Top 20 Trends of the Day (Dec 14)

Mystique Bridal Shoots

20. Couture Vehicle Upholstery

This is a Mercedes-Benz G-class and it has an uber luxe Louis Vuitton car interior. This ride is truly unique and sets the vehicle apart from the other various vehicle options out there.

Louis Vuitton has put their monogram on many things, but this is a first. Do you think the Mercedes-Benz G-class Louis Vuitton car interior is classy or trashy? I think couture fashionistas would fancy seating on these seats.

Couture Vehicle UpholsteryCouture Vehicle Upholstery19. Incandescent Convenience Cards

I know my wallet is a dark and lonely place, so the Credit Card Lightbulb from is just what one needs to brighten up a bill-free bifold.

Sold for just $5, these lighthearted illuminators are their own stands and switches. When you pop the bulb up, the Credit Card Lightbulb is turned on, and you’ll have a portable flat-packed flashlight!Incandescent Convenience CardsIncandescent Convenience Cards18. Femme & Feline Covers

Leopard print is hot in fashion and yet this cover featuring Lily Donaldson for Harper’s Bazaar exudes a rather endearing quality. The blond, long-lashed model clutches a cute soft leopard cub in this captivating cover shoot for the January 2011 issue of the magazine.Femme & Feline CoversFemme & Feline Covers17. Digital Beach Babe Apps

As a part of their Sports Illustrated Everywhere strategy, this sizzling hot magazine has joined the social feed with the Flipboard iPad app.

The feed is a part of of making this men’s mag’s content is seen everywhere across multiple devices and media platforms. The Flipboard iPad app showcases photos from the sultry Swimsuit Edition archives.Digital Beach Babe AppsDigital Beach Babe Apps16. Chameleon Tiles

Tired of the same tiles in your bathroom? Luckily, Inventables has created temperature adapting tiles to help you change a stagnant environment into one that is constantly changing.

The temperature adapting tiles are able to detect sources of varied temperatures, from the touch of the human hand to the water running in the shower. They’re also eco-friendly as well, as the tiles are composed from 20-80% recycled glass. These tiles are also great for other areas of your home such as a unique floor design to your entryway or as a temperature monitoring wall.Chameleon TilesChameleon Tiles15. Profound Newspaper Prints

Every publication takes a perspective, but these New Straits Times ads suggest that this newspaper provides a larger scope to each story. Designed by the McCann Erickson Malaysia advertising agency, this clever campaign brings another dimension to a flatter form of media.Profound Newspaper PrintsProfound Newspaper Prints14. Flaw-Fixing Decor

Decals For Cracked Walls capitalizes on the fact that nothing in this world is perfect. Instead of covering up unfortunate cracks, it works with them by creating a cute little decal paradise.

Of course, these particular Decals For Cracked Walls are fairly feminine, so it might not work for every home. Regardless, these awesome interior additions offer new methods to fixing up any home. After all, there’s always room for improvement. Flaw-Fixing Decor13. Santa Vending Machines

Barcelona, Spain just got an extra dose of Christmas with the Muji Christmas Machine. A specialized vending machine, it encapsulates Muji’s idea that “if Santa was Japanese, it would be an ATM.”

Set outside of their shop at Grand Boulevard L’Illa Diagonal, the Muji Christmas Machine will certainly bring a lot of cheer to the area.Santa Vending MachinesSanta Vending Machines12. Bemused Bedhead Spreads

This Elle China December 2010 edition features one of this season’s hottest new hairdos—tousled tresses. Model Fei Fei Sun rocks this look right in a spread shot by Zack Zhang. The exotic model looks as though she’s having tons of fun with this raging rockstar look, which is perfectly paired with clean-cut outfits that are sure to inspire a Christmas party ensembles.Bemused Bedhead SpreadsBemused Bedhead Spreads11. Mystique Bridal Shoots

In the latest spread for SingaporeBrides Fashion magazine, models Julia Valimaki, Sasha Luss and Zivile Cibaite showcase elegant, sweeping gowns by Singaporean designers.

