Sanni Lehtinen is able to freeze time in a photographic capsule that takes you on a voyage of solitude through a winter wonderland.Industrial SnowtographyIndustrial Snowtography18. Dead Tree Photography

Kevin Day’s ‘One Dead Tree’ is an ongoing project that has lasted five years. Kevin photographs the same dead tree hundreds of times, but each picture is incredibly different and unique. The tree is located in Berkshire, UK.

Kevin says of ‘One Dead Tree,’ “There is this wonderful old tree unchanging over the years and yet I can take hundreds of photos of it during the seasons and very few of them look the same. It is all about the change around the constant.”Dead Tree PhotographyDead Tree Photography17. Couture Creation Showcases

Bright Young Things is an event allowing new and emerging fashion designers to show off their work. Each designer gets their own window to create whatever their vision may be. The designers also get to create an exclusive product that contest sponsor Selfridges will sell.

Bright Young Things is a great opportunity for these haute up-and-comers to gain popularity and get their name out in the ferocious fashion world.Couture Creation ShowcasesCouture Creation Showcases16. High-Tech Eco Roadsters

The Venturi America Roadster roared on to the scene at the Detroit Auto Show this week, and these shots are the latest intel on the innovative road warrior.

The vehicle is a hybrid between an electric sports car and an all-terrain vehicle, but as these pictures clearly demonstrate it navigates well between the two in order to create a truly tantalizing beast machine. Also, concerned consumers will be happy to know that the Venturi America Roadster still packs a lot of power with its electric engine which. In fact, Venturi claims it can dish out over 300 horsepower and is “the most advanced electric motor ever designed for an automobile.”High-Tech Eco RoadstersHigh-Tech Eco Roadsters15. Paper Animal Mask Sculptures

Paper Cut Project is a wonderful collaboration between Amy Flurry and Nikki Salk who create all sorts of cut paper art installations. Their Animalia collection is a series of paper animal mask sculptures created exclusively for Hermes, the French boutique.

The intricate paper animal mask sculptures require the kind of artistic and styling talents of the two collaborators to produce such works of art. It’s easy to see why the Paper Cut Project’s work is in demand for window-dressing and all sorts of ad campaigns.Paper Animal Mask SculpturesPaper Animal Mask Sculptures14. Alcohol Can Collections

The unique ‘Beer’ book documentary by Dan Becker and Lance Wilson chronicles the evolution and development of the beer can. Composed of 500 images, this collection represents beer cans from 32 countries and spans seven decades.

This ‘Beer’ book was inspired after Dan Becker and Lance Wilson happened to come upon an extensive beer collection which they decided to photograph and document. The book takes the reader through the timeline of the beer industry, giving a history of the different cans and distributors. Could you imagine chugging from one of these antique cans?Alcohol Can CollectionsAlcohol Can Collections13. Oriental-Themed Ads

The Louis Vuitton Spring 2011 campaign draws inspiration from the Orient producing an extravagant editorial of glimmer and shine.

For an haute couture fashion house, only the cream of the crop models were chosen to be the face of the ads. Freja Beha Erichsen, Kristen McMenamy and Raquel Zimmermann don Asian-inspired pieces filling out traditional wear with sensual silhouettes. The Louis Vuitton spring 2011 campaign is a modern glimpse of the exotic Far East land.Oriental-Themed AdsOriental-Themed Ads12. Sophisticated Fashion Campaigns

There is something incredibly sophisticated about the Ann Taylor SS11 campaign. I think it has very much to do with not only the tailored suit Katie Holmes is rocking, but also with the star’s regal presence.

Yet the Ann Taylor SS11 campaign also has a sultry element that owes fully to the smoldering stare Holmes gives to the camera. As a long-time fan of the fashion label, she says, “I applaud women who are doing their best to be the best versions of themselves and who are working really hard.”Sophisticated Fashion Campaigns

11. Modular Libraries

Studio Parade has designed a bookcase that organizes your books in parallel form.

Although most bookshelves align books in the upright position, Studio Parade’s shelf does the exact opposite, organizing them in a horizontal manner. The designers felt that by lying different colored books and objects flat in an open space, you can turn your shelf into a work of art. This bookcase by Studio Parade is a must-have for any book-lover.Modular LibrariesModular Libraries10. Functional Art Furniture

Splinter Works is blurring the line between art and furniture with their latest furniture release. The collection is made up of three limited edition pieces designed for all areas of the house.

Artsy furniture is often too artistic to be functional. Thankfully, that isn’t the case here as all three pieces in Splinter Work’s new collection could actually be used on a day-to-day basis around any home.Functional Art FurnitureFunctional Art Furniture9. Mood-Manipulated Furniture

The Moody Series is a furniture collection designed to fit the diverse range of moods that its user has. Couches are a prominent part of almost every living room, but sometimes they simply don’t feel the most comfortable, depending on what mood you’re in.

