Top 20 Trends of the Day (Jan 10)

Restless Housewife Photography

20. Honeycomb Abodes

Architect Karim Rashid recently unveiled a new house in Cairo inspired by the honeycomb.

The house has been dubbed the ‘Komb House,’ and it’s a spherical home with a hexagonal exterior mimicking the shape and patterns of a honeycomb. The inspiration behind Rashid’s design was to incorporate modern and traditional material while remaining environmentally friendly. The concept of the interior has four spaces, with each representing the activities of playing, eating, sleeping and cleansing. Karim Rashid has done it again with an innovative design that stays true to his style.Honeycomb AbodesHoneycomb Abodes19. Smog-Cleaning Clothes

Usually most clothing designers are happy just to make a dress that looks great or is comfortable, but the brains at Catalytic Clothing are a little more ambitious than that.

The brand’s latest release is a dress that purifies the air, which gives Catalytic Clothing the distinct honor of being the first company to do so. The catchy new name for the prototype? ‘Herself.’ The awesome fabric technology and the fashion revolution it might inspire speaks for itself.

Smog-Cleaning ClothesSmog-Cleaning Clothes18. Two-Faced Pin-Up Illustrations

There’s more than meets the eye when you view Brandt Peters’ artwork.

Brandt Peters is an illustrator who creates unique pin-ups. Instead of staying with portraits of tall, lean females, he goes for a more cartoon approach, adding extra characters into the mix. The concept behind his drawings is to show that everyone has a dark side despite their innocence. Brandt Peters captures his ideas brilliantly with his characters and their doppelgangers, which can be seen in the gallery.Two-Faced Pin-Up IllustrationsTwo-Faced Pin-Up Illustrations17. Hunky Skater Shoots

Australian photographer Keegan Walker’s most recent photographic novel ‘Hot Dudes’ is a culture shock for the conventional impression of the skateboarding lifestyle. Featuring many well-acclaimed skaters, Walker’s images expose male bonding and acceptance that stray from the stereotypical macho culture that most are accustomed to.

‘Hot Dudes’ brings us as close as it gets to the lives of these skateboarding fanatics.Hunky Skater ShootsHunky Skater Shoots16. Malleable Metal Vases

Laetitia Florin created the Bidum containers above as part of her graduation project for ECAL in Switzerland. Interested in trying to imitate the properties of a living organism, Florin created the Bidum containers, which sway and bounce when they’re touched or walked by.

The Bidum containers are constructed out of spring steel wrapped in fabric, giving them the ability to move and “live.” Laetitia Florin says of her project, “Movement is what makes Bidum beautiful and fascinating.”Malleable Metal VasesMalleable Metal Vases15. Street Fighter Art Exhibits

The Nike Destroyer Bat may be the best thing to come from the new Nike Destroyer collection so far. The bat was part of a Street Fighter-inspired art installation created by Plus 41 to advertise the new Nike Destroyer line.

The Nike Destroyer Bat is certifiably badass, with its protruding nails and burnt swoosh and destroyer logo. The entire installation is currently on display in two of Nike’s Switzerland stores.Street Fighter Art Exhibits14. Antagonistic Men’s Fashion

Tassos Sofroniou’s ‘Conquistador’ clothing line is inspired by the designer’s fascination with Spanish colonial history; surprisingly, however, these images seem to be less inclined with the militaristic imperialism of Spain than they are with bare skin and black clothing.

Despite the loose interpretation of the clothing’s theme, no one can deny Tassos Sofroniou captured the essence of being bold. ‘Conquistador’ clothing and photography is certainly something to keep an eye on.

Antagonistic Men's FashionAntagonistic Men's Fashion13.  Furry Cocoon Fashion

When you live in subzero climates, the one thing you can count on to provide both fashion and function is fur, something that is certainly apparent in this Iza Olak Marie Claire Russia spread.

Decked out in chunky folk-inspired knits, an ultra-cozy fur cocoon cape/hat, furry knee-high boots and what looks to be fur pants, model Iza Olak shows us just what it means to be a stylish snow bunny. The spread was photographed by Alan Gelati and appears in the magazine’s January 2011 issue.Furry Cocoon FashionFurry Cocoon Fashion12. Restless Housewife Photography

The February 2011 issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK features an anxious Ruby Aldridge in ‘The Collections’ by Norbert Schoerner. Wearing bold couture labels from Yves Saint Laurent to Lanvin and Louis Vuitton, this ever-moving model paces back and forth between each poolside magazine spread.

Photographed in an isolated suburban setting, ‘The Collections’ by Norbert Schoerner induces a dynamic appeal to the fiercely contrasting colorful fashions. This editorial’s got me hot and bothered for a fabulous springtime wardrobe.Restless Housewife PhotographyRestless Housewife Photography11. Retro RV Photography

The Airstream Trailers Campaign is a collaborative effort of 5 talented photographers with LenLee Represents of San Francisco. Each of the artists was asked to reveal their perspective of the classic, yet quirky aluminum trailers using their camera.

