The World’s First ElectricBody Board – Kymera

Combining efficiency with excellent maneuverability and a high fun factor, this here is the Kymera Body Board, developed by Jason Woods. He worked for 3 long years to come up with this perfect watercraft, and he overcame obstacles and failure several times. The effort was totally worth it, as now he can proudly present the world’s first electric jet body board.

The board is quite lightweight (48 lbs.), which means that you can even carry it under your arm. Its dimensions are also ideal for car transportation, fitting in almost any trunk. It can provide a lot of excitement at speeds of up to 30 mph, and it is totally safe and entirely enjoyable. It promises a whole day of fun on water in a simple and efficient way.

Woods says that his inspiration came from “watching people at the lake awkwardly wading at the water’s edge while the privileged few were out on the water” having fun with boats or jet skis. The 3.4 kW li-ion battery can be charged in only 2 hours from any regular wall outlet, but convenient as this may sound, the truth is that regular power sources are not exactly easy to come by on the sea shore.

This is why Woods also developed a custom solar charging station for the board, measuring 4 feet by 6 feet. This device takes 8 hours to fully charge the Kymera. The passionate designer is currently working on a third charging mechanism, which will allow the board to store power from the vehicle that transports it to the water. It all sounds really exciting to us and pretty much any water sports enthusiast out there.

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