Top 20 Trends of the Day (Feb 1)

Natural Nike Ads

20. Multi-Faced Puppets

Vancouver-based artist Geoffrey Farmer has a new exhibition at the Catriona Jeffries Gallery. ‘The Surgeon and the Photographer’ encompasses 365 (one for every day of the year) figures made from a gauzy fabric and precisely cut magazine clippings.

Farmer’s ‘The Surgeon and the Photographer’ was inspired by Aby Warburg’s ‘Memory Atlas’ and Benjamin’s ‘The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction.’ The pieces of art can also be interpreted as puppets and can be viewed from several angles, looking different and revealing new detail with each glance.Multi-Faced PuppetsMulti-Faced Puppets 119. Exterior Dress Belts

For too long men’s belts have gone overlooked and under-appreciated. Korean designer Wooyoungmi is looking to rectify this situation, and makes her case with her showing on the Paris Fashion Week runway.

The belts in the Wooyoungmi Collection may not be as effective at holding up your pants, but at least now they get the recognition they deserve. Check out more on the Wooyoungmi collection above. Also, be sure to check out other belts on Trend Hunter below.Exterior Dress BeltsExterior Dress Belts 118. Torn and Cut Greetings

Columbia Missouri-artist Kay Foley makes cards and collages using torn and cut bits of handmade paper from sources around the world. She sets the type for her original verse using a computer. Her cards are prints of the original artwork, produced on recycled stock.

Kay Foley’s cards are an outgrowth of her career as a counselor and her need to both engage in a less stressful occupation and to express herself through art.  She hopes that her cards bring joy, hope and humor to those who give and receive them.Torn and Cut GreetingsTorn and Cut Greetings 117. Super-Sized Tote Bags

So you need to smuggle a body and a bicycle wheel into a party, do you? Well, fear not, the Oversized Tote Bag by Oak is here to carry all of your larger than life items… plus a puppy.

Featuring the most obvious name for a product since ‘the orange,’ the Oak bag is a ridiculous 27” by 32” and costs an even more mind-boggling $128 USD.

Check out more pictures of the Oversized Tote Bag by Oak above.Super-Sized Tote BagsSuper-Sized Tote Bags 116. Luminous Glasswork

Glass artist Elodie Holmes’ most recognizable art combines flame work with off-hand glassblowing: Individual flame worked figures are applied to molten glass then blown and shaped to final form.

Holmes has contributed to the field of glass art with innovation and creativity. She is based in Santa Fe, New Mexico where she works from her studio/gallery, Liquid Light Glass. She opens her to anyone who wants to watch her practice the glassblowing craft.Luminous GlassworkLuminous Glasswork 115. Super-Light Snowboard Coats

Nike Snowboarding and the Nike ACG division teamed up to create the Nike Spring 2010 Storm Jacket you see above. Super-light and built for a bluebird day on the slopes in March, this jacket is perfect for anyone who loves a good spring day on the mountain.

Check out more on the Nike snowboarding jacket above. Also, be sure to check out other snowboarding finds on Trend Hunter below.

I’m going to go wax my board.Super-Light Snowboard CoatsSuper-Light Snowboard Coats 114. Melterrific Artwork

Eric Thomas Bostrom’s illustrations are done almost completely with ballpoint pens. The melting portraits are created with col-erase light blue and red ball point pens to give texture to the curvy lines in his artwork.

The California artist adds gesso to create wild hues and at times Eric Thomas Bostrom will experiment with rubbing alcohol to bring out shades of purple. Bostrom has stated that sitting in front of blank sheet is all he needs to get his creative juices flowing. The results are fluid, surrealist images inspired by the artist’s fascination with sex, biology and anatomy.Melterrific ArtworkMelterrific Artwork 113. Natural Nike Ads

The Nike FCRB Spring and Summer 2010 Collection is out and it does not disappoint. In a collective effort with Nike Japan, FCRB fuses animal patterns and sophisticated design details with classic sports items.

The collection features track suits, shorts, shirts and more. Also F.C. Real Bristol uses vinyl figures as mannequins which gives it a very impressive look.

Check out more on the Nike FCRB Collection above.Natural Nike AdsNatural Nike Ads 112. Baby Body Paint

Artist Craig Tracy’s ‘Heaven and Earth’ is an actual baby painted baby blue. The five week old infant was asleep on his birth mother, a good friend of the artist. The contrast of the blue cloudy baby against the earthy tones of the mother aptly merited the title, ‘Heaven and Earth.’

Craig Tracy a is fine art body-paint artist and was thrilled to able to create this intimate piece of work. The look of calm and peace while the baby rests on his mother’s womb is sweet and angelic, even though he looks like he escaped the ‘Avatar’ movie.Baby Body PaintBaby Body Paint 111. Color-Popping Political Art

Maryland artist Donald Ely has created loud and flashy art pieces. With his brash palette, he conveys interesting artwork that always has an underlying message, whether it’s in relation to pop culture or social issues.