Featuring moods like sleepy, busy, playful, intimate and many more, the Moody Series adds extra functionality to the typical couch. Designed with high quality cotton upholstery material, this couch looks good in any mood.Mood-Manipulated FurnitureMood-Manipulated Furniture8. Typographic Treat Packaging

Very little needs to be done to make the experience of treat-eating even more enjoyable, yet Pedro Miguel Lopes has outdone himself and the delicious dessert with his Abracadabra Chocolate branding.

Inspired by the label name and the magic of sweet surprises, the graphic designer worked as many bright colors and diversified facial expressions as possible into the wrappers of these goodies. Exhibiting evidence of a clear typeface fanatic, Abracadabra Chocolate branding is composed of typographical symbols more so than words throughout the sugary sheaths, bags, boxes, and even the store’s interior design and shopkeeper uniforms.Typographic Treat PackagingTypographic Treat Packaging7. Fragmented Fashion Illustrations

It’s incredibly refreshing to see fragmented forms and dismembered models within the pages of a fashion magazine, contributed in the form of these Becha ELLE openers for the Serbian January 2011 issue of the publication.

Having illustrated various colorful collage pieces for the covers to each section, artist Vesna Pesic, also known as Becha, has employed inspiration from extensive historical imagery to create compelling and peculiar artworks that set off airbrushed breasts and photoshopped faces with a surrealist twist.Fragmented Fashion IllustrationsFragmented Fashion Illustrations6. Sultry Sun-Drenched Spreads

When it comes to capturing sexuality mixed with a colder sense of reality through the medium of photography, Sarah Louise is a master.

The first thing that stands out about Sarah Louise’s work is the delicate line it walks between confidence and sensuality, danger and comfort. For although oftentimes set in more harsh environments (such as a city street at night, or a chain-link fence) her photographs somehow manage to effectively mingle opposing sensibilities without sacrificing their humanity – a key component of Sarah Louise’s evocative artistry.Sultry Sun-Drenched SpreadsSultry Sun-Drenched Spreads5. Glowing Girltography

Toronto model Nayia Govas is quickly emerging in the Canadian modeling scene as a versatile and uber sultry model, along with photographer Stephen M Loban shining behind the lens. Nayia’s portfolio ranges from long-legged action poses to poetically inclined couture shots, portraying her adaptability and fashionable creativity.

Photographer Stephen M Loban’s personal portfolio is equally as impressive. His fashionable editorials, beauty and singles showcase his talented versatility. Loban’s use of light and shadows emphasize not only his models’ features but also his unique vision.Glowing GirltographyGlowing Girltography4. Hyperreal Photography

Photographer/graphic designer Jaroslav Stehlik captures and creates vivid eye-grabbing images, as demonstrated in these featured works. His art features surreal topics, ranging from flooded cities to super-defined biceps, proving that Jaroslav Stehlik works with a wide range of ideas and subjects.

The crispness and extreme details featured within these Jaroslav Stehlik artworks are particularly what make these images seem intensely real.Hyperreal PhotographyHyperreal Photography3. Dramatic Facial Decals

A black and white palette drowned in dramatic lighting makes this editorial featuring Irina Nikolaeva by Vladimir Vasilchikov absolutely breathtaking. Posed beneath heavy shrouds of velvety darkness, the striking Irina Nikolaeva seems to hold her breath in stunning suffocation.

Found in the December 2010/January 2011 issue of L’Officiel Russia, Irina Nikolaeva by Vladimir Vasilchikov captures a tenebrous series of startling images, flaunting a selection of furry and form-fitting fashions, amidst intricate facial accessories.Dramatic Facial DecalsDramatic Facial Decals2. Burgeoning Baby Beds

If you’re worried about breaking the bank for an adorably well-designed nursery, fret not because the Ubabub Pod Cot will last you at least four years.

The cute baby crib is made of curved timber plywood with clear plastic safety guards, perfect for keeping your infant in place. Once the little guy or girl has grown out of the cradle phase, the Ubabub Pod Cot transforms into a toddler junior bed with one remaining wooden headboard. Made from sustainable and non-toxic materials, the Ubabub Pod Cot is a sound investment that will give your children many winks for wear.Burgeoning Baby BedsBurgeoning Baby Beds

1. Slamming Stiletto Sneaks

Morphed into a sexy pair of stilettos, these High Heel Nike Jordans are a line of all-star pumps that would score some major points.

Giving these high-tops some more height and pizazz, these high heels sneakers are pretty fierce. Not the typical pair of basketball shoes you’d see on the court, these High Heel Nike Jordans will probably be more likely to be seen on a hot girl down the street.Slamming Stiletto SneaksSlamming Stiletto SneaksRead more on:

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