The photographers show us everything from fun retro images of hula hooping and tire swings by Darryl Bernstein to a more introspective look of a young family with a new baby by Rhea Anna. Wendi Nordeck made vintage laundry look like art hanging from an Airstream trailer. James Quantz Jr. took the eccentric Airstream approach; depicting a family or gorillas enjoying the trailer life, complete with water wings, fishing and beer. Check out the Airstream Trailers Campaign in the gallery.Retro RV PhotographyRetro RV Photography10. Urban Paradox Photography

We all have a general understanding of how the world is supposed to function and what themes, objects and concepts are supposed to interact, but in this collection Leo Caillard is happy to turn those preconceived notions upside down to deliver some truly awesome photos.

The images feature the irreverent mixing of opposites; through this collision, Leo Caillard’s work gives seemingly serious objects a newfound sense of absurdity. Mixing urban environments and militaristic machines, for example, creates an entirely different impact than the shots would have on their own.Urban Paradox PhotographyUrban Paradox Photography9. Timeless Gentleman Lookbooks

Swedish fashion label Rose & Born is all about class and style etiquette. The brand’s Fall/Winter lookbook shows how a man should dress for the season. Featuring splendid suits, terrific tuxes, and warm winter styling, Born & Rose is a man’s best bet to look sharp and warm for the fall and winter seasons.

These vintage shot spreads are classy from head to toe. Check out the gallery for ideas on how to improve your sophistication.

Timeless Gentleman LookbooksTimeless Gentleman Lookbooks8. Stylista Social Sites

Style By Me is a new and innovative lookbook for local Northwest Arkansas. The website and submissions have gained fast success within only four days after release.

Even though Style By Me is relatively new, it’s already soaring to high heights. By creating your own style profile based on pictures, Style By Me allows anyone to act as a stylist promoting themselves through the social site. Only a little more than a month old, Style By Me is already an established outlet for fashion.Stylista Social SitesStylista Social Sites7. Decapitated Pig Portraits

It wouldn’t be a good idea to check out ‘The Dark Side of Light’ by Danielle Tunstall right before bedtime. This photoshoot features everything from blood-bathed geishas to suicidal hospital patients. You’ve been warned.

My favorite image from ‘The Dark Side of Light’ by Danielle Tunstall has to be the man screaming at the severed pig’s head. Never before have I been so grossed out and intrigued at the same time. Check out all of Danielle Tunstall’s brutal and bizarre images in the gallery above.Decapitated Pig PortraitsDecapitated Pig Portraits6. Suspended Backyard Sanctuaries

Everyone needs a personal sanctuary in which to wind down, and this house in suburban Maryland has fostered the sacred on-site in this Tea House by David Jameson Architects.

Inspired by the form of a Japanese lantern, the bamboo-embraced Tea House by David Jameson hangs serenely from a steel frame overhead. This glass-and-bronze box serves as the perfect place for a book and hot green tea, a meditation session or a musical recital featuring one of the family’s talented children.Suspended Backyard SanctuariesSuspended Backyard Sanctuaries5. Skateboard Fashion for Couples

John Galliano freshens up a new line of rad and rocking ensembles in the Galliano Spring 2011 lookbook.

Inspired by a laid-back lifestyle, the fashion theme comes from beach-bum looks, hippie flair and skateboard culture. Coupling up models Jacquelyn Jablonski and Francisco Lachowski, the images showcase an eclectic mix of streetwear for the young and hip demographic. The Galliano Spring 2011 lookbook takes it to the streets in haute couture urbanwear that will have you cruising in style.Skateboard Fashion for CouplesSkateboard Fashion for Couples4. Vomiting Skullptures

Confetti Death by Miami-based graffiti artist Typoe is one intricate and intriguing installation in his collection of artwork. The pieces feature a floating skull that appears to be hurling shattered pieces of spray can caps.

It’s evident that Typoe is not your average graffiti artist. Confetti Death displays the skills of a fine artist with refined skills. Click through the gallery to see Confetti Death along with some of Typoe’s other pieces of work.Vomiting SkullpturesVomiting Skullptures3. Anime Makeover Internet Memes

Before-and-after makeup shots have been pumping through the online world in an odd Internet phenomenon, especially with the Asian community.

As fun as it looks to post and share the transformations one can do with cosmetics, it can be noted that a common theme stands out. Larger eyes, playful poses and pursed pouts are the defining beauty elements for young girls. The before-and-after makeup shots resemble anime characters with their babydoll features.Anime Makeover Internet MemesAnime Makeover Internet Memes2. Reptilian Metal Gowns

Known for fabulous chainmaille body adornments, designer Fannie Schiavoni has now created this sexy scaly armour-like gown. A combination of draping interlocking chains and overlapping reptilian scales, this Fannie Schiavoni dress is not particularly wearables, but I would love what it would look like worn over a black sleeveless bodysuit.

As part of her most recent collection for Spring 2011, Fannie Schiavoni has also designed metal collars and a fantastic hand armor cuff in layered two-toned steel scales originating from a chainmaille bracelet.Reptilian Metal GownsReptilian Metal Gowns1. Modern Tree Hospitality

I’ve never had a treehouse nor do I have the time to build one, which is why the Harad Treehotel really caught my eye.

The hotel is located in a small village in northern Sweden and it’s deep in the woods (not in some backyard). These aren’t your average treehouses either; they have beds, bathrooms, and even a rooftop terrace. The Harad Treehotel already have a handful of dorms available, but they are planning to expand to over 20 rooms in the future.Modern Tree HospitalityModern Tree HospitalityRead more on:

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