Top 20 Trends of the Day (Dec 1)

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20. Amalgamated Accordion Seating

Wood, metal and plastic meld together into the harmonious and one-of-a-kind Floris Wubben ‘No. 3 Bench.’ The designer has taken formal inspiration from the tree branch’s organic shape and devised a detailed structure from corrugated propylene to form the seat of the lounger.

An intricate beauty arises from the recurrent puckering of the polymer material against the truly unpredictable natural shape of the bough. The Floris Wubben No. 3 Bench embodies a poetic composure that classifies it between the realms of functional furniture and aesthetic art.

Amalgamated Accordion SeatingAmalgamated Accordion Seating19. Legal Solar Ownership

Registering ownership of celestial bodies is not a new concept, but Spaniard Angeles Duran bought the sun. Being a vital resource for life on Earth, it’s kind of a big deal.

The 49-year-old woman had little trouble with the paperwork at her local notary office, having afforded her legal claim over the star at the center of our solar system.Legal Solar OwnershipLegal Solar Ownership18. Disguised Eco Towers

Even though it didn’t win the recent Taiwan Tower Competition, the ‘Tower of Power’ from NL Architects is still worth a look or two. This tower was designed as a public high-rise that could also double as an eco power plant in a pinch with its 2,000 wind turbines that can generate up to 8MW of electricity.

Hopefully designers will take a page from the NL Architect’s playbook and design future power plants that blend in seamlessly with the environment. Check out he Tower of Power in the gallery. Something tells me this design won’t stay a concept for long. You’re missing out Taiwan.Disguised Eco TowersDisguised Eco Towers17. Fatified Cartoon Characters

The Melon-Head art series by Anph is a fun set of images that gives an animated makeover to a bunch of very well-known characters. The twist of this art is that the famous cartoon characters now have a Melon-Head instead of their regular one.Fatified Cartoon CharactersFatified Cartoon Characters16. Hot ’n’ Wild West Spreads

The recent Vogue Paris January 2011 issue contains a hot spread that looks as though it could have come straight out of a classic wild west film. Shot by Terry Richardson, this shoot features an all-star line-up of marvelous models, including Abby Lee Kershaw and Eniko Mihalik.Hot ’n' Wild West SpreadsHot ’n' Wild West Spreads15. Four-Way Transformer Tricycles

The bicycle may be doomed to an early extinction if the Ts-Tricycle ever comes onto the scene. This tricycle was designed by Matias Conti as a transformable tricycle that can take up to four different shapes.

Being able to switch up the shape of the Ts-Tricycle means that there is almost nowhere it can’t go. Cross-country, steep hills, and off-road areas are all accessible to the Ts-Tricycle thanks to its unique folding design.Four-Way Transformer TricyclesFour-Way Transformer Tricycles14. Emu-Esque Dresses

This Kelly Brook feather dress caught the wind of watchful eyes as the paparazzi cooed over her avian cocktail attire after a Dior dinner event. The strapless plumed pigeon gown is a flutteringly fine example of a naturally-derived fabric frock.Emu-Esque DressesEmu-Esque Dresses13. Lip-Central Spreads

The Jamie Nelson Harper’s Bazaar en Espagnol spread features a beauty spread clearly focused on one thing: luscious lips.

With a clean and fresh face, the only prominent feature are the lips of Jamie Nelson as their adorned in vibrant orange or blood red lipstick grabbing your immediate attention. With little to wear, a few accessories means less is more.Lip-Central SpreadsLip-Central Spreads12. Recycling Bath Systems

Granted, the ‘Aquabox’ shower system may make you cringe a bit, but it is a great way to conserve water and exercise your eco-friendliness. The bathroom fixture essentially collects, purifies and recycles gray water drained from sinks and the showers, allowing it to be reused for different purposes.Recycling Bath SystemsRecycling Bath Systems11. Anti-Smartphone Alternatives

With handheld technology progressing so quickly, inevitably many are being left behind. Thankfully the ‘John’s Phone’ is a newly released mobile phone that reverts back to basic tasks.

