Top 20 Trends of the Day (Feb 14)

Fierce Mullet Photo Shoots

20. Sci-Fi Fashion Editorials

Considering that Ridley Scott’s ‘Blade Runner’ is such an iconic sci-fi movie, I’m not in the least surprised that it has inspired the Imaginary Cinema 2019 photo series. Melding film, fashion and art together, this shoot is visually stunning.

Photographed by Xuan Santer with art direction by Joseph Maloney, the Imaginary Cinema 2019 photo series features model Alexandra Smith. Despite its hard, flashy look, there is also a somberness about it that encapsulates the last line of the film, “All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in the rain.”Sci-Fi Fashion EditorialsSci-Fi Fashion Editorials 119. Cozy Woven Chairs

The Eléonore Nalet Serpantine chair has been designed for year-round outdoor use. Long cushions snake through its metal frame, creating a colorful and cozy cradle for summer lounging. The plush braided padding is finished with shiny snaps at each end to keep them snug and in place.

When the pale blue pillows are removed, the Eléonore Nalet Serpantine chair remains an elegant silver structure for outdoor winter seating.Cozy Woven ChairsCozy Woven Chairs 118. Vintage Nomad Photography

There’s something so fascinating about the nomadic lifestyle that I can’t help but be drawn to the Made in the Dark photo series. I think the fact that it also showcases fashion that is becoming hugely popular right now also doesn’t hurt.

Photographed by Anna Dobos, who also provided the art direction, the Made in the Dark photo series looks like it was ripped out of a vintage magazine. Subdued and hazy, it complements Tevis Swain’s styling and the Hawaiian backdrop perfectly. It features models Zoe Hans and Tevis Swain.Vintage Nomad PhotographyVintage Nomad Photography 117. Extravagant Art Tubs

Swedish designers Solklippa & Skogh have designed an extravagant Mosaic Bathtub that may be one of the most illustrious bathroom decor pieces of furniture you may have ever seen.

The Mosaic Bathtub has a remarkable pattern that is inspired from Swedish summer flowers. The beauteous bathtub sits upon a set of marvelous metallic lion’s feet. No price has been set on the splendid piece, but we can imagine it being insanely expensive.Extravagant Art Tubs16. Shredded T-Shirt Necklaces

V&Y Mart is a line of one-off eco-friendly accessories that are both chic and sustainable. In particular, its standout piece is a scarf/necklace crafted out of shredded t-shirts.

Founded by L.A. stylist Lauren Constantine, the boldly unique V&Y Mart accessories line offers a new way to express individuality—and to stay warm. Although her t-shirt necklaces are putting Constantine on the map, I’m a big fan of her big bows.Shredded T-Shirt NecklacesShredded T-Shirt Necklaces 115. Water-Powered Chargers

If you love the idea of solar-powered fuel cells but find them frustrating in practice, the MyFC PowerTrekk functions well where other eco chargers fall short.

This compact contraption requires just a bit of water to get your smartphone, iPod and digital camera juicing up immediately, making this clever device independent of sun, wind or an electrical power source. The handy MyFC PowerTrekk chemically converts hydrogen and oxygen into energy so you can stay powered up in the most remote locations.Water-Powered ChargersWater-Powered Chargers 114. Bizarre Butchered Bodies

Le Merche (Marketplace) is a series of images by French artist Emile Barret and Laurent Ponce. This artist/photographer duo has created a piece to show human beings literally laid out like meat in a butcher shop. These frozen images create a really creepy feeling as they are shot in an empty marketplace with its ambient, cold light reflecting from glass and metal surfaces. Emile Barret and Laurent Ponce’s Le Merche is definitely open to many different interpretations and asks questions about human sexuality, ethics and existence.Bizarre Butchered BodiesBizarre Butchered Bodies 113. Hauto-Inspired Boats

The Lamborghini Yacht by Mauro Lecchi and Fenice Milano is the physical manifestation of all things luxurious. The lines of the conceptual yacht mimic that of the infamous Italian supercar. To think that the two worlds of sea crafts and super cars can borrow from each other is extraordinary.

If you’re looking to purchase this lavish boat, you’re in luck. Though the Lamborghini Yacht is a concept for now, manufacturers have already begun construction.Hauto-Inspired BoatsHauto-Inspired Boats 112. Gamer Pin-Ups

The awesome renderings of Megan Lara depicting some of Nintendo’s famous female characters in a new art style are simply stunning. The three ladies that have been remade include Peach, Samus and Zelda.

Megan Lara shows Princess Peach suggestively posed on a Mario drain pipe, Samus without her armor on and Zelda in all her majestic glory. The young designer has wicked illustrator skills and awesome taste in subject matter. Mario and Link would be proud of these remakes.Gamer Pin-UpsGamer Pin-Ups 111. Androgynous Tuxedos

Famed designer duo Brian Wolk and Claude Morais aka Ruffian have debuted their Fall 2011 collection on the runway. The clothes have a wonderful classy aesthetic with an androgynous edge due to some of the tuxedo-inspired outfits. The collection also shows off new blazers, skirts, pants and coats with black-and-white flannel patterns.

Check out the brand new Ruffian Fall 2011 collection in the gallery.Androgynous TuxedosAndrogynous Tuxedos 110. Fierce Mullet Photo Shoots

In most cases I’d try to maintain that a mullet can never be rendered magnificent—but of course, VCR by Vince Barati was done with the help of a skilled stylist.

Starring the striking Sophie Srej, this Gothic photo shoot mixes feral hair and fierce leopard print with a glammed-up aesthetic, featuring accessories from Stella McCartney and TopShop. Enhanced with styles by Gucci and D&G, VCR by Vince Barati brings the Winter 2011 issue of Indie Magazine a wild yet wieldy edge.Fierce Mullet Photo ShootsFierce Mullet Photo Shoots 19. Upcycled Bike Chandeliers

Carolina Fontoura Alzaga’s Bike Chain Chandeliers (or ‘Chaindeliers’), made entirely out of repurposed old bike parts, are a nifty combination of interior decor and creative upcycling.

What is especially impressive about Carolina Fontoura Alzaga is how she manages to make her chandeliers seem just as luxurious and spectacular as any that could be made from new materials. In fact, rather than suffering for their source material, her works seem to take on an even more elegant beauty as a result of their eco-conscious origins.Upcycled Bike ChandeliersUpcycled Bike Chandeliers 1

8. Strangely Suggestive Paintings

Audrey Kawasaki is one of the many artists that have contributed to the Suggestivism group exhibit that is being put on at the Grand Central Art Center. The piece that she has contributed is a beautiful painting titled Charlotte.

The painting depicts a nude female lounging around in a pile of animal bones with her hair intertwined with them. Audrey Kawasaki used graphite and oil on a wood panel adding unique textures to the amazing work of art.Strangely Suggestive PaintingsStrangely Suggestive Paintings 17. Tiny Romantic Tickers

For some of us, the Heart Machine would be a great thing to have over the next few days as Valentine’s Day approaches. It’s not because those who want it don’t have hearts or a loved one, but because it would act as a tender reminder of the love and affection that they do have.

Created by Martin Smith for Laikingland, the Heart Machine was designed for the Crankahead competition. Priced at 160 pounds, it would make an adorable and unique Valentine’s Gift, at the very least.Tiny Romantic TickersTiny Romantic Tickers 16. Heartfelt Bedding

Bring your sweet sentiments to your sheets with the adorable BoldLoft Couple Pillowcases. These heartfelt headrests will guarantee a smile on your partner’s face each and every night. One of the white cushion covers features a cute boy whispering a loving message to a blushing girl.

The BoldLoft Couple Pillowcases would make a cute Valentine’s Day gift, but also serve as a romantic reminder every day of the year.Heartfelt BeddingHeartfelt Bedding 15. Space-Saving Side Tables

The Droog ‘What you see is not’ table combines a drawer with a drawer. The clever piece of furniture is comprised of a two-dimensional wall sticker and a three-dimensional open beech drawer. The bedside table unites “function and illusion,” tricking the eye into seeing a complete piece of furniture.

This terrific space-saver is ideal for small living situations, as the Droog ‘What you see is not’ will accommodate a few essential items. The cabinet is said to save on materials too.Space-Saving Side TablesSpace-Saving Side Tables 14. Prefab Disaster Housing

The Cusabo Island home is a fire, water and wind resistant prefabricated house that is also completely self-sufficient.

Because it was built on one of South Carolina’s ‘barrier islands,’ which are frequented by major storms and occasional brush fires, the Cusabo Island home was built with hardcore features such as nearly impenetrable storm doors, steel walls and steel roof panels.  The house is more or less isolated; it has photovoltaic panels, a wind turbine and sophisticated rainwater-catching systems to keep it completely off-grid.Prefab Disaster HousingPrefab Disaster Housing 13. Scandalous Digital Drawings

These fantastic Kittozutto illustrations clearly capture the imagination, with risque subject matter and expert execution that definitely excels at being provocatively fascinating.

Kittozutto is an art and design boutique that specializes, according to their website, in combining “fine art illustration with digital imagine techniques”—their creations certainly live up to that mission statement. Each of these Kittozutto illustrations serve as both aesthetically and technically proficient creations and testaments to the company’s obvious ability to create evocative imagery.Scandalous Digital DrawingsScandalous Digital Drawings 12. Fantasy Fashion Disguises

The French fashion designer and performance artist believes in fabricating full experiences of existence, and the costumes of Gwen van den Eijnde create unique characters for him to assume completely the moment he dons one of these outlandish outfits.

Each ensemble is exquisite and detailed; many are inspired by the court culture of the Renaissance and the exuberant style of Baroque and Mannerism. Incorporating extraordinary headpieces, Elizabethan collars and embellishments made of piano keys, toothpicks and anything else, the costumes of Gwen van den Eijnde transform the human silhouette.Fantasy Fashion DisguisesFantasy Fashion Disguises 11. Skin-Shedding Photography

Taylor James is a creative studio that produces print and motion ads using cutting-edge digital technology such as CGI. The somewhat creepy digitally-manipulated images on the gallery speak of a sense of disbelief at the “human mutation” and “metamorphosis” that seems to be taking place.

My Modern Met says, “In the first set, a beautiful brunette sheds her old body similar to that of a snake. A dramatic, internal struggle takes place in the second series, while the third features beautiful women hatching from their shells.”Skin-Shedding PhotographySkin-Shedding Photography 1Read more on: