Top 20 Trends of the Day (Jan 12)

Alluring Androgynous Shoots

20. Beadazzled Bathtubs

Well-known for designing beautiful and exquisite bathtub designs, Aquamass has hit a new level of luxury with the Aquamass ‘Parure’ bathtub designed by the talented Elvis Pompilio. Touted as ‘whimsical and seductive,’ and exuding ‘emotion, generosity, sensuality and femininity,’ this bathtub is sure to take your bathing experience to a whole new electrifying level.

Available in fire red, white, grey, deep black, African pigments, azure and bronze sparkle, the Aquamass ‘Parure’ bathtubs are sure to deck out your bathroom decor in a beautiful crystalline way. Accented with backlit LEDs, the sleek and sexy tub is perfect for any home.Beadazzled BathtubsBeadazzled Bathtubs19. Swan Lake Dresses

I’m in love with Stevie Mada’s haute couture fashion photography. Not only is it completely stylistic and visionary, it focuses equally on the model and her/his backdrop, creating a seamless scene that is entirely captivating.

Stevie Mada is made up of a photography duo, Stevie Verroca and Mada Refujio. Having met in Los Angeles back in 2005, the duo has worked wonderfully together since. Stevie Mada produces great work that has been published in magazines such as Flaunt.Swan Lake DressesSwan Lake Dresses18. Abandoned Men’s Club Renovations

Originally built in 1909, the Harmony Club fell into disrepair and neglect for decades until David Hurlbut bought the property for $100,000 in 1990.

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Since then, David has poured his own unique style into the Harmony Club and has filled it with antique furniture and coveted artwork. He describes his interior design aesthetic as “Neo-Gilded Age Steampunk,” with the most impressive aspect of his vision being that he saw so much potential in this neglected building and had the courage to invest the time, money and effort into bringing it to life.Abandoned Men's Club RenovationsAbandoned Men's Club Renovations

17. Hyper-Realistic Couple Paintings

I’m still stunned by hyper-realistic paintings such as Eric Zener’s. If I didn’t know any better, I would have believed that he was a photographer and his portfolio was full of real photos. Of course, hyper-realism seems to be the big thing right now in art, with Eric Zener’s work as a great example of how to do it right.

Eric Zener’s underwater painting series is particularly impressive. Not only are his subjects incredibly detailed and life-like, their surroundings are just as impeccable.Hyper-Realistic Couple PaintingsHyper-Realistic Couple Paintings16. Blown-Out Hair Photography

Not only is Michael Stonis’ photography work glamorous, it is full of life and character as well. This is not necessarily lacking in haute couture fashion, but it does seem rare at times.

Hailing from Southern California, Michael Stonis focuses on portraits. With an eye for composition and lighting, he has put together a portfolio that is creatively and artistically impressive.Blown-Out Hair PhotographyBlown-Out Hair Photography15. Transparent Touchscreen Cases

Touch UI is revolutionizing the way you use your iPod touch with their new Back Touch. The Korean company has developed a case that lets you control your iPod Touch or iPhone 4 from the behind.

The Back Touch makes surfing the web and typing on your touchscreen Apple gadget easier by allowing you to hold and type at the same time. You won’t have to worry about typing without being able to see your fingers as they are displayed on screen. Check out a few screen shots of the Back Touch in the featured gallery.Transparent Touchscreen CasesTransparent Touchscreen Cases14. Flipped Facial Hair

What happens when a chin becomes a head and one’s scalp assumes the stubble? The Something Awful Weird Beards collection explores the full extent of the many peculiar results of such a Photoshop swap.

In the past, the website’s Forum Goons have shared ‘DogBeards’ and ‘Chinanimals’ with similar and strange shaggy outcomes, but the graduation to human subjects has lead to some pretty hairy situations. Reversing the cropped coif of Natalie Portman with an apparent peach fuzz, alongside the new looks of Leonardo DiCaprio, John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson and even Albert Einstein, the Something Awful Weird Beards collection is a photographic freak show that will leave you wanting more.Flipped Facial HairFlipped Facial Hair13. Online Stylista Lines

This major retailer is popular for its collaborations between its budget-conscious brand and haute couture designers, but this marks the first time its teamed up with a fashion blogger in the new H & M Elin Kling Collaboration.

Available at select H&M locations in Sweden, the 11 piece collection is designed by Swedish blogger “modebloggerska.” The H & M Elin Kling Collaboration includes modern and simple designs in an airy, all-white collection with accents of blush pink and gray pieces.

Online Stylista LinesOnline Stylista Lines12. Androgynous Supermodels

International supermodel Gisele Bundchen rocked the shorts, flats and dress shirts for the Demarchelier editorial in Vogue China February 2011. It is safe to say that Patrick Demarchelier is one of the top photographers in Vogue history; therefore, having both of these fashionable influences working together is truly inspirational.

Decked out in Comme des Garcons, Rag & Bone and Celine, Gisele Bundchen channels her inner masculinity for the editorial labeled ‘Boyish Allure.’ The Vogue China February 2011 issue is on stands now.Androgynous SupermodelsAndrogynous Supermodels

11. Wacky Witch Photoshoots

Starring Tao Okamoto in the Numero China 5 edition, this model dresses in a witch-like wardrobe full of wacky and whimsical prints.

Much like a sorceress, Tao is never without her black, floppy hat. She wears loose-fitting robes and voluminous pants. Who knows what witchcraft she has under those airy clothes but one thing is for sure, she has a naked muse by her side. The background is a little bizarre but the Numero China 5 edition definitely puts us under its spell.Wacky Witch PhotoshootsWacky Witch Photoshoots

10. Unassuming Eco Fashion

Hessnatur by Clodagh is a straight-forward line of eco-conscious clothing that doesn’t fool around with ostentatious add-ons or try to be anything more than it is.

With basic and comfortable designs, the earth-friendly apparel is positive and forward-thinking without needing to brag about it—a quality that is appealing in a line of casual clothing. And although Clodagh is first and foremost an interior design organization, they demonstrate in the Hessnatur by Clodagh line that the same sensibilities that led them to be successful in that market are also applicable in the fashion game.Unassuming Eco FashionUnassuming Eco Fashion9. Subtly Romantic Photography

There is something subtly romantic about Pauline Franque’s photography. With a strong focus on lighting, she imbues a feminine touch into her work, which works wonders with her models.

Based in Arras, France, Pauline Franque is a young photographer with a definitive style and a lot of skill. Inspired by just about anything related to art, you can see how she pulls these elements into her work. From cinematic qualities to emotive paintings, she references it all.Subtly Romantic PhotographySubtly Romantic Photography8. Alluring Androgynous Shoots

The Gisele Bundchen Vogue China spread for the February 2011 shoot has this pretty model dressed in a mix of feminine and masculine pieces. Combined, it creates a sultry spread of androgynous looks.

Oufitted in the likes of Balmain, Dries von Noten and Balenciaga, these tomboy ensembles keep it loose-fitting up top while showing off some major leg on the bottom. Without everything being so form-fitting, the Gisele Bundchen Vogue China spread proves that boyish looks can be just as sexy.Alluring Androgynous ShootsAlluring Androgynous Shoots7. LEGO Mobile Covers

The Smallworks Brickcase is an interesting and nontraditional mobile housing unit developed for the iPhone 4. The idea behind this premise was customization.

With the adaptation of additional LEGO blocks, the user is able to attach different pieces to the case and create custom Smallworks Brickcase designs.

The case comes in a variety of shades and is very reasonably priced. The only problem now is finding all those LEGO pieces you stored in the closet when you were a kid.LEGO Mobile CoversLEGO Mobile Covers6. Humongous Hair Creations

It’s truly amazing what people can do with hair, just look at these spectacular hairstyles by Arnostyle. Said to be one of the “masters of hairstyling,” Arnostyle creates massive masterpieces from the follicles of his models.

The hairstyles by Arnostyle are anything but subtle. This hair wizard’s work is over the top, exciting, and outrageous. He must go through millions of hairspray cans a year creating these crazy looks. Some of his wicked work can be seen in the gallery.Humongous Hair CreationsHumongous Hair Creations5. Sprightly Skull Street Art

Though most people have always been told not to draw on the walls, it’s clear that artist Richard Vermaak didn’t get that memo. Using eroded surfaces as his canvases, Vermaak draws ‘Skelewags’—quirky skull faced characters that interact with their surroundings—in an interesting and creative manner.
Richard Vermaak pushes his creativity as he searches for new ways to interpret different surfaces and construct unique situations for his ‘Skelewags,’ providing viewers with a few amazing works to look at.Sprightly Skull Street ArtSprightly Skull Street Art4. Softly Surreal Pictorials

Julie de Waroquie is a photographer from Lyon, France who takes breath-taking photos that transport the viewer away to a soft, serene dream world. Unlike other surreal photographs that are more outlandish and in your face, the pictures that Julie creates have a subtlety and discreteness about them.

In a pursuit to show the world how it should be, Julie de Waroquie tries to make reality seem much more gentle. One of the things she tries to accomplish through her photographs is to “create new worlds that may surprise the people who observe them.”Softly Surreal PictorialsSoftly Surreal Pictorials3. Proud Parent Portraiture

Hailing from Australia, Michelle Dupont is a passionate photographer with six adorable kids. She does fine art portraiture and wedding photography.

Although Michelle Dupont takes hundreds of pictures for others, some of her best shots are of her kids. Her series on her children is absolutely beautiful and so youthful. Her daughter works some interesting head gear as well as a great pair of too-big glasses. Capturing little moments can lead to the greatest pictures.Proud Parent PortraitureProud Parent Portraiture2. Hidden Oasis Homes

At first glance, you’ll wonder where you can vacation at this wondrous getaway, but the Resort House is actually someone’s home in the suburbs.

Hidden Oasis HomesHidden Oasis HomesHaving been a dark and dilapidated structure, this old house was re-incarnated by Bower Architecture into a hidden oasis, boasting a resort-like feel for family and friends. With its all white, pristine aesthetics, the Resort House is truly a modern getaway and a home you’ll never want to leave.

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