Tips For Using Digital Sticky Notes to Transform Your Brainstorming

Sticky notes are physical pieces of paper, usually small in size, that you can use to jot down quick notes.

In contrast, digital sticky notes are applications for smartphones and desktops that mimic the same behavior as traditional sticky notes.

Digital sticky notes allow you to create virtual “sticky notes” that can be saved directly onto your computer desktop.

You can also organize these notes into folders, depending on the category they fall under, making it easier for you to find them when needed.

Nowadays, online sticky notes have become more popular than their physical counterparts because it’s an easy way for people to communicate with one another across the internet (and there’s less mess).

They can be used for note-taking, keeping track of websites to visit later, writing down essential memories, and much more. And, the best part is that they won’t fall off like their paper counterparts.

When combined with cloud storage, digital sticky notes can be accessed from anywhere, which means that they’re not limited to keeping track of personal tasks at home or work.

Benefits Of Using Digital Sticky Notes

Here are some of the benefits of using digital sticky notes.

  • They can be shared across multiple devices
  • They can be shared with external collaborators without physically being in the same place
  • Allows for attaching files, such as photos or documents within the document space
  • Allows for easy relocation throughout the day as you use them as reminders.

Tips For Using Digital Sticky Notes

When brainstorming, it’s crucial to have all your ideas recorded. There are various strategies to utilize online sticky notes for better brainstorming and collaboration.

Here are some tips for using digital sticky notes to transform your brainstorming.

Go Digital

When you’re just writing down your thoughts on paper, you’ll likely forget ideas that you’ve written somewhere else.

Digital sticky notes can help close the gap between brainstorming and action steps and allow you to capture information quickly, provided that you can type fast enough.

Since everything is digital, you don’t have to worry about losing your notes or misplacing your notepad.

Instead, you can share them, back them up, and access them anywhere there is internet connectivity.

Use Color-Coding System

Digital sticky notes are great because you can organize them into different categories by using different color codes for different ideas.

For instance:

  • Green could be ‘Habits’
  • Red could be ‘Calls’
  • Orange might represent ‘Ideas’

This color-coding system will help you identify your category in just a split second. As a result, it will be easier to refer back to them when you’re putting together your final product.

Add Spreadsheet Cells As Digital Sticky Notes

If you’re brainstorming, you can turn spreadsheet cells into digital sticky notes by linking the spreadsheet cells with a free online note-taking tool.

Hence, when you click on the link for your spreadsheet, you will automatically open up the spreadsheet in a new tab, and all of your spreadsheet cells will become digital sticky notes where there’s one note for each spreadsheet cell. 

Use The Grid Layout

A grid layout can be used for different reasons, such as a shared diagram or a collaborative writing space where you can create a grid of sticky note ideas without printing them out.

As a result, it makes it much easier for you to quickly scan through different topics and see what’s available.

You can even go one step further and export it into various image formats, creating an online sticky note board that works on any device.

Use The Board Search

Digital sticky notes come with a pre-installed digital board which you can use to quickly post digital notes and arrange them as you would with paper sticky notes.

In recent times, digital boards also started to include search functions that allow people to find digital sticky notes that other users posted based on the title or content of the digital sticky note.

They can be searched, sorted, and color-coded for quick identification.

Adjust Access Settings

You can also adjust access settings according to who’s allowed to see what page of information on the digital sticky note – such as users, groups, audiences, or individuals.

This ensures that everyone is on the same page.

Besides, you can use digital sticky notes to create complex documents, such as a Conceptboard, to update access settings for the users.

Use Online Sticky Notes For Remote Collaboration

Whether a meeting reminder or a quick brainstorm session, digital sticky notes are great for noting down and organizing your ideas – both on the digital sticky note itself and within the systems you use to manage your life.

The reason why digital sticky notes are something to consider for remote collaboration is because of their ability to edit and update at any time without interrupting other team members.

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