The Vessel Suspended Bathtub from Splinter Works

Oh, how we love this concept! And we are actually a bit surprised that no one has done it before. It is so clear that the two involved elements go perfectly well together and yet people seem to have failed to see the obvious do far. So thank you Splinter Works for your innovative spirit!

The Sculptural furniture company has merged two iconic symbols of wellbeing and relaxation and forged a new hybrid one, called Vessel. At the same time a suspended hammock and a solid bathtub, the Vessel is a sight that you fall instantly in love with. The simple idea of climbing up into a suspended tub is marvelous. Break from tradition and embrace a revolutionary way to unwind in a warm, bubbly bath.

To further enhance its special character, the tub was made out of carbon fiber, a material that successfully combines lightness with strength and sturdiness. Inside the carbon walls there is an insulating layer of foam which keeps the water at a comfortable temperature for considerably longer than traditional tubs.

This is a limited edition creation, measuring 2.7 meters (8.85 feet) in length, but every unit is customizable both in dimensions and in color. Even though we like carbon fiber in its natural livery (black), we really appreciate the fact that the Vessel can complement different bathroom decors, being available in silver, bronze, pink, yellow, red and blue. Price is not revealed, but expect it to be somewhere in the vicinity of ‘highly prohibitive’.

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