Things to Remember Before Wearing a Tie

In the professional field, your dressing will help you to make a remarkable impression. For a smart look, you have to pay attention to shoes, a suit, tie a tie bar. Young professionals may find it confusing to choose and wear a tie. Explore the collection of best ties and a tie bar at Here are some critical points for your assistance to wear a necktie with style.

Length and Width

Proportion is necessary for the right outfit. Your suit must match your frame. People often forget this rule when picking a tie. Everybody shape needs a necktie with a different width. Match the width of lapels (wide for wide and slim for slim) with your tie. 

A broad man must wear a wider tie to match his massive shoulders. Remember, slim ties suit skinny guys because these can complement the narrow body type. The collar of your shirt must be small in proportion. Your trousers can be a guide to consider the length of necktie. A tie must hit the waistband of your trousers. Too high or too low may look cheap.

Color of the Tie

Color is an essential factor in choosing a necktie to wear. Make sure to buy matching ties to complement your shirt, skin tone, and suit. Your wardrobe must have a dark shade that can be paired with any shirt. Buy some classic ties for your wardrobe.

If you want deeper shades, consider burgundy or blues. Ties can be a focal point in your dress. With a white shirt, you can wear a colorful tie. Staple colors, such as grey and navy, are great for tie rotation. Sometimes, red, yellow, and green hues are great to make a bold style statement.

Consider Occasion

To choose the best tie, you have to know the occasion. Each occasion requires you to select different ties. Sometimes, an event comes with a dress code. This code will help you to pick the best ties. Silk ties in solid colors look more formal. For instance, boardroom meetings require you to wear block colors. 

Nowadays, men can add some sprezzatura to their personalities with knitted ties. Feel free to pick a narrow design for less formal events. These are versatile to wear under a leather jacket or cardigan.

Prints and Patterns

Different textures, prints, and patterns are available with ties. Some combinations can be natural than others. Feel free to pick a dual-tone pattern, such as stripes or polka dots. These are muted designs to match with different shirts. Mix and match different designs for a tailored look. For instance, a navy suit looks great with a dark blue polka tie and light blue shirt.

Striped ties allow you to introduce colors in your dress. Feel free to choose a necktie with a muted base and contrasting strips. A yellow or blue club tie is famous among youngsters. Remember, the pattern of ties should not clash with your outfit. If you are wearing a patterned shirt, avoid choosing a patterned tie. 

For a religious ceremony, make sure to choose a dark tie with a subtle pattern. Moreover, corporate interviews require you to look professional. These events need you to manage a professional appearance, so avoid funky prints and patterns. It can be tricky to match the patterns and colors. The pattern on the tie must compliment your shirt.