Donald Ely’s funky artwork is eye-catching and humorous, as he is prone to combine odd items together to get his point across. Call me naive, but I never knew how phallic a rocket ship could be until I viewed Donald Ely’s awesome artwork.Color-Popping Political ArtColor-Popping Political Art 110. Badgirl Eye Masks

With Valentine’s day coming up, it is expected that we ladies will purchase something nice and flattering for ourselves, whether we have a Valentine or not. This Michelle Trachtenberg spread in Complex Magazine sure gives us plenty of ideas.

All grown up, the actress shows off her curves in these gorgeous prints. The edgy contrast between the reds and blacks goes to show that Valentine’s Day isn’t just about the pretty baby pinks and purples.

Check out the steamy photos in the gallery above.Badgirl Eye MasksBadgirl Eye Masks 19. Camo Couture

Military fashion is all the rage this spring with army-inspired garb popping up on the pages of every magazine. Now the Elle Canada March 2010 issue is bringing back khaki and camouflage all at once.

Blonde bombshell Jessiann Gravel-Beland works army-green shorts, ankle socks and utility-inspired strappy sandals. The shoot incorporates tomboyish style with sophistication in clean lines and neutral shades. And how can you miss the peroxide pouf done just right to add a little high-fashion style?Camo CoutureCamo Couture 18. Pandora Photoshopping

‘Avatar’ has already taken over the world and now it’s taking over pop culture with Avatar celebrities. I always wondered what Lady Gaga would look like if she had a tail. And was blue.

‘Avatar’ celebrities are a fun way to show how crazy about James Cameron’s epic film. Ditch the tattoos and the depression. Life revolves around celebrities and ‘Avatar.’ Now you don’t have to follow two worlds anymore.Pandora PhotoshoppingPandora Photoshopping 17. Shredded Sweaters

Nylon Magazine’s February 2010 ‘Paris, Je Te Aime’ spread for their February 2010 issue makes style look easy with their laid-back fashions. Ripped stockings, lace-up boots and endless layers are taking me back to the early 90s days of Doc Martens.

The models look perfectly un-put together in this casual snapshot-styled spread. Check out more shots from the Nylon Magazine February 2010 ‘Paris, Je Te Aime’ editorial in the gallery above.Shredded SweatersShredded Sweaters 16. 3D Fantasy Girls

Rebeca Peubla is a 3D character artist based in Madrid, Spain. As a freelance artist, she is allowed to explore the dimensions of her imagination and play with the measurements of the female figure. She designs her girls with super cinched waists and oversized breasts that are matched with an adorable face. I especially like the intricate tattoo work on a few of the girls. How can you resist their charm? All of Rebeca Peubla’s 3D female characters are drop dead gorgeous and empowered. A new form of girl power!3D Fantasy Girls3D Fantasy Girls 15. Peacock Props

I love when photos have personality, as shown in the works of Fabrika Photography studio. With vibrant colors, quirky contexts and overall amazing composition, their portfolio is entertaining from beginning to end.

Founded by Tamer Yilmaz and Ayten Alpun in Istanbul, Turkey, ten years ago, Fabrika Photography has had time to establish itself as a photography power house. With seven staff photographers, their creativity and output is outstanding.Peacock PropsPeacock Props 14. Wet Showertography

Alyssa Monks’ art has been featured on Trend Hunter before, but her most recent collection of photorealism comes in the form of soaking wet paintings of people.

With the glass on the shower fogged up as if from the hot breath of her muses, Alyssa Monks’ art depicts a “tension between abstraction and realism in the same work, using different filters to visually distort and disintegrate the body.”

After looking through the paintings above, you’ll be awe-stuck at the life-like forms Monks’ brush is capable of creating.Wet ShowertographyWet Showertography 13. Victorian Celebtography

he latest issue of Vanity Fair March 2010 is uncovering the hottest and brightest stars in young Hollywood this year. Shot by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz, the Victorian themed shoot features nine of the most talented and successful female artists in soft pastel colored ruffled gowns. Big names include Amanda Seyfried, Kristen Stewart and Evan Rachel Wood. All the ladies look stunning as the cover girls for the March issue of Vanity Fair.Victorian CelebtographyVictorian Celebtography 12. Nude Bodysuits

Model and musician Charlotte Kemp Muhl is the L’Officiel Russia February 2010 issue cover girl. The Atlanta-born beauty shows off pin-up style nude corset bodysuits accented with sheer tights, long flowing skirts and strappy stilettos. Charlotte, who is dating Sean Lennon, has been featured in campaigns for Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce & Gabbana and Maybelline and has graced the covers of several high fashion magazines.Nude BodysuitsNude Bodysuits 11. Wacky Galaxy Gowns

Living up to her iconic eccentricities, Lady Gaga’s 2010 Grammy fashion were true to the over-the-top, quirky brand she’s built for herself (just look at those shoes!).

At the Grammy Awards, she donned a few outfits, all by Giorgio Armani Prive, kicking off with a galactic number on the red carpet reminiscent of the space-age looks she’s channeled at past performances and in music videos.

Take a look at the gallery for a few more pictures of the extravagant Giorgio Armani Prive looks among Lady Gaga’s 2010 Grammy fashion.Wacky Galaxy GownsWacky Galaxy Gowns 1Read more on: