Tips to Enjoy Raving

I love raving and it is one of my favorite weekend activities. The music, the lasers, the bass, the people, the visuals, I love everything about it. Everything works together to create an atmosphere that leaves you with an unforgettable experience. You will have an amazing time in a rave. If you have not been to one, then these tips will go a long way in helping you enjoy and having an amazing time.

1. Preparing for A Physical Tribulation

The next day after the rave, your whole body is going to feel sore, especially the neck, legs, and back. You will go through this if you do it right. If this is your first time going, it might be a good idea to skip the gym and have quality food. It is also very important to hydrate all day leading to the rave.

2. Hydrating

Always have a container of water with you. The perfect option is a camelback, but you need to first find out whether it is permitted. If you are a girl and going to the event with your partner, make him carry the water for you (This is what I do for my wife).

3. Checking the Rules of The Venue Before Going to The Event

Check out the website of the event because they usually post rules. You need to have a look at the rules because different events have different rules. There are some that will allow attendees to carry bags, while some allow only clear bags. There are some that don’t allow any bags at all. There can be rules on things prohibited and allowed, such as hoops, LED lights, food, etc. 

4.Getting Weird

This is the secret to having the most fun in a rave. One thing you need to know is you won’t look cool when having fun at a rave. If the lights were to be turned on during the rave, you will most likely look like someone having a seizure and chicken dancing at the same time. But the lights are usually off, so one is going to care about how you look. When the bass starts dropping and you start vibing to music, throw your hands up in the air and enjoy the moment. If you are there with your friends, they might laugh a little, but what everybody is thinking is “I wish I could have as much fun as that person”. When it comes to raves, you will always get what you put in; If you focus on having a good time and being outgoing, and enjoying music to the maximum, you are going to have an amazing time. You might not have a good time if you just stand there and afraid to look weird.

5. Making a New Friend

I am an introvert most of the time. I am not a big fan of making new friends and meeting new people, but I am the opposite when it comes to raves. I find myself having an easier time talking with almost anywhere there, it could have something to do with the atmosphere and the people there. You will have fun becoming friends with people around you, especially when you don’t have a huge group of friends around you. By the end of the night, you will be able to dance and be weird around the new friends you have made. This is what I really love about raves.

6. Head Bang

You should try to headbang if there is a dubstep artist or an artist is going to play dubstep. You might find it weird, but once you get into it, you are going to enjoy the music more. There is a good chance there are going to be “bassheads” around you that are into headbanging. You just have to follow their lead and be around them. You will also have the chance of making friends who are going to make the rest of your night amazing.

7. Avoid Getting Super Messed Up

It is possible to have fun while sober, but if it is your first time, drinking might help you. You need a lot of energy for a rave because you have to stand during the entire thing and you also have to be outgoing. I have been to many raves, and what I have noticed is that 5-hour energy or Redbull is enough for me to have a blast. You are going to have fun whether you are sober or not. You should avoid getting super drunk because it will end up ruining things and annoying other people.

8. Being Aware of the Mosh Pits

There may be mosh pits there, but it depends on the artist. Mosh pits are fun because it involves dudes jumping around each other and they are completely safe. There are times when they can be dangerous, so if bodily harm is not a big deal to you, get there and push other guys around, but don’t be surprised if you end up getting hurt. If you want to take part, go to the side of the circle. The pit usually closes in a couple of minutes.

9. Remember to Snapchat

There are two reasons why you need this. The first being showing your friends and friends on Snapchat know that you are cool when it comes to raves. The second is you will have videos you can look back on. Snapchat videos are also short, which makes things easier for you.

10. Dressing Correctly

You should not go to the rave wearing a sweatshirt and jeans; you will be sweating a lot the entire time and you will not be comfortable. You should look for clothes that you are not going to overheat in, and something you can dance in during the rave. You also don’t have to wear fits you see on the promo videos of the event. Many people will wear many styles of LED jewelry. If you feel like dressing conservatively, do it because there are many people who dress the same way to raves. You are not going to look like the odd one out.

11. Do Not be a Creep

This goes out to dudes. People attending raves are there to have a good time with their friends, so the last thing they want is some creep running their good time by trying to dance upon them, kiss them, or feel them. Consent is very important if you are to do such things. Always ask them whether they want to dance and whether they have a partner before you can make your move. Consent is very important.

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