Things to Know Before Buying an Electric Car in 2019: A Buyer’s Guide

Picking out an electric vehicle (EV) is a little more complicated than choosing the best impact wrench, because there’s a number of factors that come into play which vary from person to person. 

To help you navigate the process and make an informed decision, Axle and Chassis has compiled a buyer’s guide that doesn’t just list a few popular models in 2019, but also provides important and possibly overlooked information which can serve as the foundation of a personalized choice rather than a generic one. 

Things to Know Before Buying an EV

Range Anxiety Might be an Overaction 

EVs’ range is arguably their biggest limitation, with most of them being able to last between 100 and 200 miles on a single charge. This clearly is a major roadblock to long-distance car travel.

With that being said, different studies find that the average car journey distance for nations like the U.S. and the U.K. is around 10 miles, while Americans drive 40 miles a day on average. This makes EVs’ range limitation irrelevant in most cases. 

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Furthermore, this makes EVs particularly suitable for households that already have a combustion engine car, as the latter can basically serve as back-up that serves long-distance-travel, whereas the EV can be used for up to 95% of all trips, according to studies.  

You Can Lease the Battery

EVs’ battery tends to strike fear in many people for a combination of two reasons – it’s always the most expensive part, and being a battery, not that much different from a laptop’s one, it can be prone to failure or simply run its course a little sooner than expected. 

Different companies have found a clever way around that, allowing buyers to actually lease the battery. This means that just like your landlord has to replace your fridge in case of a failure, the car company needs to do the same with your battery. 

Cold Weather Drains EVs’ Batteries 

Cold weather hinders lithium batteries’ performance, reducing EVs’ range by up to 50%. On top of that, cabin heaters further deplete these batteries, making the cold a vicious circle you don’t really want your EV stuck in. 

Warm garages and preheating the cabin while you’re still charging your EV can attenuate the issue. 

Do you Have a Garage or Off-Street Parking?

This answer to this question is very important to charging EVs. 

People with a garage or off-street parking can easily leave their EV to charge overnight, just like they would their phone. However, if all you have access to is on-street parking, charging for quite a few hours on end can be problematic and cumbersome, to say the least. 

Awesome Electric Cars in 2019

Here’s a representative list of EVs that spans most of the financial spectrum. 


Even though there has been some concern regarding the company’s stability and reliability, Tesla has come to epitomize technological progress and innovation that EVs generally conjure up. 

Tesla currently has 3 models – Model S, Model X, and Model 3, which cost $75,000, $81,000, and $39,000 respectively. 

All three models’ ranges are well over 200 and even 300 miles, making them the crème of the crop in that regard, and their performance doesn’t stay behind as it’s able to match and even surpass a lot of super-cars with combustion engines. 

Volkswagen E-Golf

In the spirit of Volkswagen, the E-Golf is as practical as it is well-rounded, with a power-train that makes for a fun and dynamic driving experience. 

With a range of 125 miles and a cost of $31,895, it’s a very sensible choice for the average household, especially the ones that already have a car with a combustion engine. 

Nissan Leaf Plus

As its name suggests, the Nissan Leaf Plus is a step, and not a small one at that, further from its predecessor. Not that Nissan Leaf isn’t a solid EV, but the newer model, with its 226-mile range and 214 horsepower, is certainly an electric car that can not only go a long way, but also give Tesla Model 3 and Chevy Bold a run for their money.  

The price starts at $36,445, which includes a mandatory $895 destination charge. 

Jaguar I-Place

If anybody still thinks EVs aren’t sexy or exciting, they haven’t seen this sleek electrical beast, which packs 394 horsepower and a 234-mile range. 

This work of art has won all kinds of award, and naturally doesn’t come cheap – $69,500. 

There are other great EVs that can get you there smoothly and efficiently, but those 4 are arguably worth the most for their money.

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