Dreaming of an exclusive property in France? Somewhere you can escape from it all, remain off the radar and yet be treated to a level of service that rivals world class hotels? A property that exudes luxury at every turn, designed to impress even the most discerning critic and located in the most desired locations in France? Look no further.

One Authentic Properties. Dream maker. Designer. Creator and owner of seven exquisite properties for long and short-term rental. Each one has been beautifully crafted by a dedicated team of architects, interior designers and landscape artists, the best in their trade, meticulous to the final piece. All their properties are fully serviced and expertly staffed, private and secure. From the lofty heights of Courchevel, the sweeping panoramas of the Côte d’Azur and the exquisite grandeur of Paris, you have the pick of the very finest properties in the most exclusive of locations.


Let’s start with Paris. Style, romance, art. You can be anybody here and do anything. The possibilities are endless. What better way to indulge in Paris’ plentiful offerings, its three Michelin starred restaurants, its plethora of monuments and museums, its incredible art scene, its ritzy and world-famous nightlife, than to stay in a luxury apartment in the heart of Paris’ most prestigious area. The 16th arrondissement of Paris, like London’s Kensington and Chelsea, is known for being one of the richest parts of Paris and is home to the priciest real estate in France. One Authentic Properties’ Poincare Apartment is uniquely designed to the very highest of specifications, oozing luxury and refinement. It offers refreshingly modern living spaces with the grandeur and decadence of traditional Parisian and the vibrancy of cotemporary art.

Poincare Apartment

Banner 3
Photography Marc Berenguer


The azure waters of the Côte d’Azur are a sight to behold. Home to the dazzling town of Saint Tropez and the glitzy seaside glamour of Monaco, the French Riviera is abound with dizzying hedonism and mesmerising beauty. Explore the tempting cobalt bays by private yacht, kick back at one of the regions exclusive beach bars or simply lap up the spectacular views from the privacy of your luxury villa. One Authentic Properties offers you three sublime spaces on the Côte d’Azur. Villa Bayview perches above the shimmering bay of Villefranche-sur-Mer, with breathtaking panoramic views, extravagant expanses of glass and endless terraces. Mas De La Rube’s lush gardens and sublime infinity pool sits right on the waterfront of the exclusive St Jean-Cap-Ferrat and the stunning Villa Water’s Edge is located in Saint Tropez’s most prestigious private domain, Les Parcs.

Villa Bayview

Villa Mas De La Rube

Villa Waters Edge


The fairytale ski resort of Courchevel 1850 is a one-of-a kind destination, the world’s largest connected ski area and offering unsurpassed skiing, dining and pampering possibilities. One Authentic Properties owns two luxurious timber chalets in this exclusive region; the Chalet Le Blanchot and Le Coquelicot. Richly decorated, beautifully designed and complete with indoor spa, steam room, jacuzzi and swimming pool these exquisite chalets are nothing short of perfection.

Chalet Blanchot

La Coquelicot

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