Roses were also used to flourish this romantic spread, with a blooming garden in the background. Further intensified using a soft mist, these photos also look mystique while remaining elegant.Mystique Bridal ShootsMystique Bridal Shoots10. Tiny Timber Stack Shacks

The best way to decrease your ecological footprint is to downsize your lifestyle, with the Lab Zero Yeta Log Cabin as a perfect example. Within its 6 square meters floor plan, this lumberjack lodging comes equipped with a kitchen, washroom and space to sit and sleep.Tiny Timber Stack ShacksTiny Timber Stack Shacks9. Humongous Cityscaping Jewelry

The Andre Lima S/S 2011 Collection really showcases an architectural theme throughout the pieces in the line. Crisp lines, curvaceous flow and monstrous, eye-catching jewelry gives this collection a very voluminous and heightening look.

A look at the runway really brings together a style fit for a city girl. Architectural form is found in the elegant gowns, frilly frocks and even the humongous earrings and headgear of cityscape shapes.Humongous Cityscaping JewelryHumongous Cityscaping Jewelry8. Modern Cloudy Marquees

There are few choices out there for sheltering outdoor events, so it’s excellent to see the Overtreders W Picnic Pavilion as a fresh new option for overhead tent-like protection.

Essentially a giant balloon full of hot air, the Overtreders W Picnic Pavilion is composed quite simply of picnic tables that become stilts to support the oversized pillow ceiling. Modern Cloudy MarqueesModern Cloudy Marquees7. Redneck Party Pictorials

There’s something rather poignant in the photographs from ‘No Going Back.’ Perhaps it has to do with the combination of the title, somber tones and broken down buildings that creates this feeling of hopelessness.

Photographed by Anthony Redpath, the ‘No Going Back’ photo series is currently being exhibited at the Bau-Xi Photo gallery.Redneck Party PictorialsRedneck Party Pictorials6. Magnified Product Packaging

Corner shops are favorably located and therefore feel they can rip you off, but this QE Convenience Store campaign conveys that it is one variety retailer that values good value.

Designed by the Grey Group advertising agency, these playful prints display packaged products with tiny logos, suggesting the bag, bottle and can have all expanded, affording increased quantity behind the same label.Magnified Product Packaging

5. Architecture-Inspired Storage

I guarantee you’ll be contemplating adding an extra pillar or two to your home after you’ve checked out Sophie Mensen and her ‘Column’ storage system. The ‘Column’ is a suspended wooden pillar with a marble cube base that houses a number of drawers and cabinets.Architecture-Inspired StorageArchitecture-Inspired Storage4. Hidden Model Photography

Fashion and model lovers around the world would probably die to get their hands on the Andrea Klarin Calendar 2011. Well, dying may be a bit of a stretch, but these stunning black and white prints will surely inspire some kind of sacrifice.Hidden Model PhotographyHidden Model Photography3. Amphibious Mobile Abodes

Sometimes, you just need to get away, and the Gambo Design ‘Thansadet’ might be anyone’s choice vessel for escape since it lets you do so aquatically or terrestrially.

Capable of converting from a car-driven caravan to a float-alone houseboat, the Gambo Design ‘Thansadet’ is versatile and compact. Boasting all of the homey comforts of a condensed five-person dwelling, this nomadic adventure-bound auto will take you anywhere you’d like to go. Amphibious Mobile AbodesAmphibious Mobile Abodes2. Alluring Arabian Lookbooks

The December issue of Vogue Turkey features the eye-catching Maryna Linchuk in ‘Hurrem Sultan 2010.’ Done up with sumptuous fabrics and slick eye makeup, the breathtaking blonde looks quite at home in her opulent environment.Alluring Arabian LookbooksAlluring Arabian Lookbooks1. Disturbing Home Decor

The Hitler rug leading our photo gallery is one of Richard Stipl’s contributions to the Decadence Now! Visions of Excess art exhibition. Known for his quarter-scale tableaus, gothic macabre and hyper-realistic style, Richard Stipl pushes the limits of artistic expression once more in this piece.

Perhaps inspired by Israeli artist Boaz Arad’s 2007 work, (see related trends) Richard Stipl takes the concept of Hitler as a bear skin rug to a new extreme. Disturbing Home DecorDisturbing Home DecorRead more on:

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