Top 20 Trends of the Day (Feb 21)

Futuristic Neon Fashion

20. Movie Lot Lamps

The 1940s Hollywood Studio Floor Lamp from Restoration Hardware is a gorgeous piece of vintage lighting. With its sleek industrial design, this lamp will add a touch of old-school Hollywood to a dull living room.

Made out of solid cast aluminum and steel, the 1940s Hollywood Studio Floor Lamp will make you feel like your home is part of a Golden Age movie set. This lamp can be adjusted anywhere between 47 inches to 67 inches in height, making it perfect for multiple areas in a home.Movie Lot LampsMovie Lot Lamps 119. Foodie Gestation Diaries

Carolee Beckham has come up with a fun creative way to document her pregnancy: The photographer has made a picture diary of her baby bump as it grows. With each stage, Beckham holds a piece of fruit that corresponds to her growing infant’s size. The images are beautifully done and truly show the beauty of pregnancy and Beckham’s embrace of motherhood.Foodie Gestation DiariesFoodie Gestation Diaries 118. Hero-Inspired Fashion Shows

The Jeremy Scott Autumn Winter 2011 collection will definitely make happy those who like to go out dressed to draw some attention.

Featuring every color you can imagine, Jeremy Scott’s Autumn Winter 2011 line is clearly inspired by superheroes like Batman and Superman. With slogans like “Milk Kills” and “Enjoy God,” these pieces will help you make a statement no one can ignore. Perfect for those who have a vibrant personality, this line will guarantee that touch of pop for your wardrobe.Hero-Inspired Fashion ShowsHero-Inspired Fashion Shows 117. Scowling Cartoon Portraitures

The latest artist whose work has caught my eye is Mike Henry. The talented illustrator creates amazing drawings of pop cultural figures in an old-school graffiti-like manner. His artwork also has a cartoon aesthetic that makes it fun and whimsical to look at, and if you look closely, you might recognize the characters of Ryu from Street Fighter and Aang from the cartoon Avatar.

Do yourself a favor and check out these awesome illustrations by Mike Henry.Scowling Cartoon PortraituresScowling Cartoon Portraitures 116. Batman Bling

Inspired by Batman’s hometown, this Noir Jewelry Gotham City Ring is perfect for comic book fans. The windows of each building have been specked with cubic-zirconia stones, giving the piece stellar bling appeal. It’s comprised of solid brass and gunmetal plating and even includes a crystallized bat signal.

The Noir Jewelry Gotham City Ring loads your finger with serious superhero style.Batman BlingBatman Bling 115. Serene Sustainable Spaces

When it comes to having a quiet and relaxing place to retreat from it all, it’s hard to imagine anywhere more ideally suited to unwinding than the Victor Meditation Hut by architect Jeffrey Poss.

Build over a quiet pond at the edge of a lake in Illinois, the Victor Meditation Hut is designed to coexist peacefully and unobtrusively with its natural surroundings while also providing an unparalleled space for reflection and quiet.Serene Sustainable SpacesSerene Sustainable Spaces 1

14. Faux Wood Walls

The Scrapwood Wallpaper by Piet Hein Eek is an easy way to give any plain wall a quick rustic makeover. The mock-wood paneling creates a stellar rugged look that elevates the warmth of any room.

The distressed appearance of the Scrapwood Wallpaper makes walls look like they’ve been there for a long time; they imitate the classic charm that old rustic buildings have. With these on your walls, it would be like living in a reclaimed barn or a remodeled cabin that reused bits of the old wooden structure.Faux Wood WallsFaux Wood Walls 1

13. Senior Citizen Portraiture

Marc Gabay takes amazing street photographs of an older generation. There’s something about the elderly that is so captivating; it’s almost as if you can sense all of their experiences and stories that they have to share.

The people whose images were captured by Marc Gabay have distinct characteristics that allude to varied lifestyles and pasts. From scruffy and disheveled to clean-cut and suit-donning, Marc Gabay’s subjects have stories just waiting to be shared.Senior Citizen PortraitureSenior Citizen Portraiture 1

12. Glittering Gown Proptography

Some men look very pretty in dresses, but the beauty of Antonio Anuk by CSS Studios is in the way the male model’s body is complemented while juxtaposed against one.

Captured nude with a dolled-up glamorous female, the muscular man is accessorized by the model and the full magnificence of her appearance and outfit. Posing for some photographs alone, draped unconventionally in ballgowns of glitter, tulle and lace, Antonio Anuk by CSS Studios remarks how gorgeous fashion can even reflect splendor on bystanders.Glittering Gown ProptographyGlittering Gown Proptography 111. Spectacular Suspended Self-Portraits

Natsumi Hayashi is a Tokyo-based photographer who goes by the alias of Yowayowa. Her photo series entitled ‘Today’s Levitation’ captures her frozen mid-air in urban settings. The surreal scenes are achieved by setting up her SLR camera and waiting for the perfect time to jump. This young photographer’s images are clean and extremely entertaining.

The Natsumi Hayashi photographic diary is a daily dose of surreal fun.Spectacular Suspended Self-PortraitsSpectacular Suspended Self-Portraits 110. Procrastinator Clocks

If you’ve ever struggled with the tenacious curse of procrastination, than the aptly named Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda by Maria Bergström may just be the gadget you need to jump-start your sense of initiative.

