This Luxurious Dog Bed Costs $1,750

A company named Chateaux De La Pooch is giving you a unique opportunity to pamper your beloved pet with a luxurious dog bed that rivals in comfort with some of the world’s most comfortable furnishings. Priced at $1,750, the bed was dubbed Niche #008, and its design includes a series of red cut velvet tulips fixed onto a dark wooden base made out of ebony poplar. The sides and the entryway are adorned with small ebony beads, while the inside impresses with a comfy sponge mattress and a matching cover.

This Luxurious Dog Bed Costs $1,750 1

Even though it works perfectly well as a bed, the product can also be used as an ottoman, which definitely increases its value a bit. And just in case you’re worried that your dog won’t fit inside, we’ll tell you that Niche #008 measures 22.5 x 22.25 x 20.5 inches (width x depth x height).

This Luxurious Dog Bed Costs $1,750 2 This Luxurious Dog Bed Costs $1,750 3

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