For seniors or the prematurely senile, this simplistic cellphone comes with only the basic call functions and a built-in case to hold your hand-written address book. Available in five colors, the John’s Phone will keep you feeling on the cutting edge of sleek handset technology, but without the confusion.Anti-Smartphone AlternativesAnti-Smartphone Alternatives10. Afro Chic Campaigns

The ‘Peep Toe’ Spring 2010 campaign showcases the Australian shoes brand’s sophisticated and retro stiletto styles for the coming season. Photographed by Christopher Ferguson, redheaded model Juliana Forge looks fierce and afro-tastic in killer peep toe pumps that embody a timeless look.Afro Chic CampaignsAfro Chic Campaigns9. Ego-Boosting Jewelry

Maybe sometimes you need (or know someone that needs) a little confidence boost about just how great they are and the Lochers ‘I am the Shit’ necklace is just the thing to do it.

Perfect as a gag gift or stocking stuffer, the Lochers ‘I am the Shit’ necklace is not just humorously charming, but it is also aesthetically pleasing as well. Featuring a beautiful vintage brass envelope accented with a black satin bow and Swaraovski crystal, you’ll feel more stylish and ultimately, like you are the ‘shit.’Ego-Boosting JewelryEgo-Boosting Jewelry8. Puncture-Proof Pantyhose

I hate buying a new pair of tights every time a fancy occasion comes about, and this leggy ‘Unrippable’ Well Stockings ad appears to present the perfect solution. Reputably capable of the stretch and strength required to prevent tears, this product appears to lift the one-time-use hosiery curse.Puncture-Proof PantyhosePuncture-Proof Pantyhose7. Cute Cartoony Seats

Maybe it’s because my mind’s set in Christmas mode, but I can’t help but think about how well the ‘Oddbod Chair’ would blend into one of those classic stop-motion holiday shows—perhaps as Santa Claus’ recliner?

Designed by Javier Alejandre, the ‘Oddball Chair’ encapsulates a retro vibe that would probably bring to mind sci-fi references rather than Christmas ones any other time of the year.Cute Cartoony SeatsCute Cartoony Seats6. Muted Marshland Lookbooks

If you plan on heading out on an epic road trip next year, I suggest you pack some items from the Gold Saturn SS11 collection. With these pieces, it’s guaranteed that you’ll be both comfortable and in style at the same time.Muted Marshland LookbooksMuted Marshland Lookbooks5. Unnerving Cartoon Embryos

If you (for some reason) have ever wondered what a Hello Kitty fetus would look like, rest assured, Jason Freeny will show you. Jason Freeny is an artist who has made a name for himself creating odd anatomical sculptures of cute cartoon characters.

Unnerving Cartoon EmbryosUnnerving Cartoon Embryos4. Astrological Fashion Photography

In the Siri Tollerod Vogue UK edition for December 2010, this model adorns the best fashions in whimsical looks and wacky backdrops.

Playing on an astrological theme, this spread features mystical symbols and fashions. Outfitted in the names of Alexander McQueen, Lanvin and Christopher Kane, these unique haute designers are fit for the fantasy background.Astrological Fashion PhotographyAstrological Fashion Photography3. Adult Jungle Treehouses

Baumraum is the cutting edge company that came up with this outstanding treehouse design. The German-based Baumraum company specializes in sustainable living and this dome-shaped work of art perched a atop stilt-like support system is eco-friendly to the max.Adult Jungle TreehousesAdult Jungle Treehouses2. Modern Hippie Looks

The Enriko Mihalik Glamour Hungary spread is photographed at a fun venue with a rocking backdrop—Budapest’s Sziget Festival.

With Reka Ebergenyi in tow, these beauties sport a mix of hippie, glam and grungy looks in perfecting just the rock concert outfits that put them in the spotlight more than the featured bands. The Enriko Mihalik Glamour Hungary spread upgrades punky, rock concert looks to rock concert class.Modern Hippie LooksModern Hippie Looks1. Undressed Industrial Photography

Photographer Bryan Adams has teamed up with actor and musician Jared Leto for a shoot entitled ‘Renaissance Man’ for the 29th issue of Zoo Magazine. The sunny outdoor setting is actually an industrial area where Leto is seen shirtless and free.Undressed Industrial PhotographyUndressed Industrial PhotographyRead more on: