Top 20 Trends of the Day (Jan 11)

Apocalyptic Artwork

20. Tasty T-Shirt Treasures

The Giant Fortune Cookie by Fredrik Staurland is a t-shirt which comes packaged exactly as stated –- in a giant edible fortune cookie. In order to get to the t-shirt fortune, you must crack open the cookie exterior.

Staurland is a freelance graphic designer, currently studying communication design in Australia. The Giant Fortune Cookie is a great example of his clever design work, and definitely a tasty treat for those who come across it.Tasty T-Shirt TreasuresTasty T-Shirt Treasures19. Couture Cellular Accessories

For all the brand-obsessed individuals out there, it’s time you showed off your cellphone in style via this Louis Vuitton phone belt.

The large clothing brand released this Louis Vuitton phone belt specifically for those who are both tech and fashion-focused. Though the holder only fits the phone LV provides, it is still a fashionable piece that will have many LV fans lining up to add it to their wardrobes.Couture Cellular Accessories18. Intoxicated Exercising

Recently, a new Internet meme known as ‘drunken yoga’ has become wildly popular due to its hilarious content. Featuring pictures of inebriated people in positions reminiscent of Yoga, ‘drunken yoga’ will undoubtedly crack you up.

The ‘drunken yoga’ photos are side-by-side comparisons of iconic Yoga positions and shots of passed-out people in unfortunate circumstances. The resulting juxtapositions are undeniably comical, and have a humorous mischief all their own.Intoxicated ExercisingIntoxicated Exercising17. Intricate Paper Art

Full if intricate and unique designs, Origamido Studio has some of the most intensely cool examples of the origami art form I’ve ever seen.

Located in Hawaii at the International Market Place, the Origamido Studio is renowned for not only their world-famous origami, but also their instructional workshops and welcoming educational atmosphere. What sets it apart from most retail outlets however, is that Origamido Studio is as much a social mecca for origami enthusiasts as it is a business—a fact that has made it a popular hot spot on the island.Intricate Paper ArtIntricate Paper Art16. Glitzy Parisian Hotels

Le Royal Monceau is a world-renowned Parisian hotel with a long celebrated history that has recently undergone a thorough interior redesign by Philippe Starck.

The presiding focus of the new Le Royal Monceau interior is decidedly hip, and although rooms are 800 euros a night, visitors will definitely find the hefty price well worth it. In this way, the hotel’s interior manages to walk a fine line between luxury and sophistication, while not seeming outdated or old-fashioned.Glitzy Parisian HotelsGlitzy Parisian Hotels15. Eerie Sweeping Hairdos

The V Magazine 69 issue features a spread filled with hairtastic portraits from some of the industry’s up-and-coming models.

Some of the newbies include Fei Fei Sun, Ajak Deng and Melodie Monrose, wearing looks from Chanel, Sonia Rykiel and Gucci. Amongst the stylish labels, there’s no doubt that you’ll also be captivated by the voluminous hairdos, with some styles that are full and gigantic, while others are stiff and tall. Either way, the V Magazine 69 issue gears us up for a year full of fresh faces and creative looks.Eerie Sweeping HairdosEerie Sweeping Hairdos14. Athletic Cycling Shoots

Who would have thought that a cyclist-themed shoot could turn into a sexy fashion spread? Lensed by Wee Khim, this Style Singapore January 2011 photographic spread makes cycling couture come alive.

Starring Vanessa in sports bras, cycling shorts and goggles, the spread definitely gives the tomboy look plenty of sex appeal. Vanessa captivates her audience with sultry looks as she drapes her body over colorful bicycle frames, giving viewers a joy ride through the pages of the Style Singapore January 2011 issue.Athletic Cycling ShootsAthletic Cycling Shoots13. Sporty Sneaker Cams

The Air Jordan III Olympus E-PL2 is a camera that basketball and photography enthusiasts can call their own.

The Air Jordan III-themed camera is part of the Olympus E-PL2 campaign in Hong Kong. Drawing inspiration from the sneaker, the camera has the red, white, black and orange color scheme, complete with the gray elephant print on the front. The Air Jordan III Olympus E-PL2 truly brings the world of sports and photography together.Sporty Sneaker CamsSporty Sneaker Cams12. Delicate Floral Installs

Andreas Verheijen uses plants the same way most sculptures use clay.

Known as “the flower engineer,” Andreas Verheijen uses his sculpting skills in bringing these floral structures to life. He spent over a decade working at a Harrods’ floral department honing his craft, and although his living works might lack the permanence of sculptures engineered from clay or stone, their vibrant colors and lively nature make up for their short lifespan.Delicate Floral InstallsDelicate Floral Installs11. Viral Video Nuptials

Marriage ceremonies are often long and dull, but not when you’re in attendance of a flash mob wedding. A Boston couple shared their special day with family, friends and a whole lot of strangers at the local mall.

The ceremony was complete with a choir singing ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,’ a sweet-looking flower girl, and a touching kiss to seal the deal.

If you’re looking for a fun and romantic alternative to your traditional nuptials, why not try a flash mob wedding ceremony?

Viral Video NuptialsViral Video Nuptials10. Breathtaking Cave Photography

Stephen Alvarez traveled the world for nearly fifteen years in order to collect pictures for his fascinating collection ‘Earth From Below.’

The series features some shots of unbelievable scope and beauty that are simultaneously humbling and awe-inspiring. What is most striking about the ‘Earth From Below’ collection is the sheer scale of some of the caves featured within it. In several of the photos, the presence of humans serve as stark relief to the magnitude and immensity of their surroundings—a contrast that only adds to the majestic beauty of the photographs and their content.Breathtaking Cave PhotographyBreathtaking Cave Photography9. Apocalyptic Artwork

Humanity has always had a morbid fascination with apocalyptic imagery, and this ‘Great Flood Predictions’ collection demonstrates that the phenomenon isn’t just limited to big-budget Hollywood flicks.

From London to Washington, this ‘Great Flood Predictions’ collection attempts to imagine what a worldwide catastrophe would look like. While some of the pieces from this great floods prediction series portray catastrophic tidal waves crashing into buildings, others show the aftermath of the event by displaying submerged urban environments. The result is a varied arrangement of imagery that share a common vision of what the future may hold.Apocalyptic ArtworkApocalyptic Artwork8. Idiosyncratic Swimsuits

A day at the beach doesn’t always translate to a day in the ocean, so the Free People 2011 Swimwear line is perfect for those caught somewhere between land and sea. This colorful and eclectic collection of coastal looks is fit for both a dip in the water and a drink at the beachfront bar.

With lacy necklines, racy lattice material and vintage floral bikinis and bodysuits, the Free People 2011 Swimwear line adds fresh and flexible pieces to your summer wardrobe.Idiosyncratic SwimsuitsIdiosyncratic Swimsuits7. Futuristic Fashion Shoots

Inspired by futuristic looks paired with sleek architectural lines, the L’Officiel Brazil January 2011 issue is definitely fashion-forward.

Model Michelle Alves dons sequins, leather and fringe like a modern pin-up girl in this dazzling shoot. Against ocean-blue buildings and silver towering structures, Michelle’s all-black ensembles really stand out. The L’Officiel Brazil January 2011 spread makes us want to stylishly fast-forward, just so we can have access to these futuristic pieces right now.Futuristic Fashion ShootsFuturistic Fashion Shoots6. Eerie Monster Art

he artwork of Mike Friedrich is what a nightmare would look like if it took place in a glow-and-the-dark bowling alley. With twisted visuals and a uniquely dark but vibrant style, his work has an unmistakeable colorful mischief to it.

In this collection, his fascination with nightmarish monstrosities is particularly apparent in his rich, but darkly inspired illustrations. One of these Mike Friedrich pictures in particular attempts to reinterpret Alice in Wonderland and the Wizard of Oz with a decidedly sinister twist, showcasing the artist’s ability to bring his own particular flare and style to recognizable fare.Eerie Monster ArtEerie Monster Art5. Bearded Pretty-Boy Shoots

Giving the unkept bearded look a clean edge, the featured Xoan Deluxx Magazine spread definitely gives you something to look at.

Donning a burly beard, Xoan may have you captivated with his crystal-clear gray eyes and clean-cut boyish looks. Featuring sleek streetwear and photographed by Sarra Fleur Abou-El-Haj, this hairy Xoan Deluxx Magazine spread will undoubtedly have all girls swooning.Bearded Pretty-Boy ShootsBearded Pretty-Boy Shoots4. Mermaid Bars

Sacramento isn’t much of a tourist spot now, but business should be booming once the Mermaird Bar opens up. The Mermaid Bar is the nickname of George Karpaty’s Dive Bar—a bar that features a massive fish tank filled with live fish and mermaids.

The Mermaid Bar’s fish tank measures 40-feet and can hold 7,500 gallons of water. The tank sits above the bar and is the biggest in any nightclub in the world. Currently the Mermaid Bar is being prepped to open, but you can get a sneak peek at the mermaids that frequent the bar in the gallery featured.Mermaid BarsMermaid Bars3. Blunt Candy Wrappers

College Humor is making it harder to eat candy with their new accurate candy wrappers. These updated wrappers describe popular candies like Reese’s and Starburst in the most literal and unflattering way possible.

Unfortunately for candy lovers College Humor’s accurate candy wrappers are pretty accurate. A 3 Musketeers Bar is nothing more than chocolate and fluff. Check out the gallery to see your if your favorite candy made the cut. Runts fans be warned, it gets ugly.Blunt Candy WrappersBlunt Candy Wrappers2. Nutty Eco Homes

Implementing solar architecture isn’t difficult when you consider strapping a couple panels to the roof, but the Fab Lab House reshapes the structured conventions of harnessing the sun for everyday energy.

Winner of the Solar Decathalon Europe People’s Choice Award, the Fab Lab House is an organically formed dwelling that incorporates an innovative use of ultra-efficient flexible solar cells. With its distinctive shape and environmentally advantageous talents, the Fab Lab House is a cutting-edge project, conceived of a concept that will continue to thrive.Nutty Eco HomesNutty Eco Homes1. Soul-Searching Portraiture

Alex Stoddard is one talented teen, at only 17-years-old he shows a mastery for the art of story telling through his series of self portraits. He is able to visualize and capture creative images which seem to come from within his soul. His ideas are well thought out and also beautifully executed.

Alex Stoddard just recently honed and developed his skills through participating in the 365 project, where for every day of the year you shoot a picture and share it. It’s obvious that this kid has talent and will be a photographer to watch. Click through the gallery to see some of the awesome self-portraits of Alex Stoddard.

Soul-Searching PortraitureSoul-Searching PortraitureRead more on:

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