Top 20 Trends of the Day (Dec 8)

Celeb Impersonation Shoots

20. Wintry Music Players

This cutesy Audiobot Speaker is shaped in an adorable cartoony shape wearing only a colorful tuque on its head.

The charming little speaker is perfect to tote around and can connect to an MP3 player, iPod or iPhone and offers four hours of playtime from your rocking music library. Pull down his little knit beanie hat if your music is playing too loud on the Audiobot Speaker for a more quiet and muffled sound.

Wintry Music PlayersWintry Music Players19. Lopsided Storage Systems

There is a certain beauty in apparent flaws, and this is exactly why the Twisted Shelf by Dylan Gold is so charming. Constructed from sustainably grown bamboo, this eccentric eco-friendly storage system will lighten up your living space.Lopsided Storage SystemsLopsided Storage Systems18. Stop-Motion Street Art

Cool music, cool animations, an adorable dog and a beautiful city is all the good things that this ‘Nowhere Near Here’ stop-motion video features. Created by the talented Pahl, this street art animation vid was first exhibited at The Herbert in October 2010.Stop-Motion Street ArtStop-Motion Street Art

17. Charcoal Wall Murals

If you’re a fan of charcoal art then you really need to acquaint yourself with the works of Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada. The Cuban artist paints gigantic murals all over the world of random city residents, giving viewers an interesting perspective of the global population.

The idea of putting random city residents on gigantic works of art may sound silly, but I am completely in love with the idea. Check out Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada’s murals in the featured gallery. I eagerly anticipate getting my own mural someday soon.Charcoal Wall MuralsCharcoal Wall Murals16. Posh Intergalactic Beds

What’s left to buy a posh child but an intergalactic bed known otherwise as the Deep Space Fighter Bed? Cool and completely customizable, the bed is perfect for the child that loves to dream and make-believe.Posh Intergalactic BedsPosh Intergalactic Beds

15. Kaleidoscopic Wall Art

Take a moment and remember the creative wallpapers you’ve seen in restaurants, bars and lounges. Now throw that all away and get ready for some intense and amazing visual adventures by Rachel de Joode.

From far away, the wallpapers look like cool colorful wall art; however, as you hone in on the details, you’ll see actual models posing sideways and upside-down within these pieces.Kaleidoscopic Wall ArtKaleidoscopic Wall Art

14. Artistically Weaved Spaces

To make good art takes time and patience, and that is certainly demonstrated within this Chopin’s Visiting Card room series. Compelling and tantalizing, these rooms will definitely mesmerize art-lovers and those intrigued with architecture.

Created by WWAA Architects and artist/set designer Boris Kudlicka, the rooms feature plywood ribbons which are both enchanting and intricately designed.Artistically Weaved SpacesArtistically Weaved Spaces

13. Peel Away Seating

To some, the Zest Chair may look beautifully simple, to others, it may look cute and quirky—that’s the magic behind this interesting seat. Not overly complicated in its design, the Zest Chair demonstrates that balance can easily be achieved between form and function.Peel Away SeatingPeel Away Seating12. Business-Pleasurable Suits

To some, the Zest Chair may look beautifully simple, to others, it may look cute and quirky—that’s the magic behind this interesting seat. Not overly complicated in its design, the Zest Chair demonstrates that balance can easily be achieved between form and function.

Designed by Nancy Chu, the Zest Chair features a peeling effect that shows off a pop of color, making it very zesty indeed.Business-Pleasurable SuitsBusiness-Pleasurable Suits11. Pencil-Drawn Packaging

Commercial commodity packaging has developed a distinctly boring appearance, so it’s lovely to see something resembling the MLK Dairy Products’ branding sitting on the shelf at the supermarket.

Designed by the Depot WPF branding agency, these sketched cartons and containers have been inspired by the compelling textures and patterns found at the farm where these milk products came to be. The MLK Dairy Products branding won the 2010 Epica Awards for its appealing aesthetic.Pencil-Drawn PackagingPencil-Drawn Packaging10. Sound Wave Architecture

The love of the arts and the love for sound will soon be brought together within this Taipei Performing Arts Centre. The conceptual building hopes to gather people from the world over to celebrate art and music, and will definitely become a tourist attraction for Taipei.

