Things to Do During a Weekend in Miami

Miami, the main destination tourists go to in the US to party and stay out late with friends. With the current global pandemic, however, nightlife has taken a halt and put on the back burner for who knows how long. Locals and tourists alike are looking for new ways to get to know the city and enjoy their time in what is already a beautiful destination, regardless of nightlife. If you are not from the area, a guide to a fun-filled weekend here would be a great help- which is why we wrote this! The city is filled with hidden gems, and seeking those out during your time there will make it all the more enjoyable. Keep reading for some suggestions on what to do during your weekend in the city.


Toted as one of the best cities in the nation for food, Miami surely doesn’t fall short on brunch diversity. Whether you’re looking for Cuban food, traditional breakfast food, or a unique experience, you’ll find it here. Brunch parties are also commonplace, but we will skip those suggestions simply because it’s better to social distance during this time. Our main go-to brunch spots include Beaker & Gray, Eating House, and All Day. 

  • Beaker & Gray: $$ 9/10 New American Food

On Beaker & Gray’s brunch menu, you’ll find unique dishes like Guava Skillet Cookie with Cortadito Ice Cream, Cheeseburger Hash, Crispy Duck & Waffles, and Sourdough French Toast. A twist on New American cuisine has made its way into one of the most favorited brunch spots in the entire city. Make your reservations ahead of time! 

  • Eating House: $$ 8/10 Cuban American Fusion

Located in Coral Gables, Eating House is a take on Cuban American Fusion, creating a diverse but small menu that leaves no one unhappy. You’ll find things like Loaded Tater Tots with truffle cream, Cap’N Crunch Pancakes with condensed milk “syrup”, plenty of salads, and other Cuban or American brunch classics. Both Eating House and Beaker & Gray have a creative menu, so the choice really stands between which is closer to you. 

  • All Day: $ Bakery

All Day is commonplace for coffee fanatics and located in the heart of downtown Miami. They have a wide array of coffees, teas, and other drinks, along with a food menu at its peak during brunch time. They offer French toast, multiple egg dishes, and a bakery case filled with everything bagels, banana bread, and more of the like. Very casual and great for a quick stop. 

Yacht Charter

Who doesn’t love being out on the water? These days, beach parties have died down, and people are turning towards more intimate gatherings at the beach or out in the water. We always recommend yacht rentals, especially if you are celebrating an event or birthday, as they are pretty pricey. If you decide to charter one, plan out beforehand where you’d like to go so you have a say in what you want to see or experience during your time. The captain will always have suggestions, but it’s nice to get to choose a sandbar or anchoring point of your own! Sand bars are loads of fun where you can enjoy the shallow water and relax in your tube. Nixon or Haulover are your best bets. Another nice sight is anchoring near Downtown during the night as the lit-up buildings make for a nice view. 


If you’re not looking to spend a fortune, a nice time at the beach is a great alternative to a yacht day. We recommend South Pointe as it’s more than just a beach: There’s a big pier, a park, and a nice grassy area filled with workout classes and bicycle riders enjoying the weather. Right along the boardwalk which stretches for miles are numerous 5-star hotels. Right outside of South Pointe are plenty of streets aligned with some of the best restaurants in the city- Stubborn Seed,, Joe’s Stone Crab, and Planta, to name a few are all within a 5-minute walking distance from the beach!


Bal Harbor in Sunny Isles and Brickell City Center are two great shopping centers in the area. Both technically “outdoors”, you can just walk around and still enjoy your time without even buying anything! Lincoln Road is another great stop with options that all aren’t extremely high-end like Bal Harbor. 


All in all, Miami has tons to offer and the above mentioned items are just a small few. Take your time to look further for any specific caterings to your hobbies that might be out in Vice City. Miami is waiting to be explored and is a great destination for traveling within the United States! A few other recommendations we can make are Vizcaya Museum & Gardens, Shark Valley, and Jungle Island for some more nature-filled activities.

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