Top 20 Trends of the Day (Dec 31)

Serenity Kitchen Spas

20. Fragrant Wall Tapestries

Bling lovers, art lovers and Paris lovers, prepare to see high-end luxury, culture and art become one as a scintillating Chanel No.5 adorns the Musee d’Orsay.

From January 6-28, 2010, over 2,890 square feet of the historical museum’s walls will be covered with a blinged out Chanel No.5 flacon. Made from approximately 1,200 hand-assembled sequins, the Chanel No. 5 that is to adorn the Musee d’Orsay will become a sparkling diamond amongst an ancient city.Fragrant Wall Tapestries19. Sustainable Luxury Handbags

As a bit of a handbag fanatic myself, seeing more and more beautifully designed eco handbags such as the Passchal Eco-Luxury Handbags appear is exciting. I already have one chosen for my own collection!

Embracing the era of being eco-conscious, the Passchal Eco-Luxury Handbags are designed from old tire inner tubes and leather which have been vegetable dyed thus leaving no traces of chrome. Supplying eco-friendly bags to both men and women and even celebrities such as Taylor Lautner and Annalynne McCord, these bags are sure to be a must-have in the near future.Sustainable Luxury HandbagsSustainable Luxury Handbags18. Urban Arts Lighting

Carlos Rivera is an Ecuadorian-based designer who has a series of unique urban art inspired lamps called ‘TOYlights.’ More specifically, TOYlights are a unique take on graffiti art. Rather incorporating colourful portraits and tags common in most graffiti, his lamps showcase the decaying, decomposed stage of street art. As a result, you get a much grittier look into graffiti art in its oldest form.Urban Arts LightingUrban Arts Lighting

17. Sci-Fi Disney Caricatures

By looking at the AnimaTRON series, you can tell that some people from CalArts’ character animation department have caught the Tron fever because they’ve decided to do a project of their own to pay homage to the movie.

Entitled AnimaTRON, the illustrators at CalArts have re-imagined popular Disney characters by suiting them up in Tron attire. Each character has their own coloured circuitry themed suit fit for Kevin Flynn’s digital world. This is definitely one of the more interesting Tron-themed works out there. Doesn’t Captain Hook remind you of the captain from Captain Morgan’s rum?Sci-Fi Disney CaricaturesSci-Fi Disney Caricatures16. Night Vision Bubble-Blowing

It’s times like these that I wish I could revert back to a time when I was still age-appropriate to play with bubbles because these Glow-in-the-Dark Bubbles are simply insane! What child wouldn’t want to blow bubbles that glow in the dark?

Designed by quadruple threat Wang Quibo, Shen Lingyan, Zou Yujuan and Shi Tenggao, these Glow-in-the-Dark Bubbles are sure to become popular with the tots of the future. My only complaint—where were these glow-in-the-dark bubbles when I was growing up?Night Vision Bubble-BlowingNight Vision Bubble-Blowing15. Faux Film Wedding Invitations

What better way is there to be invited to a photographer’s wedding than to receive an actual film invitation? A couple who just happen to own their own photograph company (Ambient Studios) has created the ultimate literal invite to their wedding.

In addition to being creative, the couple from Ambient Studios is also green as the canisters they used for the invitations are repurposed 35mm film canisters.Faux Film Wedding InvitationsFaux Film Wedding Invitations14. Wooden iPads

If I were ever to buy myself a second iPad, I’d buy myself this African Blackwood iPad Gresso. Who wouldn’t want an iPad that looks unique, classy and above all else, have it stand out from the rest of the iPads out there?

Most well-known as a luxury mobile phone manufacturer, trying their hand at creating an aesthetically pleasing iPad was clearly not far out of their reach. The African Blackwood iPad Gresso is set to debut on New Year’s Eve. Did I mention the logo on the back is also made of 18k pure gold?Wooden iPadsWooden iPads13. Serenity Kitchen Spas

ith a modern and contemporary aesthetic, the Jaehoon Jung Pond Kitchen is one for individuals looking for that perfect inviting kitchen. Designed for Kam-Kam, this kitchen will give you great looks and elements that replicate the feeling of being within nature.

Inspired by the image of a pond within a forest, the Jaehoon Jung Pond Kitchen includes a sink that ultimately gives you the auditory experience of a water stream and also includes a pebble shaped control box to tap your tactual sense.Serenity Kitchen SpasSerenity Kitchen Spas12. Colorful Avant-Garde Beachwear

Howitzweissbach is new to the designer label scene. It’s a company created by two creative visionaries, Eva Howitz and Frieder Weissbach. The latest collection from Howitzweissbach is for the not-so-distant summer and is called ‘Family Album.’

Featuring a male model in white stilettos, leggings and a blouse, this featured Howitzweissbach lookbook is definitely quirky. The ‘Family Album’ line combines color, retro and punk styles, and a lot of craziness, guaranteed to make you look twice.Colorful Avant-Garde BeachwearColorful Avant-Garde Beachwear11. Sunburned Fashiontography

Did someone stay out in the sun for too long? Resembling a sunburned-like look, the Ginta Lapina Sportmax 2011 campaign highlights this model’s face in blushing pink makeup.

As the face of the more casual line of Max Mara, Ginta Lapina shows off the latest springwear in colorful ensembles in flowy frocks, geometric shapes and patterns. With a rosy blush, this model’s facial structure really stands out in sun-kissed looks from the Ginta Lapina Sportmax 2011 campaign.Sunburned FashiontographySunburned Fashiontography10. Sporty Suede Kicks

The new Adidas Skateboarding Spring 2011 shoe collection contains classic models with new colorways and accented white soles. These sweet kicks are great for those riding the boards and anyone just wanting to rock the streets.

The Adidas Skateboarding Spring 2011 shoe collection includes the the Samba, Silas, Campus and Gazelle models, as well as the models of pro skaters Mark Gonzales and Dennis Busenitz. If I had it my way, I would definitely purchase every single one of them.Sporty Suede KicksSporty Suede Kicks9. Gory Gaming Characters

Opposite of the cutesy gaming character from the Super Mario clan, this Kodykoala Yoshi toy gets zombified in a haunting way.

With an eyeball hanging out of its socket and dismembered limbs and intestines gushing out of his stomach, this bloodstained dinosaur is far from what Nintendo gamers know of him. The recreation of this once adorable character makes the Kodykoala Yoshi toy a very gruesome and scary one to look at.Gory Gaming CharactersGory Gaming Characters8. Light Embrace Photography

The ‘Confines of a Mind’ self-portrait series is absolutely arresting in its artistic nature. Although it clearly makes use of photo manipulating techniques, there is an authenticity about it that has very much to do with the subject’s own photogenic qualities.

Photographed by Norway-based Tara Ghale, the Confines of a Mind photo series is eccentric, subdued and thought-provoking. As a budding photographer, what more could you ask for? I can’t wait to see more from this young artist.Light Embrace PhotographyLight Embrace Photography7. Dramatic Drip Illustrations

These Ross McEwan illustrations illustrate the dark and twisted world of reality. Ross’ work consists of thought-provoking design and realistic illustration applied in the fields of fashion and music promotion.

Ross McEwan is certainly an interesting talent not to be missed out on, so be sure to check out his art in the featured gallery and on his website.Dramatic Drip IllustrationsDramatic Drip Illustrations6. Bundled Wood Bathrooms

If I had to envision the second little pig’s home in The Three Little Pigs fairy tale, it would definitely look very much like the Golfclub Lauterhofen bathroom. Although this would definitely be a more modern take considering its sophisticated interior and steel accents, it is basically a stack of very chic sticks.

Designed by Berschneider + Berschneider, the Golfclub Lauterhofen bathroom is certainly unique, especially for typically posh golf clubs. The contrast between raw materials and sleek finishes gives it an overall refined look.Bundled Wood BathroomsBundled Wood Bathrooms5. Unique Upcycled Sculptures

Perhaps the next time you make the decision to throw out old phone books, computer program manuals or old books given to you from friends and family, you may want to consider upcycling them into creative works of art such as the Cara Barer ‘The Book’s Story’ pieces.

As you flip through the gallery, you will be amazed and breathtaken by the idea that something so plain, old and beaten can be so beautiful. Check out the Cara Barer ‘The Book’s Story’ now!Unique Upcycled SculpturesUnique Upcycled Sculptures4. Simplified Product Packaging

Antrepo Design Industry is a multi-disciplinary design consultancy that aims to change perceptions by giving consumers a dose of minimalism in their designs.

Their latest project includes decompositions of famous everyday product packaging. This includes Nesquik, Red Bull, Durex, Mr. Clean and Nutella. For each product, they worked with the existing packaging and created two alternative versions; the first is a simplified version of the original and another that is very minimalist.Simplified Product PackagingSimplified Product Packaging3. Confined Couple Captures

The Last Room photo series is accompanied by an interesting tale about love and isolation. It essentially depicts a newlywed couple who secludes themselves in an apartment for their honeymoon only to find out 30 days later that the world was ravaged by a virus and everyone escaped to Mars.

Photographed by Dominik Smialowski, the Last Room series takes place in 2044 and shows the couple while away the time as they deal with their eternal confinement and encroaching claustrophobia.Confined Couple CapturesConfined Couple Captures2. Glamorous Gilded Gowns

New Year’s Eve festivities are just around the corner and if you’re looking for some last minute ideas of what to wear, take a look at the Halston Heritage Shirred Shoulder Short Dress.

While most individuals traditionally go black on New Year’s Eve, this ultra-glamorous gold color is bound to make you stand out amongst the crowd like a star. Inspired by the Roy Halston Frowick dress worn by Bianca Jagger, Liz Taylor and Anjelica Huston, the Halston Heritage Short Dress will give you nothing but star quality.Glamorous Gilded GownsGlamorous Gilded Gowns1. Gentleman Reading Materials

Ladies, if you’ve ever felt frustrated about your man’s less-than-chivalric mannerisms, or men, frustrated with always getting told you don’t know anything, then you need the Guide for the Modern Gentleman.

Perfect for those looking to better themselves whether it is for personal self-growth or to impress a special certain someone, this book will give men tips from traditional dress codes to lessons in chivalry to perfect love poems. However, the guide also includes fun tidbits such as a list of ten classic golf courses.Gentleman Reading MaterialsGentleman Reading MaterialsRead more on: