This $300M Doomsday Shelter Is Being Built In Texas

Some people are preparing for the apocalypse by stocking food, building forts, taking over castles or building underground bunkers in their backyards, but a group of wealthy investors from Texas has decided to take things to a whole new level. They’re going to build a spacious and ridiculously expensive community near the Oklahoma border, which will be able to maintain a luxurious lifestyle even when the world goes upside down.

$300M Doomsday Shelter Is Being Built In Texas

Dubbed Trident Lakes as a nod to the large statue of Poseidon that will be at its core, the $300 million community will include a spa, gun ranges, an 18-hole golf course, shops, restaurants, zip lines, and 12-foot wall with manned watchtowers. The compound will comprise 400 condos, which have 90% of their living space underground for safety reasons. They will be topped off with terraces that offer fantastic views of the lake, and they will benefit from off-the-grid energy and water solutions and an air-purification system.

Moreover, the project will feature something called a DNA Vault, which will allow residents to store their DNA in the hopes of being replicated in the future using advanced technologies. Even though this might sound like science fiction at first, it’s probably not such a crazy idea.

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