The Unrivalled Venice Simplon-Orient-Express Experience

The Unrivalled Venice Simplon-Orient-Express Experience

Travelling can really be an invaluable experience, but there are some rules to follow for that. They are simple, but not easy to go by, as the first thing they require is well…pots of money. So what you need to do is find a deluxe destination, a luxury hotel (at least five stars, and you know that’s the highest official rank), a lovely itinerary and, of course, the best possible means of transport.

And that last element leads us to what we really wanted to talk to you about: the unrivalled Orient Express trains. Synonym with elegance, exclusivity, grace, refinement and ultimate luxury, the  offers more than a pleasant trip to each and every passenger.

Your personal steward will be there for you anytime you need assistance. You will be showed to your private  temporary luxury home of the ‘20s and ‘30s right after you step on board. Carefully and tastefully restored, each compartment features all the amenities you will need for the trip.

Then there are the lovely Bar Car and the exquisite dining cars where you can never be overdressed. Impeccable service, delicious cocktails and absolutely amazing dishes await you there. You can be sure that nothing compares to a trip on the Orient Express trains.

And the best part about it is that you can take a long journey or just a short dinner trip to enjoy the unrivalled experience that Simplon-Orient-Express can provide. Any choice you make will be perfect.The Unrivalled Venice Simplon-Orient-Express Experience