This Kneeling Hitler Sculpture Was Sold For $17.2 Million

Even though Hitler is one of the most hated and controversial characters in recent history, many people are interested in purchasing things that belonged to him or objects that resemble him. For example, a kneeling Hitler sculpture created by an Italian artist named Maurizio Cattelan was sold for a record-breaking sum of $17.2 million at Christie’s “Bound to Fail” auction.

Kneeling Hitler Sculpture Was Sold (1)

The sculpture was created using polyester resin, wax and human hair, and it looks like a child kneeling in prayer from behind. Dubbed “Him,” it shows off an unmistakable Hitler when viewed from the front, and this successful attempt at “disguising evil incarnate under a cloak of innocence” is what allowed it to fetch this incredible price. The auction also included a 1985 sculpture by Koons named “One Ball Total Equilibrium Tank,” which was sold for almost $15.3 million.

Kneeling Hitler Sculpture Was Sold (3) Kneeling Hitler Sculpture Was Sold (2)


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