The clock itself has a blank face, but comes with a series of colored magnets that you can use to represent things that you’d like to get done in a day. If you complete those tasks, you can treat yourself to the satisfaction of removing the magnet from the Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda by Maria Bergström. If you don’t, however, the clock’s hand will subtly but inexorably begin to push the magnets further and further along until they start to pile up on one another.Procrastinator ClocksProcrastinator Clocks 1

9. Braided Eco Towers

It’s no longer realistic or economical to attempt the integration of low and wide buildings in urban environments, and the goal of going vertical has been completely reinvented by the Houston Drum 25 Hour City.

A concept for Los Angeles, California, this whopping mass of nine woven towers will reach 145 stories and 580 meters tall. Planned to house 75,000 people, the Houston Drum 25 Hour City condominium complex will take up 24,600,000 square meters on its site, but cater to the needs of its inhabitants in an efficient and eco-friendly way.Braided Eco TowersBraided Eco Towers 18. Funky Eccentric Frames

If offbeat and quirky shades are your thing, then the Jeremy Scott and Linda Farrow SS 2011 collection will be right up your alley.

Featuring some truly bizarre frames, the Jeremy Scott and Linda Farrow SS 2011 collection is a definitively bold fashion statement that refuses to be ignored or overlooked. The glasses made to resemble two hands coming together are particularly unorthodox, but without a doubt they will find a home with consumers who are undaunted by the thought of forging ahead into new fashion frontiers.Funky Eccentric FramesFunky Eccentric Frames 17. 376-Square-Foot Eco Houses

The Faberhaus Pavilion is a remarkable prefab cottage that has eco aspirations well beyond its deceptively versatile 376-square-foot floor plan.

With the amazing ability to provide sleeping accommodations for up to six people, the Faberhaus pavilion makes use of passive heating and ventilation and solar power to allow its occupants to live completely off-grid. The prefabricated $89,000 cabin can be set up on virtually any site without difficulty and is ready to be lived in right from the get-go.376-Square-Foot Eco Houses376-Square-Foot Eco Houses 16. Micro Spy Cams

The Mame-Cam is a fully functioning ultra tiny camera that can take still images and video. Created by Thanko, a Japanese company, the Mame-Cam utilizes a microSD card to store all of its data.

Small enough to sit on your finger tip, the Mame-Cam will shock people when they find out it is a working piece of technology. If you wanted to take a sneaky video, this would be the perfect inconspicuous device to use. With a battery life that lasts about 36 minutes, this piece will give you enough time to gather incriminating evidence.Micro Spy CamsMicro Spy Cams 15. Cemetery Photoshoots

The Remy Ryan Wallflower Magazine editorial for its first issue strays away from morbid black fashion. The long-haired model sports a bright red dress, a lacy white frock and a glittering gold shawl. The wardrobe is a far cry from funeralwear, while the graveyard setting still portrays an ethereal vibe.

Shot by photographer Ann He, the images in the Remy Ryan Wallflower Magazine shoot are naturally beautiful.Cemetery PhotoshootsCemetery Photoshoots 14. Futuristic Neon Fashion

Though ‘The Girl Who Fell to Earth’ flaunts garments not alien to contemporary terrestrial runways, the Simon Burstall editorial exudes an air of otherworldliness. Model Quinta Witzel was styled by Karina Givargisoff with pale skin, bright blush and surreal curly red hair.

Photographed in a reflective set with walls of bright iridescent color, ‘The Girl Who Fell to Earth’ takes the March 2011 issue of Elle UK one more level above reality.Futuristic Neon FashionFuturistic Neon Fashion 13. Zombie Unicorn Undies

For all those men and women who think that Victoria’s Secret has the hottest underwear out there, take a look at these amazing Harebrained Period Panties. You’ll want to sport these more than once a month after seeing all the creepy and gory characters. You don’t have to be zombie-obsessed to love the look and backstories to each of these undies.

The Harebrained Period Panties come in four blood-splattered designs: “Rainbo … First Blood, “Aunt Flo,” “Evil Beaver” and Raggedy Fran.Zombie Unicorn Undies 1Zombie Unicorn Undies2. Naughty Knitted Shoots

The Arizona Muse Vogue Spain spread makes comfy crochet pieces look sexy and elegant, the opposite of the often stereotyped “grandma” look.

Who would have thought that these knitted creations could evoke ultra feminine cuts and lines? In an assorted wardrobe, the seductive shoot consists of bras, backless dresses and mini frocks. The Arizona Muse Vogue Spain spread makes yarn a must-have fabric this season.Naughty Knitted ShootsNaughty Knitted Shoots 11. Biking Superheroes

I’d have thought the Green Lantern would know better than to summon a bike from his ring, but that’s exactly what he’s done in this awesome art from Line Draw.

These hilarious prints from Line Draw feature some of the most famous pop-culture characters on two-wheelers. Some familiar faces such as Darth Vader and Captain America are depicted enjoying a brisk ride in the great outdoors. Sadly, for Ghost Rider, his ass-kicking motorcycle has been downgraded. The Line Draw prints are currently available on Etsy.Biking SuperheroesBiking Superheroes 1Read more on: