Top 20 Trends of the Day (Dec 30)

Glittering Grey Calendars

20. Eco-Knapsack Novels

The Tote Bag Book is a celebration of satchels that are stylish, simple and eco-conscious. Tote bags were created as an eco-friendly replacement for disposable plastic bags; however, the tote has come a long way.

Jitesh Patel has recognized the tote bag’s journey from substitute bag to statement piece, documenting the best and most creative bags in the Tote Bag Book. According to the Tote Bag Book, everything from sexual innuendos to snippy messages can be printed onto a tote bag. Check it out for yourself in the gallery!Eco-Knapsack NovelsEco-Knapsack Novels19. Jumper Cable Couture

Killer Canadian model Coco Rocha strikes again in the Elle Italia January 2011 edition. This magnetic model poses for Alexei Hay in a spread entitled ‘Energy Coco,’ dedicated entirely to Coco and her natural optimism and high spirits.

The spread features tons of technicolor garments to boost your energy and put a little pep in your step. The high-voltage spread even features some jumper cables, just in case colorful clothes aren’t enough of an energy boost.Jumper Cable CoutureJumper Cable Couture18. Mythical Oxford Footwear

A new pair of Osborn Design Studio Shoes get embellished in a gold-dusted pattern, making them really stand out.

In an all-over bright blue shade, these oxford shoes are truly electrifying. The intricate gold pattern that runs all over the oxfords gives this pair a mythical and ancient look, resembling that of cryptic symbols from the past. These Osborn Design Studio Shoes also come in a black and gold, a color combination which is just as stunning.Mythical Oxford FootwearMythical Oxford Footwear17. Artistic Architecture

Nhow Berlin is calling itself the first music hotel in Europe, an interesting concept which caters towards musicians everywhere. It boasts a state-of-the-art recording studio and other artistic amenities, making it intensely appealing to those into the arts.

This physics-defying work of architecture was designed by Sergei Tchoban, while the surreal interior features Karim Rashid’s psychedelic touch. Located in Berlin, Nhow Berlin will surely be the perfect vacation home to many celebrities in the years to come.Artistic ArchitectureArtistic Architecture

16. Fashionable Spring Photography

Vibrantly colored spring editorials are always something to look forward to during the gloomy winter months, such as the latest V Magazine issue 69 featuring Natasha Poly. Photographed by world famous Willy Vanderperre, Poly extends her body for a long and lean photoshoot, decked out in Versace, Jill Sander and Christopher Kane.Fashionable Spring PhotographyFashionable Spring Photography15. Glittering Grey Calendars

The start of a new year is almost upon us and that means getting a new date keeper; allow me to present to you the Harper’s Bazaar Spain 2011 calendar. It’s perfect for both men and women (thanks to the beautiful model Sheila Marquez and the dazzling Swarovski fashions she dons).

Photographed by Nico, the Harper’s Bazaar Spain 2011 calendar is both sensual and sophisticated. Marquez is draped in designs by Andrés Sardá, Úrsula Mascaró, Ángel Schlesser, Roberto Verino, Stuart Weitzman, Pedro García and more.Glittering Grey CalendarsGlittering Grey Calendars14. Handmade Shoe Artistry

UK-based company Church’s Footwear had begun manufacturing in 1873. Founded by Thomas Church and his three sons, the company was created to be a place where quality and fashion would blend in to create one-of-a-kind pieces. Beginning in Northampton, England, the footwear company now sells globally to a wide array of shoe fanatics.Handmade Shoe ArtistryHandmade Shoe Artistry13. Luxurious Rodent Homes

Guinea pigs have probably never seen such luxury. These posh wood and glass, ultra modern rodent homes designed by Gudula Jäckle will leave even the most refined guinea pig feeling sophisticated and well-attended to.

There are three model homes to choose from: the Meerschweinchenzuhause Penthouse, the Townhouse and the Maisonette. Each of the three designs are multi-leveled and have various accessories for rodent enjoyment, such as wooden bridges, plants and nooks to hide under.Luxurious Rodent HomesLuxurious Rodent Homes12. Spring Military Fashions

To all the fashionistos out there, clear out your closet for a very impressive collection from the Nicholas K Spring 2011 line. His last season’s release was a major hit with many fashion-goers, and for the upcoming season, fans are still going wild for his new line. His attempts at layering prints, materials and colors make his outfits very unique and quite practical.Spring Military FashionsSpring Military Fashions11. Sensual Canvasses

39-year-old artist Talantbek Chekirov has a knack for oil painting and especially painting the female figure. His oil medium enables him to fully paint shadows, light and the smallest detail in intricacy and flow. Chekirov’s appreciation for women is showcased in his paintings with their solitary window pictures, bathroom and lingerie.Sensual CanvassesSensual Canvasses10. Burka Beauty Photography

Since eyes are said to be the windows into a person’s soul, the ‘UNISEX for GIA Magazine’ photo series is extremely soulful. A unique beauty photography portfolio, it uses Burka’s to bring dramatic focus to each model’s stunning eye makeup.