The Taipei Performing Arts Centre was created by American Architectural Studio B+U and hopes to generate a historical following.Sound Wave ArchitectureSound Wave Architecture9. Freckled Photo Spreads

The Henrik Adamsen ‘Flaw’ photo series shows that beauty often lies in the differences that make individuals unique. Although using the word “flaw” is a little controversial in describing these differences, Adamsen shocks you into realizing that these aren’t flaws at all.

Photographed for Schön! Magazine’s October 2010 issue, the Henrik Adamsen ‘Flaw’ series features stunning closeup portraits of his freckled-faced models.Freckled Photo SpreadsFreckled Photo Spreads8.  Double Dose Depictions

Model-turned-photographer Philipp Jelenska photographed Weiner model twins in the editorial ‘Double Trouble’ for ‘Gia’ issue 2. The models Jochen and Jorg Peroutka face the rugged outdoors in their mirror-image shoots.Double Dose DepictionsDouble Dose Depictions7. Tell-All Graphic Prints

At the end of each meal in a Chinese restaurant, one looks forward to cracking the fortune cookie accompanying the bill. Now, you can hang these inspiring fortune sayings in your home with these Fortune Posters.

Online store ‘The Best Part’ is selling a series of posters based on popular fortune cookie phrases. The clever minimalist artwork is based on the motif of the fortune on the poster. There are eight pre-made Fortune Posters available, but you can also request a custom poster with a phrase of your choice.Tell-All Graphic PrintsTell-All Graphic Prints6. Celeb Impersonation Shoots

fter glancing at the Cedric Rivrain Double magazine spread, I couldn’t help but be shocked at how manly Sarah Jessica Parker was looking. It took me a second to realize that it wasn’t her, but in fact, it was her illustrator Cedric Rivrain posing as Carrie Bradshaw.Celeb Impersonation ShootsCeleb Impersonation Shoots5. Wintry Fashiontography

Sophie Vlaming shows off warm winter knits fit for this freezing cold season in the L’officiel December 2010 issue.

In a winter-themed spread, this model dons nordic sweaters, wool cardigans and fur jackets while looking amazingly gorgeous. Accessorized with fashionable ski goggles, moon boots and beanie hats, Sophie Vlaming dazzles the pages outfitted in cute ensembles, warming you up in this frosty weather as you click through.Wintry FashiontographyWintry Fashiontography4. Model Statuettes

Erin Heatherton shows off a few sultry lingerie pieces as she’s placed on a pedestal in statuesque poses for the Sunday Times UK Style editorial.

Baring long-legged looks in sheer cut-out and onesie ensembles, this model puts displays a barbie doll figure that ladies would look up to. Looking super hot within this Sunday Times UK Style spread, Erin Heatherton is like a trophy of beauty, standing tall for all to see.Model StatuettesModel Statuettes3. Intricate Tattootography

Tattoo artist Marie Sena initially studied to become a medical illustrator; however, her love for tattoos and artistry has changed her career path, and she eventually made a name for herself with her creative vintage tattoos. The artist’s attention to detail in creating inspiring works of art in Albuquerque has generated quite the following.Intricate TattootographyIntricate Tattootography

2. Interactive Street Art

French artist OaKoAk has created a few interesting works of art using the streets and its surrounding objects as a canvas.

Turning a regular rectangle found on the sidewalk into a Gameboy, and a fire hydrant into a monster, this OaKoAk graffiti is definitely captivating to say the least. Check out the featured gallery to get a feel for these interesting interactive works and see this OaKoAk graffiti for yourselves.Interactive Street ArtInteractive Street Art1. Symbolic Solo Shoots

Photographer Theo Gosselin has been able to cherish life’s moments that are usually taken for granted, and bridged the gap between mundane and poetic photography. His solo shoots taken in bedrooms, streets and rooftops are brilliantly captured and emanate a romantic and warm feeling.

From the sultry bed shoot to the sunny street editorials, Theo Gosselin’s works truly prove his amazing photographic abilities. Check out his work in the featured gallery and get ready for some impressive photography.Symbolic Solo ShootsSymbolic Solo ShootsRead more on:

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