This Very Expensive Pie Was Made By A Chef In Sydney

Even though it’s touted as the world’s most expensive pie, the culinary delight that we’re about to present might not actually be worthy of the title. Still, at $9,484, this is definitely one of the world’s most expensive pies, and it was created by a chef named Paul Medcalf in Sydney, Australia. The pie celebrates an incredible achievement earned by the Australian online coupon seller Groupon. Marking two million food vouchers in Australia, the company joined hands with The Lord Dudley Hotel in Paddington, whose skilled chef baked this delicious treat.

Very Expensive Pie Was Made By A Chef In Sydney

The main ingredients include premium beef cuts from famed butcher David Blackmore, including beef tenderloin marble score, two Western Australian rock lobsters and Winter Black truffles. The chef also added dried Italian porcini mushrooms, puff pastry, carrot, celery, leek, crushed tomatoes, tomato puree, vine ripened tomatoes, veal sauce and thyme.

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