Photographed by Elena Nenkova, the ‘UNISEX for GIA Magazine’ photo series was realized by PetOrly. Models Vladislav, Ivana, Momchil, Hristina, Nasco and Eva of Ivet Fashion had their hair and makeup done by Slav of Max Factor.Burka Beauty PhotographyBurka Beauty Photography9. Golden Spiked Jewelry

Spikes, chains and pins; jewelry designer Amanda Assad Mounse uses them all in her edgy and sexy Winter 2010 collection. The wearer exudes a “don’t mess with me: impression, while looking incredibly glamorous while doing it.

Bullet-shaped charms dangle with clusters of geometric gold forms, shiny metal coins and discs, adding even more sparkle. The fashions of 1970’s icons including Jerry Hall, Bianca Jagger and Angela Bowie influenced Amanda Assad Mounse in the designing of her bohemian luxe-inspired jewelry. Amanda Assad Mounse conveys the sentiment of her collection perfectly in the excerpt below.Golden Spiked JewelryGolden Spiked JewelryGolden Spiked Jewelry8. Hipsterized Sports Logos

In recent sporting news, the New Jersey Nets are moving to their new Brooklyn arena in a couple years and may name themselves the “Brooklyn New Yorkers.”

If there’s one thing known about Brooklyn, it’s that it is the hipster capital of the world. Will the team embrace this scenester culture? Tauntr showcases with humor what the Brooklyn New Yorkers logo, uniform and mascot may look like if they conform to this ever-growing hipster culture.Hipsterized Sports LogosHipsterized Sports Logos7. Offbeat Toe Shoes

Toe shoes might not be a new concept, but the Globe sneaker is still very unique. Unlike the Vibram Five Finger footwear Trend Hunter featured a while ago, these are full-out shoes that simply cup each toe individually.

Created by a Japanese company of the same name, the Globe sneaker boasts better circulation, hygiene and dexterity.Offbeat Toe ShoesOffbeat Toe Shoes6. Intimate Couple Photography

The editorial entitled ‘Come Together’ in the Vogue Hommes Japan Vol. 5 issue was shot by Ben Toms and features models such as Janina Pedan, Jack Brennan and Charlie Lyttelton to name a few. The intimate shoot brings back the nostalgic 90s with its approach in background color and composition.Intimate Couple PhotographyIntimate Couple Photography5. Infrared Images

Visboo magazine has done it again by releasing a set of amazing infrared images. Its past release of photography manipulations caused quite a stir, and these featured images are captivating nonetheless.

Many are learning the infrared images technique in photography, due to its heightened colors, shadows and contrasting final product. Be it in a cafe, a library or museums, these images take you on a journey of mind-boggling experiences and breathtaking moments.Infrared ImagesInfrared Images4. DIY Phone Amps

There are a lot of accessories out on the market, yet more often than not you can pull a MacGyver and create your own version, as demonstrated by this toilet roll iPhone amplifier.

Created by Cameron Kenley Hunt, the toilet roll iPhone amplifier is cheap, easy and actually functional. Although you have to wait for a roll of toilet paper to be finished before you can attempt this DIY project, its simplicity makes it well worth the wait.

DIY Phone Amps3. Nature-Inspired Makeup

Many artists take their inspiration from nature. The vibrant colors from flowers and insects like butterflies are beautiful to behold. Some artists from the Deviantart community have been flexing their considerable talent and applied it to cosmetics.

Their awesome creativity have led to incredible nature inspired makeup. Nothing is impossible as these artists can incorporate even foxes, chameleons and crabs for the lips.

Nature-Inspired MakeupNature-Inspired MakeupNature-Inspired Makeup2. Eco Floating Vacations

In an attempt to preserve the environment, the Remistudio Ark Hotel is a potential vacation home to be created that will be be weatherproof and self-reliant.

Featuring a transparent roof, the Remistudio Ark Hotel allows natural light into it to provide heat. Wind turbines are also used as a way to create energy along with these solar panels. Gutters from the roof collect rainwater which can also be heated using any & all means of the self-reliant capsule. This Remistudio Ark Hotel is definitely another step towards a greener environment, even when it comes to vacationing.Eco Floating VacationsEco Floating Vacations1. Badass Back Tatts

Regino Gonzales began his work back in 1995 in his multi-media platforms of photography and painting, and later jumped on the tattoo bandwagon. In 2001, he received his BFA from the School of Visual Arts and kick-started his career in tattooing.

Based in New York City, Regino Gonzales’ work is inspiring, provoking and very detailed. He still paints and photographs, but his passion regards tattooing as number one.Badass Back TattsBadass Back TattsRead more on: