Top 20 Trends of the Day (Dec 28)

$4.5 Million Auto Jets

20.  Fabulous Steampunk Watches

Individuals seeking for that timepiece that screams “I’m a real man” may want to consider the Romain Jerome RJ Steampunk watch. A gorgeously-designed timepiece with steampunk design, this hardcore wristwatch will have you feeling rough n’ tumble in no time.

A follow-up of the Romain Jerome Titanic-DNA Troubillon Steampunk A la Grande, the Romain Jerome RJ Steampunk has mechanical self-winding movement, 23 jewels all encased in polished steel paws and for screwed-down pistons symbolizing the RJ signature ‘X.’Fabulous Steampunk WatchesFabulous Steampunk Watches19. Mysteriously Glam Celebs

If you’re not familiar with this up-and-coming young actress’ face, you will want to be after taking a look at the Amber Heard Vogue Italia editorial. You might recognize her from such movies as Pineapple Express and Zombieland, but this dark and mysterious spread shows a different side of her.

Mysteriously Glam CelebsMysteriously Glam Celebs

18. Chic-Casual Fashion Ads

Four top models (including Anja Rubik) star in the Lacoste Spring 2011 Campaign showing off a new look of “unconventional chic.”

The preppy label takes on mermaid-like gowns and tuxedo suits matched with its signature polo shirts in ensembles that mix up formal and casual wear. Showcasing the classic white collared tees, the Lacoste Spring 2011 Campaign displays the elegant versatility of crisp and clean looks.Chic-Casual Fashion AdsChic-Casual Fashion Ads17. Glowing Sport Shoots

Although I would never have used the word ethereal to describe an athlete, that is the first word that comes to mind when looking upon the Andrea Klarin Nike photo series. There is something angelically graceful about an athlete’s movement.Glowing Sport ShootsGlowing Sport Shoots16. Enchanting Bridal Spreads

Starring Valerya for Brides Magazine, this enchanting spread takes us into a fantasy wonderland of whimsical antics with a touch of romance.

Captured by Amber Gray, a magical story unfolds. Filled with soft pastel colors from a blooming garden matched with fantastical characters and voluminous bridal gowns, it all comes together for a charming editorial.Enchanting Bridal SpreadsEnchanting Bridal Spreads15. Extreme Low-Res Pictorials

We’ve all seen pixalated art before, but many have ever experienced anything as low-res as these Iotacons by Andy Rash pieces. Impressively still recognizable, each art piece is modeled after some kind of pop culture reference such as the Ghostbusters or Snap Crackle and Pop (from Rice Krispies).Extreme Low-Res PictorialsExtreme Low-Res Pictorials14. Black-Hooded Shoots

If you are a male seeking new inspirations for your own closet, then check out the Anti Utopia ‘Go Wander With Me’ collection. A brand new men’s tailoring brand, the Go Wander With Me collection is the label’s first.

Inspired and revolving around the New York ambiance, culture and lifestyle, the Anti Utopia Go Wander With Me collection is filled with clean and simple lines, but still rocks the edgy look of the city.Black-Hooded ShootsBlack-Hooded Shoots13. $4.5 Million Auto Jets

By now you’ve heard of the infamous HondaJet created by Honda automakers, but have you heard it has finally succeeded in completing a problem-free test flight? Yes, that’s right, if you’re fully committed to purchasing yourself a private plane, this bad boy is all set and ready to go.

$4.5 Million Auto Jets$4.5 Million Auto Jets12. Do-It-All Pens

You’ll have no worries about packing all the essential things for your vacation as long as you have a Metapen. You can have everything all in one package!

Metapen is made from brass, copper, steel, wood and leather. This multifunctional pen gadget has a fork, knife, spoon, lighter, USB stick, watch, lamp, screwdriver, pipe, toothbrush and nail clippers. I guess the traditional Swiss army knife has got its days numbered.Do-It-All PensDo-It-All Pens11. Leggy Photo Spreads

One look at the Ekaterina Senina SS 2010 Capsular collection and you’ll be blown away by its refreshing, unique elements. Not to mention that the model has legs that go on for ever!

A beautiful series of fresh pieces for those ‘hot summer days,’ the collection includes a wide selection of hot apparel.Leggy Photo SpreadsLeggy Photo Spreads10. Luxury Eco Chalets

I do believe that I have found my dream home in the Vision House Aspen—there’s absolutely no doubt about it. A gorgeous cozy country-feeling home amidst a beautiful vision of mountainous Aspen landscapes, this home certainly sets the bar for top homes for relaxation.

However, its aesthetic beauty is not the only thing to be boasted about. The Vision House Aspen is also designed to be environmentally friendly and has thus won itself the title of Gold Leed certified.Luxury Eco ChaletsLuxury Eco Chalets9. Wooden Phone Decals

If you’re looking for a natural-looking protector for your precious new smartphone, look no further than the Trunket iPhone 4 Skins. These hand-crafted wooden decals are not only inspired by nature, but also has a colorful and contemporary spin that makes them very unique.

Made from American Rosewood, these Trunket iPhone 4 Skins are treated in different washes and finishes for looks that would appeal to pretty much anyone and everyone. Priced at $24, they are sleek, sophisticated and elegant.Wooden Phone DecalsWooden Phone Decals8. Sleek Motor Homes

The new 2011 Eddie Bauer Airstream Travel Trailer takes you to the great outdoors in luxurious comfort and style.

The trailer can easily haul oversized equipment such as bikes and kayaks for outdoor adventure enthusiasts. With an interior featuring maple laminates, fossilized leaf pattern roof locker doors and quilted fabrics, this 25-foot Eddie Bauer Airstream Travel Trailer is the ultimate home on wheels.Sleek Motor HomesSleek Motor Homes7. Sensual Feast Photography

Jaques Bagios is a playful photographer with a sensual edge. With a focus on fashion, beauty and editorial work, he has put together an impressive portfolio that shows exactly why he is garnering the attention he deserves.

Based in Berlin, Germany, Jaques Bagios discovered his passion for photography back in 2003 when he bought his first camera.Sensual Feast PhotographySensual Feast Photography6. Underground Empires

If you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to luxury living, wait until you see what Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich has up his sleeves. You’ve heard of high-rise buildings, but what about high-rise buildings beneath the surface?

Located in Lowndes Square in London, England, Roman Abramovich has built a home that extends three stories underground. Having bought all nine flats of the prime London block, this new eight-bedroom home has been spread across all nine flats.Underground EmpiresUnderground Empires5. Edible Garden Sheds

The living walls and roof of The Eathouse garden house are good enough to eat and its offerings are much healthier than a gingerbread house. Eethuis, pronounced “Eathouse” by architects De Stuurlui stedenbouw is constructed of metal pipes and soil-stuffed crates which are planted up with vegetables, herbs and edible flowers.Edible Garden ShedsEdible Garden Sheds4. Toy-Inspired Fashion

I can’t get enough of this one-of-a-kind Xiao Li collection. As one of five winning contestants from a Chinese fashion competition, Xiao Li originally made a miniature line that was then made wearable (I use that term loosely) for a fun runway show.Toy-Inspired FashionToy-Inspired Fashion3. Retro French Photography

There’s a reason why this photo series was titled Vintage Chic. Photographed in Paris, it is the epitome of feminine grace and style from a revisited era. Following the footsteps of one poised Parisian, I’m sure every girl out there can’t help but want to emulate her essence.Retro French PhotographyRetro French Photography2. Fantasy Fairy Shoots

There are times when individuals need a dose of the magical and fantasy in order to spark inspiration so indulge yourself in the dreamy Ziv Sade ‘Lighter the Air’ editorial.

Taking inspiration from fantasy and fairy-like, the Ziv Sade Lighter The Air shoot is one not to be ignored. Viewers who view these photos just may find themselves enchanted by not only the beauty of the model, but also from the scintillating dust swirling around her body.Fantasy Fairy ShootsFantasy Fairy Shoots1. Feminine Footwear Savers

The innovative stumble-free stiletto suspenders are designed to keep shoes from slipping off the wearer’s feet.  The cheekily named St-Walkers is pronounced as Street Walkers.

They were invented and patented by a Canadian bridal wear designer Paul Milana to solve what he called the “Cinderella Syndrome”, a common complaint of stiletto wearers. The stumble-free stiletto suspenders may be practical, but they are also prettily decorated with Swarvoski crystals and bows.

What’s more, anyone purchasing these stumble-free stiletto suspenders will also be partially donating to charity.Feminine Footwear SaversFeminine Footwear SaversRead more on: